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Feel Like Shit Deja Vu Controlled by Hatred, Suicidal Tendencies
Feel Like Shit Deja Vu Controlled By Hatred
Release type: Album
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Duration: 39:36  
Size, Mb: 54,51  


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Master Of No Mercy Lyrics
Fuck it!
He's a carrier of death, a stork in reverse
He blesses you with sickness
Cause love is a curse
The arsening in your Koolaid, the bomb in your mail,
He disappears in motion
But leaves a bloody trail
Drop to your knees, humble you pray
But can't put off your judgment day
There's a knock at your door, who could it be?
You got a new friend that's gonna set you free
He's making a list, he's checking it twice
No amount of money's gonna stop this vice
No mercy, no mercy, no mercy. You want mercy?
No fuckin' mercy! Oh no
With the wink of an eye, a snap of the finger
Now the smell of death is all that lingers
A doctor of death with a PhD, a specialist in pure misery
See you fucked with him even though you knew
And now your worst nightmares all come true
You scream and shout you beg and plead
But he's got your soul and that's all that he needs
He's the master, master of no mercy, no mercy, no mercy
02:38 192 3,62 0.10
How I Will Laugh Tommorow Lyrics 04:42 192 6,45 0.10
Just Another Love Song Lyrics
Well I just had to turn off the radio
But not before I heard thirteen songs about love in a row
Well I don't know what the next song's gonna be
But I know how the words are gonna go
They'll be singing "Oh baby, baby, baby, baby, baby, baby I
love you so"
So won't everybody sing along cause her comes just another
love song

I need you like I need a hole in my head
I need someone to steal my money and wish I were dead
I need someone to always put me down
And everywhere I go she wants to hang around

Do you really even think dreams come true
Do you really even think you'll find something wonderful and
Do you really even think someone's waiting for you
Do you really even thiink that love is near
Do you really even think it's me dear
Do you really even think I want to hear-but I still say
I won't fall in love today

I need a chick who's got expensive taste
Who's not afraid of whose money she wastes
You expect me to buy you a diamond ring!
Well I suspect I'll buy you not a thing!

Well I could tell you you're the only one I love
And how your eyes sparkle like the stars above
And that I carry a picture of you in my heart
And as long as we live we'll never be apart
And that you're the most important person in my life
But I can't handle a girlfriend, how am I gonna handle a wife

Love-hate love-hate love-hate love-hate love-hate love-hate
love-hate love-hate
I love, love, love to hate you but I'd hate, hate, hate to
love you

I could promise all my love to you
But that would take me only a second or two
And if you're waiting to be my one and only
You're gonna find out what it's like to be awfully lonely
Your song was alright for awhile-But now your tune's gone out
of style

You want to cuddle and hug all night
But I'm going out with my friends tonight
And I don't need someone to act like my mother
I already have one-I don't need another

But she sure looks fine
After a bottle of wine
And she's out of sight
When my mind's not right
And I'll promise you anything dear
03:16 192 4,50 0.10
Waking The Dead Lyrics
Kept in the guard of Mother Nature's womb
Resting in the safety of their tomb
Sheltered by six feet of soil and rock
The spade is the key with which their gate we'll unlock
Why should they be resting so peacefully
When we're up above in pure misery
I don't care that they've already died
That's not enough to make me satisfied
So we wait till the stroke of the midnight hour
Then we'll unleas the darkest of power
Hell's gates will open a new judgment day
Now is the time that the dead will pay
Why should they be resting so peacefully
When we're up above in pure misery
I don't care that they've already died
That's not enough to make me satisfied
Waking the dead, waking the dead, waking the dead
All rise!
Hell's gates open the earth trembles and shakes
Now their pardons are over they pray for their mistakes
Mausoleums firebombed now rage in flames
When the dead come out their bodies we'll maim
Rob-Robbing their graves stealing their bones
Bang-Banging our heads to their screams and their moans
Fix-Fixing the wounds that even time cannot heal
Soon-Soon we will know how good it feels
This is not damnation or an act of God
Now the dead they rise ripping through the sod
Purgatory has to wait, but how can this be
The dead are free-the dead are free!
Waking the dead-you said that it wouldn't be
Waking the dead-You said that we wouldn't see
Waking the dead-Now the dead stand before our own eyes
Silence is blaring the earth opens wide
History repeats, reburied they die
Darkness descends through nature's pores
They return to their sleep on earth's basement floor
Now they rest not so peacefully
As they've had a taste of our misery
I didn't care that they'd already died
That wasn't enough to make me satisfied
Return back to their tombs now they lay
This is no game for the novice to play
Repeat not a word lest ye be forewarned
The punishment of Hell's darkness and scorn
Repeat not a word of the sermon said
A prayer for the dead, don't play with the dead
Don't try to comprehend what's going on
You can't understand, please don't understand
Waking the dead-And we'll be
Waking the dead-All rise now
Waking the dead-We're gonna wake the dead
Waking the dead
I said the words what have I done
I thought it cool, I thought it fun
The words I say they start to change
The syllables now rearranged
A language I can't comprehend
I shut my mouth it doesn't end
The bowels of nature open wide
I cannot move I cannot hide
I can't believe the things I see
The dead are free, the dead are free
I close my eyes and pray it's not real
Their presence close coldness I feel
What have I done Lord please forgive
Once they died, but now they live
I wake the dead, I ake the dead, I wake the dead, I wake the dead!
Cleanse the lepers
Cast out the demons
Wake the dead!
06:55 192 9,49 0.10
Controlled By Hatred Lyrics 05:39 192 7,76 0.10
Choosing My Own Of Life Lyrics 03:06 192 4,25 0.10
Feel Like Shit...Deja-Vu Lyrics 02:53 192 3,98 0.10
It's Not Easy Lyrics 03:59 192 5,49 0.10
How I Will Laugh Tommorow (Heavy 2Motion Version) Lyrics 06:31 192 8,97 0.10