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Fleshwounds, Skin Fleshwounds 2003, Album
Marche Funebre (ep), Skin Marche Funebre (ep) 2009, Single/EP
Spiracle (single), Skin Spiracle (single) 2009, Single/EP
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Fleshwounds, Skin
Release type: Album
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Duration: 43:37  
Size, Mb: 80,01  


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Faithfulness Lyrics
Distracts me from my ever changing
My mouth upon the richest tongues
I run for this
Static at the same time by it all

Common sense
Can slap me in the face
And yet I calm dissent
Embarrassed by your obvious
Disgusted at the same time by it all
Watching as my ego breaks your fall

Don't you know that I've
Been running from you heart
And I feel like you've been running too

Don't you know that I've
been lying from the start
And I feel like you've been lying too.

Leave you now
Can't convince myself
That you're the one somehow
To free me from this smile
I call my loneliness
Stuck inside this need to feel complete
Now I've left you standing on your feet

Don't you know that I've been
running from you heart
And I feel like you've been running too
Don't you know that I've been
lying from the start
And I feel like you've been
lying too.

Faithfulness is just a little rule
We break
Still pretending lust was just a fool
we faked, we made
04:03 256 7,43 ą0.10
Trashed Lyrics
Iím like a soldier
With no cause to fight
Playing with bar boys
To test you just right

I watch your features
I check for a sign
Of some kind of failure
Then I feel sublime

Now I know I have to live without you
I can only bend so far
Guess itís time to make some moves
without you
Now youíve gone and trashed my heart

Solid demeanor
I look good a feat
Still Iím too vicous
To take on defeat

Yes I hear
You donít feel this any more
I see
Thereís nothing to believe in anymore
Just two snitches on heat
Still avoiding the grief
Because it felt so hard
04:24 256 8,03 ą0.10
Don't Let Me Down Lyrics 03:30 256 6,42 ą0.10
Listen To Yourself Lyrics
Youíre talking
In circles
The words spit out your head
They blind you
With emotion thatís plain dead

There wet sheets
Sex sodden
Mind spent and ill at ease
You mirror
Screams out this dark release

Cos only you can be your help
So darling just listen
Listen to yourself

Cos only you can tame your hell
So darling just listen
Listen to yourself

You know truth
But deny it
Too scared to make a break
Pure feeling
Just squandered in your wake

Donít tell me
Your virtues
Then run the same lame strife
To tiring
These excerpts of your life
04:46 256 8,74 ą0.10
Lost Lyrics
What was I waiting for
Waiting for the bubble to burst
Over your stagnant pauses

Canít cure what your devil donít see
Or light a fire below the death of me
Weíve shot through all over our causes

Days spin through my heart
That sever the love
Kill all the pain with shame

I wonít be lost without you
Iíve found a way to get through
Now Iím up and running
Strong enough to walk away
And leave you all alone
I wonít be lost

What were you waiting for
Waiting for the straw to break
Over the back of desperate ways

You were a dream to me
Now youíre nothing but a heart
that bleeds
Iíll wash you off and carry on

(Repeat bridge and chorus)

And when I see you
I find another reason
To keep myself from getting lost in you
04:12 256 7,69 ą0.10
The Trouble With Me Lyrics 03:35 256 6,55 ą0.10
I'll Try Lyrics 03:54 256 7,16 ą0.10
You've Made Your Bed Lyrics 03:55 256 7,19 ą0.10
As Long As That's True Lyrics 04:11 256 7,66 ą0.10
Burnt Like You Lyrics
Youíll always be a born
Worn out loser
Still blaming all of us
For your bad choosing

No I canít watch the same mistake
Waiting for the boys to turn out straight
No I canít run the same dog race
And get burnt like you

Youíre swollen in the gut
From all those last nights
Still swinging vodka punches
That donít land right
02:24 256 4,40 ą0.10
'Til Morning Lyrics 04:46 256 8,74 ą0.10