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Fury In The Slaughterhouse (Remastered), Fury In The Slaughterhouse
Fury In The Slaughterhouse (Remastered)
Release type: Album
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Release date:


Duration: 72:28  
Size, Mb: 129,50  


Price for album: 1.36 (discount 20%)  

Title / Artist     Duration Bitrate Size (Mb) Price Download
Tears & Fears Lyrics 03:41 240 6,28 0.10
Kick It Out Lyrics
I'm just a lonely boy
Drinking to much liquor
Writing songs that no one wants to hear
I take my pictures from the wall and I paint them black
I close my eyes to see clear

I take my guitar and I kick it out of the window
I hope that the wind blows
And I'll never get it back

I buy myself a liquor store for my own
And then I drink it all alone
Baby, if you wanna follow me
You gotta know
That I never will let you go
03:59 256 7,02 0.10
Bangkok Lyrics 05:24 272 10,20 0.10
Then She Said Lyrics 04:59 272 9,43 0.10
Cry It Out Lyrics 03:40 256 6,33 0.10
Time To Wonder Lyrics
If shes broad (?) or lean and squeaky clean
Straight from a cover of a magazine
If shes got the style and I like the smile
Well, thats the girl Im after

If shes short and sassy with a solid chasse
Dont really care if she aint too classy
If shes got that look then shes in my book
Well, thats the girl Im after

I aint a fussy guy
But I know what Im looking for
Theres a kind of attraction that justifies action
Practically guarantees satisfaction

If shes sweet inside like apple pie
As long as shes got that look in her eye
The love patrol is ready to roll
Well, thats the girl Im after

If shes big and busty, leggy and lusty
Dont ready care if shes cruel or crusty
Take my chance on a new romance
Well, thats the girl Im after

Dont have a one-track mind,
But Im always open to suggestions
If shes got inclinations to start relations
Im ready to start negotiations

If shes broad (?) or lean or squeaky clean
Straight from a cover of a magazine
Short or tall, large or small
Dark or fair, I just dont care
The magic feeling that youre getting somewhere
Well, thats the girl Im after
06:55 256 11,95 0.10
Pure Love Lyrics 03:26 240 5,67 0.10
No Mans Land Lyrics 04:58 256 8,74 0.10
Party Girl Lyrics 02:41 272 5,01 0.10
Pussycat Run Lyrics 02:07 288 4,14 0.10
Pure Love Part 2 Lyrics 01:57 256 3,38 0.10
Bangkok (Bonus Track) Lyrics 04:59 272 9,23 0.10
No Mans Land (Bonus Track) Lyrics 05:26 240 9,29 0.10
Mixed Up (Bonus Track) Lyrics 04:36 272 8,52 0.10
Kick It Out (Bonus Track) Lyrics 04:10 256 7,55 0.10
Then She Said (Bonus Track) Lyrics 05:48 240 9,96 0.10
Cry It Out (Bonus Track) Lyrics 03:50 256 6,80 0.10