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Dj Envy - Hitlist 18, Various Artists
Dj Envy - Hitlist 18
Release type: Album
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Duration: 79:06  
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Ridin' Dirty Lyrics 04:01 192 5,54 ˆ0.10
Hustlin Lyrics 03:30 192 4,81 ˆ0.10
Lean Wit It, Rock Wit It Lyrics
Lean wit it, rock wit it!
Lean wit it, rock wit it,
Lean wit it, rock wit it,
Lean wit it, rock wit it,
Lean wit it, rock wit it,
Lean wit it, rock wit it,
Lean wit it, rock wit it,
Lean wit it, rock wit it!

[Verse 1]
I bounce in the club so the ho's call me Rocky,
Posted in the cut, and im lookin for a blockhead,
Yup in my white tee! I break a bitch back,
And I keep a big bank, oh I think dey like dat!
Before I leave the house, im slizzard on a goose,
And I'm higher then a plane, so a nigga really loose,
And I can lean wit it, and I can rock wit it,
And if you gotta friend, she gotta suck a cock wit it!

[Verse 2]
Ay gon n rock wit it, gon n lean wit it,
Rock so damn hard, u break your spleen wit it,
Pull up ya jeans wit it, smoke some green wit it,
N da spot aint crunk? bitch if we ain't in it?
If you dont wanna do it, then I'll make ya dance,
Perfect example watch me make your face beat up my hands,
When you see me hit the spot, betta watch dat boy,
Chalay, plus the squad n dem franchize boyz!


[Verse 3]
Ain't too clean to wanna pop lock from left to right and make a lean,
Bobbin to da beat, check my feet, he ain't got these!
I rock them, bend my knees everytime the beat drop lean wit it, rock wit it, freeze before yo fingers pop
Purple lean, purple, green, grams in my socks
What the fuck you mean you ain't seen Buddie on tha block?!
They call me Doctor Doc, I prescribe what a nigga need
Make 'em lean and rock, old school people pat ya feet

[Verse 4]
Young Pimpin in tha club, see dem hoes tryna act up
Cause the see my chain and a nigga throwin dem stacks up
I keep a full clip and my pistol in my pants, I'm in da middle of da flo, they screamin "nigga do yo dance"
Now you can roll yo arms, and just put 'em in rotation
From side to side and snap yo fingaz like dem Temptaions
Boy I'm all outta state doin the dance, they never seen that
I ain't Fat Joe, but snap ya fingaz then ya lean back


[Verse 5]
Rock left den snap ya fingers, rock right den snap ya fingers,
Ayyy wats hannenin? lean wit me, rock wit me,
Gotta pill pop wit me, gon take a shot wit me,
Call me Teddy, I got grams don't hate, nigga shop wit me,
BHS, Trapsquad, DIS we known bitch!
Franchize aint got no money? shiiit hold on hold on bitch !,
Dis trap shit n rap shit, I done did dat shit,
Lean wit it, rock wit it, gon jig dat shit ayyy,

[Verse 6]
The Squad, Baker Road, and Franchize on some otha shit,
Left witcha bitch, wit an ounce, and a stiff dick,
Didnt have to say much, cuz she seem obliged,
Walked off the club, got on the phone, called her girl for menage,
Wat I'm all up to, shit lets see how it turned out,
Gotta crack-headed broad, now we headed to my house,
Ay you wit that G shit right?
Cuz I done leaned, I done rocked all muhfuckin' night!

