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Empty 3.0 Lyrics
Crawl across the floor
If it feels like something you know
Curl up in a ball
If it feels like home

Sleep as much as you can
If you can't sleep then lay there
Pick at yourself
Until you feel pure

Something's pulling you to the floor
Like a longtime friend
Someone's banging your head on the wall
As a means to an end

Filling up with sick
Like water in your lungs
Sucking yellow fog around your head

This must be the end of you
But you know this will never stop
You can't hear anything anymore
Just the hammer in your chest

Walk on through the growing noise
Of your inescapable path
Walk willingly into the dark
Nothing can touch you now

Once you were a child
The world was darker then
Fear was in the hall
But you won't think about that now

Just some warmth and a home
And an end to the task
Your doors are standing wide open
But it's too late for you now

And although it's not quite the time
Although we've just begun to leave
We will tarry not to say we were wrong
to leave behind a silent reproach
And when our eyes are searching out
And our hearts are beating strong
We'll have a reason not to grieve
With holly leaves and scanning skies
And if the colors fade into night
And the storms our heads enclose
And our souls are set against one another
If the seas receive us not
And the skies mock our lowliness
Then we shall still love one another
For we are two, together
For we are two, together
08:32 256 15,65 0.10
Closing In 2.0 Lyrics
I can't see ever feeling right again
I'm on a raft in a river that's roaring away with me
What good does it do me to have what I want
When I'm in no shape to enjoy what I have

I'm burning
I'm losing my hold
On the life that I had
I'm hiding
I'm telling myself
That these things aren't so bad

I can see there's just no way out of this (one)
I can feel the walls closing in on me
The door at the end of the tunnel is far too small
And there's 24 metric tons of fear closing in on me
08:12 256 15,03 0.10
On The Outside 2.1 Lyrics
Still dark outside the window
Fucking alarm clock, start the day in fear
It's not the fun or any sense of community
They're just trying to dull the pain

The scientists say that it's a
Different animal altogether
And driven by forces deep
Within the chest that won't let it sleep and...

See the arm is sliced and
See the taken life and
See emaciation
Little scars are showing

On the outside

So now they've grown up in these
Brilliantly beautiful sterile communities
Floating like the sleepers through the
Flowers and emptiness, the boring futility

So now they're educated
12 years of chains and lost opportunities
What they have learned is how to
Jump when the bell rings and fear the breakdown

See the pain inflicted and
See the vein restricted and
See the pain inside
Caressed, unfolded, delivered

To the outside

It's known that nothing can be done
There's just no room for the unconverted
It's known that anything is possible
But there's nothing worth doing here

See the forgotten sun and
See the forsaken ones and
See them driving cars
As big as they are, as fast as they'll go and
See the eyes turned in and
See cigarette-burnt skin and
See self-loathing love
Assumed, turned up, and used

On the outside
06:47 256 12,43 0.10
Ending World 1.1 Lyrics
And I was born in a world that's ending
tell me you're gonna fall down any day now
eternal change outside me howling
and inside everything stays the same

And it's the end of my world once again
and things are never gonna change when i die
as the circle comes to an end in my room
and everything stays the same outside
05:31 256 10,12 0.10
Seek300 2.11 Lyrics
The sun is rising
Sure is dark here

My commodity
Watch them try
To get through to me
04:33 256 8,36 0.10
The Sky Away 2.0 Lyrics
Are just an image that makes you feel
So cut free
So easily lost

Splattered on the road
Looking up gracefully
They still love you
They always will

And the dream that you paint
Will live longer than you
But always in a different place

Do what you want
Do what you can
To be more than just yourself

The sky
Is wildly amazing
Infinite compassion
Infinite absorption

The sky
Splattered overhead
May be your only friend
But can never hear you call

And the song that you sing
Will speak louder than you
But always in a different language

Do what you want
Do what you can
To be more than just yourself
03:59 256 7,31 0.10
Are "Friends" Electric? 2.0 Lyrics 05:42 256 10,43 0.10
Ozar Midrashim 1.1 Lyrics
(She takes him in her arms)

Off in the distance, I can see a huge, holographic Ronald McDonald
walking between the grain elevators and trees.

Oh, if I had the money, I'd have them make one of those of ME.
And I'd send myself to stalk the landscape and scare everybody.

Cos I've got this kind of field around me.
Because I've got spikes.
Because I go between the zones, even when I'm not supposed to.
Because I am a suspicious person report.
And it's time to go shopping.
06:52 256 12,58 0.10
The Ridge 1.1 Lyrics
Ooo Haaaaaoooo

Do you remember when I told you I was sober?
(I wasn't sober, baby)
Well baby girl
That's the first time I ever rolled you over
Even though you're beautiful
No one is that gullible
I never played you (I never, never played you)
But I played with you

Girl, you're stupid
I can tell by your braindead eyes
Maybe if I were braindead too
I could find a way to love you
You like the way it feels
(You like the way it feels)
When we grind, you're stupid
I wish I could go and erase my phone number
From your mind (from your mind)

Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah

You're trippin' girl
(You're trippin')
Over your own two feet
(Oh Yo You're trippin' girl)
All of my bros and homies
Are laughing at you and me on the street
(That ain't cool)
Tell me why you can't spell my name
Girl, you think a syllable's a window pane

Girl, you're stupid
I can tell by your braindead eyes
Maybe if I were braindead too
I could find a way to love you
You like the way it feels
When we grind, you're stupid
I wish I could go and baby bring my phone number
From your mind
09:40 256 17,72 0.10
White Roses 1.0 Lyrics
Do you feel small
Do you feel like nothing
Do you feel like you're wasting your time

Can you stand sunlight
Do you feel too much
How will you know where you're broken

But you know that the fear you feel
Comes back this time each day
And you know if you live a thousand years in silence
You will still feel this way

Can you see home
Can you see tomorrow
Can you see the sun anymore

Do you walk the world
Waiting to be discovered
Do you want what he said
You can never have

And you know that her tears were taken
And cooked up for the queen
But you will never find her now
She's gone and her trail is far to clean

And every single moment feels like everything is wrong
And everything around you says that this's not your home
And everybody else just seems to be already there
And you can't get from here to there
Without some sort of help you've never seen

It's white roses
It's a spinning sky
It's a field with the sun in your eyes

And do you ask yourself for help
To get you through the day
And when you're on the street you find
The world is moving away
Spend all day under water
Spend all night curled in a ball
And when you're all alone what reason
Can you see for trying at all
00:57 256 1,75 0.10