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Full Circle , Xzibit Full Circle 2006, Album
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Man vs Machine (CD2), Xzibit Man Vs Machine (CD2) 2002, Album
Symphony In X Major (single), Xzibit Symphony In X Major (single) 2003, Single/EP
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Full Circle , Xzibit
Full Circle
Release type: Album
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Release date:


Duration: 59:07  
Size, Mb: 83,91  


Price for album: 1.12 (discount 20%)  

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Concentrate Lyrics
8X Nam Myoho Renge Kyo

Concentrate, concentrate, concentrate, concentrate
Concentrate, concentrate, concentrate, concentrate

Meditate, levitate
Greetings from the Golden State
Mr. X, to the Z
Concentrate, come walk with me
Your shit sound so awkwardly
I don't rhyme I just stomp down beats
Real estate, section eight
Which one would you rather take?
Concentrate, move that weight
Show me how you regulate
Hold up, wait, that shit's fake
Get these n----s up out my face
Shake the room, bend the spoon
Turn this up now, stay in tune
Hypnotized by the way she move
Take your time you might arrive too soon

[Chorus One]

[Chorus Two]
Bring that back, what was that?
Oh my lord, she got back
So precise, so deattached
Oh my God, who is that?

Hibernate, consummate
Man was made to procreate
My estate, generates
As if my family name was Gates
Days of grace, lift big plates
Why be good nigga, go be great
Hit the breaks, crack them crates
Have you on the run goin state to state
Contemplate, demonstrate
Mind over mayhem, no mistakes
Lift some weights, eat some steaks
But you don't really want that face to face
But let's relax, check your traps
Don't let yo' concentration snap
I love the way she arch her back
Like how a muh'f--ker 'sposed to handle that?

[Chorus One] + [Chorus Two]

Breath control, touch yo' soul
Just maintain don't lose control
Participate, congratulate
Cause everything else'll be seen as hate
Remain in place, the same mindstate
Get off yo' ass and celebrate
Congregate, associate
Don't f--k yo'self procrastinate
Dilate, to an all time great
Calculate the next move I make
Crack the safe, keep that ace
in my waistband just in case
I'm no rat can't run yo' race
Not too good don't fit my taste
I love the way she make that shake
Makin it hard to concentrate

[Chorus Two] + [Chorus One]

4X Nam Myoho Renge Kyo
03:50 176 4,80 0.10
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Thank You Lyrics
[Xzibit] Yo, listen, huh

[Chorus: Xzibit]
I just wanna thank you, for bein around
And patiently waitin and holdin me down
It's easy to see, for Mr. X to the Z
That without no you, there could be no me
I just wanna thank you, for bein a fan
And watchin me grow from a boy to a man
It's easy to see, for Mr. X to the Z
That without no you, there could be no me

You 'bout to hear some words, that you ain't probably heard
With all of these rappers pullin triggers and flippin birds
I know it sound absurd, cause they don't tell the truth
They prostitutes, fuckin contaminate the youth
But yet I'm guilty of, the things I said above
No matter my faults still continue to show me love
Naw I ain't perfect mayne, but yet I stay the same
I play chess not checkers but this is not a game
And this is not a song, and this is not a verse
It's not conceived, or simulated or been rehearsed
Spent the first half of my life, thinkin that I was cursed
Could have been hit with a hollow, follow behind my hearse
That wasn't meant for me, I spent a decade
makin it what it's 'sposed to be, hopefully brought you close to me
All these people approachin me, don't even know the half
I could be facin life but X is signin autographs, damn


My son's 11 now, I got to see him grow
Makin his free throws, the way he laughin at the show
Yo he remind me of me, when I was ridin bikes
He gon' be taller than me, he got my mother's height
But yo you know the difference, between me and them others
They say you buggin when I call you my sisters and brothers
I coulda missed it all, I coulda dropped the ball
Mind of Metallica, motherfuck 'em and "Kill 'Em All"
I used to hustle raw, I used to run the streets
I used to hustle heats, I grinded all my beef
Most of my homies is gone, restin in peace
Some'll never see release from custody of police, but me
But nah my little dude get to go to private school
And I can do the things my father couldn't afford to do
That's what it's 'sposed to do, this is from me to you
Support from you and yours, thank you for gettin me through, true


We buried Proof today, it really broke me up
to see my brother in that casket, maaan what the fuck?
Media made me angry, I had to soak it up
The future is fragile never promised to none of us
Hittin so close to home, but what I focused on
is how he lived, the lives he touched, the cornerstone
We never walk alone, although sometime it seems
that nightmares go hand in hand with livin out dreams
So let me take this time, from my struggle my grind
to let you know that I appreciate you by my side
It's been a long ride, a lot of long nights
A lot of long flights, worth every sacrifice
A soldier of fortune fearless fightin the good fight
I never had a plan B, I never lost sight
That's why I hit the stage, that's why I kill the mic
It's for my fans that's ridin with Xzibit for life, RIGHT!


Thank you, for lettin me breathe
For lettin me be who I am, huh, yeah, huh
Two little words, y'all never get to hear enough
Knahmsayin? Yeah that, hehe..
Yes.. the return
Uh-huh.. breathe!
05:00 208 6,94 0.10