Lean wit it, rock wit it! [x16]
03:35 192 4,92 ˆ0.10
Fresh Azimiz (Remix) Lyrics 03:24 192 4,68 ˆ0.10
Getting Some Lyrics 02:43 192 3,72 ˆ0.10
Poppin' My Collar Lyrics 02:39 192 3,65 ˆ0.10
What You Know About Lyrics 03:43 192 5,09 ˆ0.10
What's Happening Lyrics 03:24 192 4,68 ˆ0.10
Hustler Musik Lyrics 03:37 192 4,98 ˆ0.10
So What Lyrics 03:21 192 4,58 ˆ0.10
Gimmie That Lyrics 03:30 192 4,80 ˆ0.10
Dj Play A Love Song Lyrics 03:30 192 4,80 ˆ0.10
4 Minutes Lyrics 03:35 192 4,91 ˆ0.10
Good Luck Charm Lyrics
She's my light
My shining star
She's so dear to me yes she is yes she is
My guiding star my lucky charm
Yes she is yes she is
Whoa whoa whoa oooh

[1] - Everytime that something good happens in my life-
You're always there for me, looking good by my side-
Picture you now, pullin up your panty hose
And you always got that sexy underwear on
So much good has come my way
Since she came in my life
I'll never push you away or brush you off to the side
See girl I, I I....
See my luck has changed for the better.

See I got so much love for you in these arms-
Don't you know that you're my good luck charm.
Where you are forever girl ain't no harm
Ain't nobody else can borrow it, I won't allow it

See I got so much love for you in these arms
Don't you know that you're my good luck charm.
Lovin you forever girl and never do I
Wanna go without, my good luck charm

[2] - Like a rabbits foot on keys, or some lucky dice
All I want or need, I ain't gotta ask twice
Where would I be? what would I do
Without you looking out for me?
Probably be, probably be in these streets.

Without you in my life,
My future ain't the same, no.
And I'm not wanting the blame
Baby I, know I been around, I'm
Tired of messing around, I
Got so much love.


And I'd throw away this ice, and
Give up my J.E. pieces-
Just to get a piece of (your love forever)
And I knew you were a keeper
So babygirl I'm keepin you.
Can't think about letting you go no no
It seems like every situation I been facing,
You know what to do to save me
So I know you bring me love.-
So I'm standing strong like a soldier-
I know how to hold you-
I'm saying this to let you know
I got so. ooh.


See you're my yeah
See you're my
See you're my yeah
See you're my

03:51 192 5,28 ˆ0.10
Gotta Go Lyrics
I don't want to lose you baby.
I just don't want to have your baby.
Don't take it personal, baby.
You always knew that I was impolite.

No one said that you were crazy.
Not that you are getting lazy.
Don't take it personal, baby.
You always knew that I was impolite.
03:25 192 4,71 ˆ0.10
Girl Lyrics
Ohhh girl, I'd be in trouble if you left me now
Cause I don't know where to look for love, I just don't know how
Ohhhhhhhh girl, I'd be in trouble if you left me now
Cause I don't know where to look for love, I just don't know how
Ohhhh.. [cut off and echoes]

[Paul Wall]
It started off, we were two peas in the pod
Motivated by love with the blessings of God
We were head over heels in this love thang
Funny ain't it thinkin back, our friends thought it was just a fling
I used to call you on the phone, late night tip
Mackin to you in your ear, conversation well equipped
I used to make you laugh, I used to make you smile
But all the while your roommates were in denial
We felt a lot of jealousy from the very start
Your so-called friends kept tryin to tear us apart
They used to tell you all kinda lies
Just like a wolf in sheep's clothing, the devil came in disguise
They transformed all your smiles into tears
to sabotage your happiness and blamed it on my busy career
I gave you e'rythang, aimin to please
But I guess it wasn't enough, cause now you ready to leave
But don't go baby


[Paul Wall - over Chorus]
What it do baby, don't leave me hangin baby
I know you feelin this, I'm just sayin though
I know you hearin me, so don't do it baby
You know I keep it real, just let me tell you somethin

