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Fill Up The Room, Saturday Looks Good To Me
Fill Up The Room
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Apple Lyrics
I could live by the river with both of my feet in the blues
Re-organize nature while I compartmentalize the sky, too
I could do what I do
And the rest of the world would have to pretend like they knew
With my roots in the water
Like some cigarette cellophane tooth
The heat in my head that would boil in your bed
And pull me into you
I could fill up the room with these things I been thinking about you
It’s true.
02:52 204 4,18 ˆ0.10
(Even If You Die On The) Ocean Lyrics

I found the garden gate unlocked so I went in
And picked the perfect spot where I could bury my youth
But hounds of love and hounds of war
Hounds galore
Those hoary hounds were pouncing
Each with waxy wooden tooths
Remember when it dawned on you
The day that you knew that
You could live forever and still never make a masterpiece
To shut those pups up in the least
But everybody knows
That’s the way it goes
Even if you die on the ocean
Every Wednesday afternoon
Me and you bleeding on the newspaper classifieds
Dragging out the drinking down for high school kids who
Died out on the highway in the middle of the night
Sing a song that means you love
Everyone who’s ever come within the sound
Of any of your cloudy words
But get your song together first
Save it ‘til you’re sure
Hang it on the door
Sing it from the top of the mountain
‘Til everybody knows
Exactly how it goes
Even if you die on the ocean
Even when you die on the ocean
Children screaming speeches into microscopic tape recorders
Wired to the mire of the moat
And I was still at odds with several thousand nonbelievers
Both above and below
Smoking silhouettes outside the school with all the cymbalists
The simplest way I knew to go
And we could talk ourselves into the dreary deeps
Before we realized there was a hole in the boat
And everybody’s answer to the world
Was “We should start another world!”
And I said, “What do you propose? Because you know
The world that we’ve got going now has to be
The hardest place I’ve ever been.
It’s got me shrinking in my skin, but then again, I guess
That everybody knows
That’s just the way it goes.”
Even if you die on the ocean
There’s just so many crowns
And everybody drowns
Everybody dies on the ocean.
03:18 201 4,74 ˆ0.10
When I Lose My Eyes Lyrics

Me and my best friend sleep without any clothes
With books on the bedspread in languages no one knows
All the windows are open
All of the low lights glow
And we flood all the rooms of our homes until we float
And wash out to the street down below
And when I die, then I’ll sleep in the sides of clouds
Over the mountains
I’ll hover above your house
You’ll hear me haunting
You’ll hear my cries and howls
Ringing between rows of the teeth in your mouth
It feels like the end of the world inside you
When this sweetness infinitely holds us
And I fall into you
The hex on my heart made it harder and harder
To finally find you
You and your sister
Alone in the upstairs room
Speaking in whispers at three in the afternoon
Were you surprised when you started to see
Right through her skin and the things she said to you?
You know the whole family eventually all went blind
Or their vision got blurry
Simply a bad blood line
I won’t be angry when I lose my eyes
My hands will have mapped out the world by that time
And my sight,
It might forget what to do when the things
That I’ve seen and I’ve been
When they come back for me
The whole world will sing through the tips of my fingers
And I’ll feel everything like I was listening to the rain
When I lose my eyes there will be something more
Something my vision was far too afraid of
When I lose my voice there will be songs beyond the bubbling
And braying my singing was made of before
When I lose my hands there will be brand new words
And fingertips floating on top of the ocean for you
When our lungs shut down we will rejoice and shout
Building butterflies out of our breathing, believing end.
06:48 185 8,98 ˆ0.10
Make A Plan Lyrics
Swimming through a situation
Overwrought with apple seeds and awful poems
And it’s perpetual
Everybody everybody everybody everybody
Told you so
They say “I told you so.”
Singing before seven and you’re crying by eleven
And the bridges overflow
But everybody laughing at you
Is missing all the action that you buried there under the snow
Jenny never worried about the future
When she used to have a chaperone
She wasn’t happy though
She would lose her mind a sentence at a time
And call me on the telephone
It was uncomfortable
Singing before seven and you’re crying by eleven
So the story goes
But god is always laughing every time you make a plan
So you can never really know
And everybody’s gonna tell you something different, anyway
They think they know but they don’t
So if you’re looking over the edge
Where the skyline extends
And you don’t see your friends
(they were right behind you…)
But now what did you learn
From those factory girls
And the rest of the world coming to find you?
Jenny Jenny Jenny Jenny Jenny Jenny Jenny
So theatrical
So theatrical
Keep it with your secrets
In the cabinet with epaulette’s and birth control
And don’t let no one know
Singing before seven you’ll be crying by eleven
And your tears could float a boat
And god is always laughing every time you make a plan
So you can bury your hands in the snow.
04:07 206 6,08 ˆ0.10
Peg Lyrics
Right now I can barely tell if I’m sleeping or awake
In a little while
It’ll be the morning
You won’t remember being lost
In the after hours
Take my number down
Write it on your hand
Call me in the morning
Which of these worlds is going to find you?
Is gonna remind you what you have to do?
And why do you feel like you’re being lied to?
Why don’t it feel like anything new?
Peg, it’s almost wintertime
Is it snowing where you are?
Wait another hour
It’ll be the morning.
01:48 165 2,13 ˆ0.10
Money In The Afterlife Lyrics

