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Ascii Cupcake (ep), Cosmicity Ascii Cupcake (ep) 2010, Single/EP
Resynthesized , Cosmicity Resynthesized 2000, Album
Definitive 1997-2004, Cosmicity Definitive 1997-2004 2005, Compilation
Humans May Safely Graze, Cosmicity Humans May Safely Graze 2014, Album
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Definitive 1997-2004, Cosmicity
Definitive 1997-2004
Release type: Compilation
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Release date:


Duration: 75:22  
Size, Mb: 119,65  


Price for album: 1.52 (discount 20%)  

Title / Artist     Duration Bitrate Size (Mb) Price Download
Sedwick Lyrics 04:54 240 8,08 0.10
In-Flight Lyrics 05:33 240 9,15 0.10
Regenerate Lyrics 04:30 256 7,77 0.10
Tinnitus Lyrics 04:30 240 7,57 0.10
I Want You Lyrics
I feel clean
in the dirtiest of ways
I've been stripped of guilt
and I love the way it feels

You're like glass
but you're only clear to me
I see through your smudges
and all your hidden grudges

Wanting you is pure frustration
Having you is purification
Wanting you is devastation
Having you is purification

You're an angel
but you've fallen down with me
You've slaughtered inhibition
I bow to your decision

You're like anime
exclamation above your head
Perfect culmination of
A thousand dreams I've had


I feel naked
I feel wasted
I feel lucid
I feel lost
I feel silver
I feel green
I feel dirty
I feel clean

You're like water
with just a touch of lead
But you're so goddamn delicious
I'll drink you 'til I'm dead

I'm like steam
and you are ice cold steel
I cover you, I drip from you
I love the way you feel

03:51 240 6,27 0.10
The Princess Of Detroit Lyrics 04:28 224 7,05 0.10
Hotel Allegro Chicago Lyrics 03:39 208 5,40 0.10
This City Lyrics 04:30 224 6,89 0.10
Digital Delays Lyrics 04:11 240 6,97 0.10
Technology Lyrics
I jack in
To her core
With each stroke
She wants more
She takes commands
Like a pet
It's instant gratification
But I'm not finished yet

She's on to me
She's on to me

I like to watch
Her naked display
She's electric
She loves to play
When she resists
I always win
I push her buttons
And she gives in

She's on to me
She's on to me

Dizzying digital
Microprocessed visual
Incredibly sensual
All from melted sand
Completely consensual
And certainly best of all
She loves what I demand
03:44 224 5,65 0.10
Orange (Dance Mix) Lyrics 03:00 224 4,78 0.10
Too Far Gone Lyrics 03:22 224 5,16 0.10
Fate And Time Lyrics 03:52 224 5,84 0.10
As Long As It Takes Lyrics 03:43 224 5,86 0.10
Alone Lyrics
Your words are coat hanger thin
Why are you speaking at all?
Why are you torturing me?
No, I don't want this at all.

I see the burn in your cheeks
As you change what was truth
You offer pieces of nothing
As irrefutable proof.

And if the sky does fall down
Like you tell me it should
I doubt I'll even notice
I doubt I even could

I'm too busy just laughing
At the voice in my head
That keeps on telling me secrets
About what you once said.

You've never looked more beautiful
I've never felt so alone

And as this time passes by
I find I'm listening more
To this language you're using
But your grammar is poor

I'd swear I heard you say
That you loved me way back when
Perhaps a previous life-time
And this absolves you of sin

And if I had the strength to argue
Then perhaps I'd beg to differ
But instead I'll nod my head
As my muscles get much stiffer

My thoughts are turning away
From this ranting that you rave
I find I think of just one phrase
A single thought my mind will save

You've never looked more beautiful
I've never felt so alone

And if you think you know why I'm here all alone
You are so wrong
You haven't got a clue what I'm trying to do
03:31 224 5,27 0.10
Crucify Lyrics 03:51 208 5,71 0.10
Your Beautiful Lie Lyrics
I think
Therefore I am
A bit too cerebral
For your sensual ways

You are
The definition of aloof
Never seeking truth
Or even motivations...

Oh why
Would I want to deny
Your beautiful lie?
Why would I want to deny
Your lie?

I smell
Your thoughts in the air.
Like the scent of your hair
It turns me on.

Your mystery
Excites me today.
Like it does most days
Only more than before.

Oh why
Would I want to deny
Your beautiful lie?
Why would I want to deny
Your lie?

If you want you can tell me strange lies
And I'll rest here believing in the world you describe
If you want you can pretend your perverted
And I'll rest here believing that you never pretend
If you want you can tell me strange lies
And I'll rest here believing in pure fantasy
If you want you can persuade me with passion
And I'll rest here believing that I found the real you

I close
My eyes to the truth
It's got nothing on you
I don't want to know

You take
My resistance away
I've got nothing to say
Let's go and play
03:22 224 5,10 0.10
Isabella Lyrics 03:22 224 5,31 0.10
Automatic (Previously Unreleased) Lyrics 03:41 224 5,82 0.10