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Fields Of The Nephilim

The Nephilim, Fields Of The Nephilim The Nephilim 1988, Album
Elizium, Fields Of The Nephilim Elizium 1990, Album
Fallen, Fields Of The Nephilim Fallen 2002, Album
Earth Inferno, Fields Of The Nephilim Earth Inferno 1991, Album
Dawnrazor, Fields Of The Nephilim Dawnrazor 1987, Album
Genesis and Revelation, Fields Of The Nephilim Genesis And Revelation 2006, Album
Revelations, Fields Of The Nephilim Revelations 1993, Album
Ad Vitam, Fields Of The Nephilim Ad Vitam 2012, Album
Ad Vitam, Fields Of The Nephilim Ad Vitam 2012, Album
Singles And Mixes, Fields Of The Nephilim Singles And Mixes 2013, Single/EP
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Elizium, Fields Of The Nephilim
Release type: Album
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Duration: 49:00  
Size, Mb: 89,84  


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Dead But Dreaming Lyrics 01:28 256 2,71 0.10
For Her Light Lyrics
How lonely you are waiting at the sunday park
I'll elude you, I will lose you
Existing were no soul apart

You stand on a platform
Your effigy dissolves in my hands

When I feel like someone to lie on
And I feel like someone to rely on

You can't wake up

Illusions born of the air
Something seems so precious there

I'll elude you, I will lose you
As rehearsal of my despair

When I feel like someone to lie on
And I feel like someone to die on

You can't wake up
Oh here me
I'm what you have left

Here I am
In this necrologue of love
03:01 256 5,54 0.10
At The Gates Of Silent Memory Lyrics
Yes, today life that I knew
So sick of all the people
A blind moon

Over to the window
Where the night has become Elizium for the sleepless souls
And our days to come

You stand
Stand with Dalila

Maybe I'll just pass-away
Or may be I'll stay

But I feel alive with you
And I feel some kind of heaven

When I feel deep inside her

And I feel some kind of heaven

Hear me
Give me some kind of heaven
08:25 256 15,40 0.10
Paradise Regained Lyrics 02:30 256 4,56 0.10
Submission Lyrics
It moves between us for one moments
Like opium and your heart

We've remedies from the ancient gods
To heal the morals of our shadow devil

Devil come to me, open up the door
Lead me Ciahra to the center of it all

She opened and cried with arms outstretched
Lay down next to me and take what's left

She cried holding me
Someone's inside
T too cruel to suffer for what she wants

Condensation on the windows
Peering back at myself

Through the webs we have weaved
Till this radiant morning somewhere else

Oh where have I been
Where have I been

Her lips were hard
My heaven is cold
Let's lose her
Whose inside me
Let's use her for what she wants

Take her loosen up
Loose enough
08:29 256 15,53 0.10
Sumerland (What Dreams May Come) Lyrics 11:10 256 20,42 0.10
Wail Of Sumer Lyrics
You can see the earth, we're high here
We're climbing over sumertown

You can kiss the air, we're gliding
Follow me for Sumerland

No sound life, no essence
We lay enstranged in our curious ways

Memories lay beside us
But I'm seeing through an age who I am

Through Sumerland lead me

Taken from god
Forgivers sent in to the dark to play

From life here I lead them
Taken away from where they layed

Getting old together
To breathe myself free I'll stay

We're high here, forever
No tomorrow, no today

Through Sumerland lead me
06:25 256 11,73 0.10
And There Will Your Heart Be Also Lyrics
We must suffer to free our pain
Can you help us to find our way

You're here to stay
Stay here in paradise

I'd end this moment to be with you
Through morphic oceans
I'd lay here with you

Only to stay
Stay here in paradise
Only to stay

So lonely from this maelstrom free are you
From this maelstrom to be with you
07:37 256 13,95 0.10