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Release type: Album
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Duration: 48:30  
Size, Mb: 66,79  


Price for album: 1.12 (discount 20%)  

Title / Artist     Duration Bitrate Size (Mb) Price Download
Taste The Poison Lyrics 01:49 192 2,51 0.10
Next On The List Lyrics 03:37 192 4,95 0.10
Constitutional Hell Lyrics 02:37 192 3,59 0.10
Vermin Lyrics
The rats on/ this earth/ have nothing on you
An insult/ to those which/ crawl the sewers

Devourer, plunderer, deceptor

Sniff out a/ scheme/ and leave the scraps behind
Voracious, insatiable? A nose attuned to greed

Devourer, plunderer, deceptor

Evade all traps
and come out gnashing, snarling, gnashing, snarling!

Disguises are many
Media pawn or man on the street

They'll scavenge your emotions
and leave you diseased
They'd steal a last possession
And smile as you concede

Devourer, plunderer, deceptor
02:17 192 3,15 0.10
Volume Of Neglect Lyrics 03:21 192 4,59 0.10
Thanks For Nothing Lyrics 02:44 192 3,77 0.10
Cant Play, Wont Pay Lyrics 03:25 192 4,71 0.10
Blunt Against The Cutting Edge Lyrics 03:03 192 4,20 0.10
Cure For The Common Complaint Lyrics 02:44 192 3,75 0.10
Necessary Evil Lyrics
I dissolve to a dream of the past
Terminate, to remove
Falling fast

at the end of a chain thoughts collect
Execute. A degree. I defect.

What's it worth?
Sacrifice the earth? It bleeds.
Meet your needs. Devilish deeds

Reconcile. Understood. Contemplate.
Desecrate. To denounce. Detonate.

Tentative. To reject. Overdue.
Final stage. To complete. Follow through.

Far too late.
Absolute hate? this Hell
An empty shell.
Desolate cells.

A necessary evil? bargaining pleas
Held at ransom? Or souls diseased
A necessary evil? the dominant role?
There's no escape? You crossed the solitary line
02:56 192 4,03 0.10
C.S. (Conservative Shithead) Part 2 Lyrics 02:18 192 3,17 0.10
Mechanics Of Deceit Lyrics 03:22 192 4,61 0.10
(The Public Get) What The Public Doesn't Want Lyrics 03:15 192 4,46 0.10
Fracture In The Equation Lyrics
Battered frantic, dressed in tragedy
Reach the point where times caught up ? why me ?
Paths we choose, the sorrows we cause.
Its all forgotten instantly as pain calls.

Just a fracture
In the equation of designs
Drawing out life

Neutral unknown, a nervous calm
Answers tactically arranged ? stalling time.

Just a fracture
In the equation of designs
Drawing out life

Second chance.
11:08 192 15,30 0.10