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Fake Chemical State, Skin Fake Chemical State 2006, Album
Fleshwounds, Skin Fleshwounds 2003, Album
Marche Funebre (ep), Skin Marche Funebre (ep) 2009, Single/EP
Spiracle (single), Skin Spiracle (single) 2009, Single/EP
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Fake Chemical State, Skin
Fake Chemical State
Release type: Album
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Duration: 35:54  
Size, Mb: 49,46  


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Alone In My Room Lyrics
Ma belly,
Full a juice
What dey givin? to me

Sugar free
Your problem
You my crack beauty queen

Watch out
Betta run if ya scared

Freak out
No doubt
Get that shit outta your hair

I would rather spend my time
Alone in my room
Than spend it with you

Plain devil
Be careful
I can spit on your charm

Silly baby
Stone crazy
Can?t you hear the alarm

Cool blue
Killa fool
Take your football and leave

Damn tired
This is nothing I need
02:39 192 3,66 0.10
She's On Lyrics 03:16 192 4,51 0.10
Movin' Lyrics 03:59 192 5,46 0.10
Just Let The Sun Lyrics
I walked into the sea
Those waves they came for me
Egged on by scarlet sun
(But) I will never burn

My eyes stay liquid free
Not phased by chemistry
The whole ten yards i see
Striding through the haze

Just let the sun
Shine on your face
Only the darkness blinds your way

You take it easy
You walk on your own
Look for the sunshine (youll) find (your) way home

Just let the sun
Shine on your face

Special these dirty deeds
That floods my pretty dreams
I snap awake from love
Relieved Im on my own

Fearless and tacky free
Guided by empathy
Still your not lost on me
I still smell the sea

Youll make it
03:46 192 5,18 0.10
Purple Lyrics
I... kick it with the hobo sound
We... lofi right down to the ground
And... good to see you do what you do
Yeah... i see you swinging like a danny larue
Huh... everybody bringing it around
We... match with you pound for pound
Ooh... make room cause we're comin to stay
Everybody getting funky like a shawn mccay
Boo... never short on the bass
Ah... hit you like a slap in the face
Yeah... yeah you know we aim to please
Like a burger with cheese will give you heart disease
Ugh... i can tell you're rockin it raw
Now... knockin it on the dance floor
Woo... dont forget to come up for air
All you blue face boogies junkies gimme the scare
Check... someone tell me if we're comin through clear
No... lean to let me chew in your ear
Now... play mind if you got it to spare
Exits... here and there and all over the where
All... dressed up but with no where to go
Yo... shut the fuck up and get on with the show
Huh... come again when you give me the what
Replay put your ten cent coin in the slot
Bounce... more bounce than the pet flea
Blubbub... ad like mr kinski
Species disco only one of a kind
Faeces tres chaud yeah we're doin it fine
Bla... quixotic ilke the word of the carvantes
Scratch... tell me you can hear the drums hernandez...
Bo... he cuts the wax like a fugu fish
That means he takes all care
Like a model at a bris
03:43 192 5,10 0.10
Don't Need A Reason Lyrics 03:47 192 5,21 0.10
Nothing But Lyrics
Please believe me
I?m estatic for you
Well why should I pretend
I have nothing to lose
No I don?t compare
You?ve got it all wrong now
My sorrows left behind
Let me tell you the truth

I feel nothing but joy and pride and happiness
Nothing but cheerfull face with kindness
I feel nothing but oceans of love and forgiveness
For you and your sweet girl
Please ignore the particular way I smile
Take no notice of the blood on the lip I bite
I am still your friend
There is no denying
For you and your new girl

Yes I remember
Everybody has affairs
Oh yeah we had some fun
But she is so perfect for you
03:51 192 5,27 0.10
Take Me On Lyrics
Ive seen a picture
Of you and me
Youre looking violent
Im looking pleased

You got a face like a television
That keeps switching off
Im a free believer
But thats not enough for you

You gotta take me on
Gotta give me what I want
Gotta take me on

Dont need a saviour
Dont need a queen
Gonna win with the sinners
Gonna sin where youve been

Press the button called spacebar
So we can see what you mean
Ive seen the future
But its not enough for you
04:06 192 5,65 0.10
Fooling Yourself Lyrics
(You) never saw the cracks
Funny when youre looking back
You see all the signs were there
(You) just didnt know

Sooner or later then
Probably when the rain comes in
Your gonna ask your self
Where the time goes

[Bridge 1]
I find it hard to leave
Never wanted to deceive you
But the truth is
Dont wanna do this

(I can) pull the wool over your eyes
(I can) laugh it off and tell you Im fine
(But) something inside me aint right
(And Im) fooling myself all the time

(It) shouldnt really be so hard
Everything aint meant to be
So difficult and
Smothered in stress

Maybe in time youll see
We will never get to breathe
Pure happiness
Inside of this mess

[Bridge 2]
i find it hard to go
Never wanted you to know
But the truth is
Dont wanna do this

I will understand
If you get angry
But it all just faded away
And theres no reason left for me to stay
03:09 192 4,34 0.10
Falling For You Lyrics
Caught a look in your eyes
they linger too long
Were you just being kind
Or have a read it all wrong
When i brushed by your side

[Bridge 1]
Suddenly I realised
Theres something going on

I'm falling for you
I'm falling for you
Whatever it is
Whatever you do
I'm falling for you

I must gain control
I must take care
Can't allow this to ever
Become an affair
But the tension is sweet

[Bridge 2]
Suddenly I need you
To keep this going on

All night I think of nothing else
But if I could sit out this storm
I'd try, to forget how I felt
But as soon as I see your face
I know I'll fall

And every moment
I have to endure
I look for a reason
To be where you are
I'm out of my head

Suddenly I realise
You are where I belong

Gonna kill this thing
We can't carry on
Whatever it is
What ever you do I'm falling for you
03:41 192 5,08 0.10