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Soup Is Good Food Lyrics
We're sorry
But you're no longer needed
Or wanted
Or even cared about here

Machines can do a better job than you
This is what you get for asking questions

The unions agree
Sacrifices must be made
Computers never go on strike
To save the working man you've got to put him out to pasture

Looks like we'll have to let you go
Doesn't it feel fulfilling to know
That you - the human being - are now obsolete
And there's nothing in hell we'll let you do about it

Soup is good food - (We don't need you any more)
You made a good meal - (We don't need you any more)
Now how do you feel - (We don't need you any more)
To be shit out our ass
And thrown in the cold like a piece of trash

We're sorry
You'll just have to leave
Unemployment runs out after just six weeks

How does it feel to be a budget cut?
You're snipped
You no longer exist

Your number's been purged from our central computer
So we can rig the facts
And sweep you under the rug
See our chart? Unemployment's going down
If that ruins your life that's your problem


We're sorry
We hate to interrupt
But it's against the law to jump off this bridge
You'll just have to kill yourself somewhere else
A tourist might see you
And we wouldn't want that

I'm just doing my job, you know
So say uncle
And we'll take you to the mental health zoo
Force feed you mind-melting chemicals
'Til even the outside world looks great

In hi-tech science research labs
It costs too much to bury all the dead
The mutilated, disease-injected
Surplus rats who can't be used anymore

So they're dumped (with no minister present)
In a spiraling corkscrew dispose-all unit
Ground into sludge and flushed away
Aw geez


We know how much you'd like to die
We joke about it on our coffee breaks
But we're paid to force you to have a nice day
In the wonderful world we created just for you

"Poor Rats", we human rodents chuckle
At least we get a dignified cremation
And yet
At 6:00 tomorrow morning
It's time to get up and go to work
04:15 192 5,86 0.10
Hellnation Lyrics
Hellnation's when they teach us
Profiting from greed
Hellnation's where they give us
Coke, heroin and speed

Hellnation's when they tell us
You gotta go clean up your act
You're the one who dragged me here
And now you drag me back

Problem is, few care
About the people in despair
If you help no one
You're guilty in this Hellnation

Hellnation's when the president
Asks for four more fucking years
Hellnation's when he gets it
By conning poor people and peers

Hellnation - got no choice
What's the point in trying to vote?
When this country makes war
We all die in the same boat
In this Hellnation


It's the only world we've got
Let's protect it while we can
That's all there is and there ain't no more

Hellnation - asking please
For a nuclear freeze
So the unborn kids
Get their chance to live and breathe

Hellnation - asking aid
For the minimum wage
So the kids of tomorrow
Don't wind up slaves to their trade
In this Hellnation
02:21 192 3,22 0.10
This Could Be Anywhere Lyrics 05:22 192 7,38 0.10
A Growing Boy Needs His Lunch Lyrics
In lonely gas stations with mini-marts
You'll find rows of them for sale
Liquor-filled statues of Elvis Presley
Drink like a vampire

His disciples flock to such a fitting shrine
Sprawled across from his graceless mansion
A shopping mall
Filled with prayer rugs and Elvis dolls

And I wonder
Yeah I wonder
Will Elvis take the place of Jesus in a thousand years

Religious wars
Barbaric laws
Bloodshed worldwide
Over what's left of his myth

A growing boy needs his lunch

When pesticides get banned we're safe up north
We just sell them to those other countries
Soon there's lots of exotic deformed babies
Somehow that's not our fault

Just dip 'em in glaze paint 'em orange and green
For the Arizona roadside stands
To sell alongside plaster burros and birdbaths

And I wonder
Yeah, I wonder
Why so many insects around us feed off the dead

Death squads
Foreign aid?
Just leave it to the magic of the marketplace

A growing boy needs his lunch

Everyone should just love each other
Dip your toe into the fire
Drop your guns and lawsuits and love each other
Life begins beyond the bunker

And while you're busy hugging in the streets
Outgrowing your hatred for all to feel
Jiminy Cricket's found a game to play
Stick your neck out and trust - It'll be chopped away

Jimmy through your locked front doors
Rifle through your sacred drawers
Line my pockets
Deface your dreams
'Til the cows come home to me

Nibbling like an earwig winding through your brain
Bound like Lawrence Harvey spreadeagled to a bed
The migraine gets worse when you find out we lay eggs
And no one in all of Borneo can hear you scream

Turn on
Tune in
Cop out

Drop kick Turn in Tune out
05:48 192 7,98 0.10
Chicken Farm Lyrics
Another rainy morning mingling at the market
Bartering for food for another day
Rifle shots ring out behind the crumbling buildings
Executions have begun

Sprawled in the square are today's broken bodies
Lots to pick clean if you're first and quick
Rift through their pockets, peel off their clothes
To wear or sell when you wash out the blood

Run my little brother
Run to the chicken farm
Opportunity is calling
You might even find a watch

We're going down
To the chicken farm

Napalm rains no more
But the war goes on
Little brother died playing at the dump today
He found a new toy and held it up proud
Then it blew him to bits

How many more children
Will be killed or die at birth
Deformed by Agent Orange
In our food chain forever more

We're going down
To the chicken farm

This time we'll buy our way out
I've got a plan; you wait and see
I smuggled you this map
In the gash I sliced in my thigh

I hope I'm there to join you, love
We're blown to bits one by one in this camp
We crawl shaking through the fields at gunpoint all day
To defuse leftover landmines - by hand

We shiver on the deck and stiffen for the worst
If the pirates come around we might as well be dead
We'll be thrown in the sea
Or butchered if we're women
All in the name of gold

One foot in a land we can barely understand
Can't speak the tongue of Yankee hospitality
Our kids at school get beat up
To the tune of "Boat people, go home"

Sliced with a machete
From the breast of our homeland
Our new world tries to spit us out
But it sure beats the chicken farm
05:04 192 6,97 0.10
Jock O Rama Lyrics 04:04 192 5,61 0.10
Goons Of Hazard Lyrics
Sometimes I think
things are overwhelming
sometimes I think
I don't know what I'll do
but I forget the world
and everything around me
that's what I think
when I think about you

The streets are filled
with too many babies
black air in a sky of blue
people pass by
no life in their eyes
the concrete jungle's
really going crazy

Sometimes I think
things are overwhelming...

The rent is due
and the pockets are empty
people ask machines
for the truth
no crystal ball
can help see it all
but where we gonna find
the dreams to feed the babies

Baby life goes on
that's what people say
but I'm nowhere
if you go away
I'd just be looking
for a brighter day

Sometimes I think
things are overwhelming...
what can I do
forget about the world
and everything around me
that's what I think
when I think about you
04:24 192 6,03 0.10
MTV Get Off The Air Lyrics 03:36 192 4,94 0.10
At My Job Lyrics
If your machine might slip a gear
Push this button to help it clear

Your time card says that your name's Joe
But we'll call you 6-3-0

I'm working at my job
I'm so happy
More boring by the day
But they pay me

All that time spent going to school
Just to end up following rules


Now it's time to take a break
Don't stray too far or you'll be late

Thank you for your service and a long career
Glad you gave us your best years

03:39 192 5,02 0.10
Stars And Stripes Of Corrup... Lyrics 06:18 192 8,67 0.10