[Paul Wall]
Lil' momma been down with me for a while
When you tryin to smile I'm the one you like to dial
But lately I've been on a mission for commission
So while you at home wishin you was with me I've been missin
But listen I'm tryin to lace you up with diamonds that glisten
I got a vision so baby you need to kill all the fiction
Don't listen to what your friends sayin, they just jealous
cause they on the sidelines watchin while you in the game playin
I'm just sayin you should be stayin, but I ain't trippin
I'm in love with my money baby that's how I'm livin
You know I got you on my mind like an edge up
And all of your naggin me and whinin it got me fed up
I'm on the grind hustlin, stackin my cash
But you just thank I'm in the streets chasin after some ass
Tryin to break that bread, I'm tryin to get that cake
But you complainin talkin 'bout you fin' to skate, baby what it do


[Paul Wall]
I'm tryin to tell you 'bout your friends hatin
While they be over there complainin I'm just on my grind paper chasin
You got them insecure thoughts in your mind
But instead of chasin' hoes I be overtime on my grind
You steady listenin' to the gossip in the beauty shop
But all them jealous single females want what you got
They would do anythang to take yo' place
Cause everytime I come around they be givin' me that sex face
You ridin' shotgun in the James Bond Benz
With the frog-eyed lens on them 20 inch do rims
So why you worried about your jealous so-called friends
I'm just on my grind tryin to stack me up some ends baby
I used to make you laugh, I used to make you smile
And all the while your jealous friends been in denial
I ain't askin' much, lil' momma just keep it real
Either you're down with me or not, baby what's the deal

[Chorus - 2.5X w/o cut-off until last 1/2 repeat]
03:39 192 5,03 ˆ0.10
Front Back Lyrics 03:17 192 4,51 ˆ0.10
My Hood Lyrics
Every time I do it I do it for my hood
And every time I do it I do it for yo hood
And every time I do it I do it for they hood
It's understood I do it for the hood

The streets love jeezy and I love 'em back
If I still had the work I'll front you a sack
It's all gravy still reaching wit my words
And make 'em feel good on the first and the third
Take you back when I was sixteen wits a bankroll
Posted on a corner like a light pole
They used to call us track stars
Before they even stopped we ran to dem cars
And everybody on the block got the same agenda
Hustle from January til the end of December
Wasn't smokin purple then it was more like bobby brown
On that hen straight dog got a nigga drinking brown (7/11 nigga you know)
You know 10 to 4 shake 'em up talk shit get my drink and let 'em go
Even when I'm on the road the gangstas stay in touch
Why you think they love me so much (ha ha!)


I'm talking bout summertime cookouts and wintertime flights
It ain't nothing we hearing shots all night
Ford Taurus pulls up everybody run
White boys jump out pointing wit they guns (5-0, 5-0)
Ford Taurus leave everybody came back
Hope dem boyz didn't find my sack
Real recognize real I suppose
I guess that's why the gangstas be at all my shows
Got the deal nothing changed but my clothes
Still catch me in the jects fuckin wit dem hoes (projects!)
Like coo-coo cal
Lord I wish mad Lou could see me now
Wish gold mouth was there wish mailman was free
A lot of niggaz crossing over dog no not me
Closest I been in the commercial's when I watch TV
And everybody know I rep these streets faithfully


Ford Taurus pull up everybody run
White boys jump out pointing wit they guns
Ford Taurus leave everybody came back
Hope dem boyz didn't find my sack

03:09 192 4,34 ˆ0.10
Ms. New Booty Lyrics
You go your way
You go your way, I’ll go mine
Maybe someday
Another place another time

When you find a substitute
Someone who can step in my shoes
And I'm hoping you do... I’ve got nothing to lose

Cos you can't hurt a memory
Can’t hurt a memory
Can’t hurt a memory
You can’t hurt me

Will you miss me
Miss the way I crawled for you
If you need me
Don't call me I'll call you

I’m strong enough to know what to do
But not enough to make it with you
When I’m just a name, in a photograph frame
03:39 192 5,02 ˆ0.10
Get Throwed Lyrics 03:22 192 4,61 ˆ0.10
Ridin' Rims Lyrics 03:16 192 4,50 ˆ0.10
Move Around Lyrics 03:40 192 5,05 ˆ0.10
Goin' Down Lyrics 03:25 192 4,71 ˆ0.10