What will we do with all these words when we die?
Will they spend like currency in our afterlife?
Always waiting on a world that will never come
Always standing in line
Sinking feelings, inexplicably
But always leaning towards some sort of light
So where are we going
And how does it feel where we are now
With all our sentimental songs siphoning out?
What will we do with all the time we’ll have once we die?
Will we trade our memories,
Change all the endings,
Revise what was each other’s lives?
I’ll haunt the house you dreamed about
But you never saw the inside
I’ll sing in your voice
And you could sing in mine
So where are we going
And how does it feel where we are now
With all our faculties like rooms emptying out?
With the tethering stress of the breath in our lungs
And the sounds of the women and the men
And the endless undone-ness of everyone
And this sense that nothing is over and nothing’s begun yet.
05:26 202 7,82 ˆ0.10
The Americans Lyrics
The way you talk could always make a fool of me
Studying the patterns of your speech
I was imagining a world just out of reach but brilliant, still
And you were fumbling for something in your purse
Wondering if things could get much worse
And if you’d find a cure for all your endless ills
There was a sound coming out of the way
That you looked at me the day that we met
Birds on the roof
Cackle words like the pages of books upturned
We were there and then we left
With whiskey, blood and breath
And the typical duress of being alive
You thought the band was out of tune and overdressed
Just your typical American b.s.
There was a sound at the edge of your lips
and the corners of your mouth
The day that I left
Birds on the roof mutter names out of context
And summer burns down
With a fluttering sound
I was another rubber band around your wrist
Staring at the stairway where we kissed were you
Imagining a world that don’t exist and never will,
Or were you looking for my number in your purse?
Light another cigarette
And sing and curse
Until the dancefloor dreams and the world is still.
02:37 200 3,74 ˆ0.10
Edison Girls Lyrics

In the time of the Edison girls
I was listening to every word
There was something happening
Dressed in clothes that my family wore
Left the world by which they all swore
But stop before you say you will
Cause we know that you never will
It’s just a lie
And there’s a tightrope running through the living room
And there’s a sidewalk made of gas
And there’s a light bulb broken at the bottom of the swimming pool
And there’s a reason why I’m gone
You can leave my name out of your book
With the doctors, forefathers and crooks who invented history
Who’ll invent the time machine?
But for now I’m just hanging around
Dream my dreams in cylindrical sound
But stop before you say you will
Cause we know that you never will
It’s just a line
And there’s a tightrope running through the living room
And there’s a restaurant on fire
You’re like a cyclone blowing through everyone you knew
And there’s a reason for it now.
02:46 227 4,50 ˆ0.10
Hands In The Snow Lyrics
by the time you read these words I will be gone
and I don't know if I'll be back
so before you ask
just remember
that we've been here before

I see through windows in the rain
through all the language left behind
and I watch you drink
invisible ink
so I won't know
when you swallow your words

I won't be there
to watch it all unravel
to watch the union come undone

the end could come at any time
with harvest hands and tv eyes
and the scientists
know the way it is
and we all know
and we follow them down

I hear you talking like a train
on concepts you can't quite explain
like a dictaphone
set especially slow
and I don't have the heart
to tell you what a fool you are

I won't be there
to watch it all unravel
to watch the union come undone

by the time you hear this tape I will be gone
and I won't be back
so don't even ask
cause we all know
and we follow
with our eyes on the sky
and our hands in the snow
03:30 189 4,73 ˆ0.10
Come With Your Arms Lyrics
Come with your arms
Come with your screaming, embarrassing heart
Shining a beam if you come in the dark
To show every part
And make yourself light as the air
Come with your hands
Conducting a chorus of fervor and flags
Packing your past into old plastic bags
The darkness will drag
‘Til you feel like the only one there
So how could you even begin to believe in
The things people say
The world in that way?
And could you see me there
With car keys and wheelchairs
And things thrown away?
Come with your bones
And the long list of names that won’t leave you alone
Posing as problems pretending they’re poems
They glower and glow
As they spit sanctimonious swears
And come with your paws
Grinding your teeth like the teeth of a saw
With the horror that sleeps in the hinge of your jaw,
The worst of them all
Til you feel like the only one there
So how could you even begin to believe invisibility?
In a world you can’t see?
We clatter and clamor
We falter and scatter and fall off like leaves.
04:30 151 4,85 ˆ0.10
Whitey Hands Lyrics

Sing into your hands ‘til everybody understands
Exactly how you feel
Springs of silver sound dripping from your fingers down
Dripping from your fingers now
Hang your armor out
Stretch your arms above the clouds
Let your love be loud
Let your body be a house
Let your cries drown out the crowds
I can hear your heavy shouts
I can hear you handing down anything you want
(You can hand them anything you want)
Any handsome oblivious song
(grinning like a jack-o-lantern
candy hands on Halloween
the halo hanging round your head was just the way it felt
you can make believe it or just keep it to yourself
show it to your mother or just throw it down a well
until it’s sticking to your fingers
and the skin around your clitoris
the ever-present evidence for everybody else
dying with a million little invisible cells
show it to your lover or just throw it down the well)
Every wordless voice and what they want to sing to me
Never said a thing to me
The billboards made me ill
But I bought it still
Their nauseating symmetry
At the end of everything we was
Hold your hands up
And let that be our love.
02:35 191 3,51 ˆ0.10