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Dedication 2, Lil Wayne,DJ Drama
Dedication 2
Release type: Bootleg
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Duration: 79:47  
Size, Mb: 79,30  


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The Best In The Business Lyrics 05:07 144 5,04 0.10
Get'Em Lyrics 02:45 144 2,83 0.10
They Still Like Me Lyrics
Ok ok ok
That's what im talking about man
I killed that shit man
That right there that's easy man
You know what I mean
Gimme Something else drama
man Im on fire man Rock.
Watch this man. Dramatic

Young Weezy Muthafuka
Wat It Do Holla At Me
All Dem Niggas Tryna Hate Me And Dem Bitches Tryna Have Me Ima
Money Mane
Yep I Get It From My Daddy
Homeboy We Can Beef Like Niola And The Calliope
Hollygrove My Daddy Home
Let Dat Automatic Go
Test Me When Im Chillin And Ill Kill You From My Patio
Bitch My Shadow Look Good And Im Just Feelin Weezy
Hop In My Shit And Say Goodbye Cuz The Ceilings Leaving
Believe Me
Dey Aint Tryna See Me
Tell Em Ill Beat A Nigga Wit Tha Burner And The Beanie
Im Da Fireman She Just Call Me When She Steaming
I Wet Her Up And Put Her Out And Leave The Bitch Dreaming
Niggas Say Dey Hot But Its Really Not Steaming
If These Guys Bad Then I Gotta Be A Demon
Waynes Gittin Money Like Damon And Keenan
Try To Take It From Me And Im Aimin And Beamin
Bangin And Leavin
Stains On The Cement
Slide The Crackas Sumtin So Dey Tame The Policeman
Left In The Porsch Came In A Karnish And
Im Fresh Wit Tha Gucci Sweats Came Wit The Creases
Im Hot But Im Cold
I Just Change Wit The Seaesons
Tryna Put Some Cheese On My Pieces
If You Lookin For Ya Nigga Ill Be Where The Water Gets Deeper
Huggin On The Money
Tryna Put It In The Sleeper
Yeah Im Here Who Tha Fuck Wanna Say Sumthin
Leave your whole head empty like a strained pumpkin
Make no assumptions,
I'm hustling
Your girlfriend guzzling,
You thought she wasn't
Name still buzzin even when I'm doin nothing,
But im never doing nothing
cuz im always getting money
That's simple jack ass
if you don't get it you're a dummy
And them niggas that dis me
Ain't nothing but pure pussy
Sure honey I done heard what you said
But if a nigga really cared
you'd already be dead
Just a young ass nigga
with some old ass bread
Yes I keep them dollars running
like them bitches got legs
And my nigga (tas pope)? been ridin wit me since pegs
And my right wrist is lookin like a cracked open egg
That's white and yellow diamonds
Adjust your lighting
I got em so mad but
ooh I think they like me
00:44 144 0,69 0.10
I'm The Best Rapper Alive Lyrics 08:49 144 8,59 0.10
Cannon Feat. DJ Drama, Lil' Wayne, Freeway, Willie The Kid, Detroit Red & Juice Lyrics 04:07 144 4,04 0.10
Workin' Em Lyrics 00:41 144 0,64 0.10
Sportscenter Lyrics
Cover my tracks like butter so where da bread be
I see beef as dead meat
Who dat, the president, yea me, no one scare me
And you ain't gotta double dare me, hear me
Loud and clearly, rats aren't near me
Wire tap, niggas get blood in the earpiece
I'm from New Orleans, nowhere near peace
Pure beast, fear free, dear grief
Catch up bitch, I'm in gear three, zoom, gone, see ya, peace, drop one on the finger
Fuck a man whoever made him
I will hurt whoever love him cause I hate him
Looking for a lady, high and sedated
Got her to the pad I don't know a nigga made it
She gave me relations so now we related
The morning comes, the picture faded
I'm waited on my turn to burn, can I get a light
Little dog, bigger bike
Jackson 5, Little Mike
Can I get a mic or a mic and a half
Thank the source owner, shoutout to the editors staff
I'm all grown so much better with math
I'm need a spread in the Forbes taking a benjamin bath
I'm servin this track like Steffi Graf
Roger Federer, there's no competitors
Niggas know my rhetoric, bitch know my preference
Young GOD baby all you other niggas reverends
Sittin in my big house, surrounded by my weaponry
I keep them away like I got leprosy
Chopper right next to me, loaded up with Pepper seeds
Got an extra clip but that's only for my especially's
This is especially for you, disrespect a nigga game, what kinda referee is you?
Swallow ya whistle, make a nigga ride with the pistol
Cause the fakest niggas ride with the pistol
Even if I die old, I'ma die with the pistol
If you stand over my body, I'll probably kill you
Not really, Weezy da realest
I wear a lot of bathin ape cause I be with gorillas yeah
He what they talkin bout, topic of the conversation
Product of determination
Stop playin you are not up in my situation
I get money like a caucasian
The car red so the car cajun, stop hatin
Ya'll ballers I'ma sports agent
Wait a minute, let me translate it
It's Weezy, not the fatha motherfuckin baby
02:56 144 2,99 0.10
Welcome To The Concrete Jungle Feat. Juelz Santana Lyrics 03:26 144 3,33 0.10
Spitter Lyrics
Spit Yo Game, Talk Yo Shit, Grab Yo Gat
Call Yo Click [x2]
Squeez Yo Clip Hit Tha Right One Pass Tha Weed
Gotta Lite One [Repeat]

[Verse 1:]
Wat Ya Mamme Told Ya Bout Fuckin Round With Them Sojas
Told Ya I'll Be Back I'm Commin I Got That Tolamansoda
Dats Blood All Ova Ya Sofas
Blood All Ova Ya Postas
Blood All Ova Ya Sholdas
Blood All Ova Tha Strollas
Do That Shit I Don That Shit It's Weezy Baby
He's A Baby put That Nigga Run That Shit
Make That Money Come Back Quick
Take That Money From That Bitch
She Know Wat It Be M-O-B
Pistol Write That M-I-Re
You Know Wat It Be M-O-Me
Bitches Know Were That Lime Lead 2 Words
Room Key, Where Penthouse Sweet
Wear Not A Damn Thing
I'm Here Batabambing
My Hand Bling
My Wrist Bling
My Neck Bling
My Ear Bling
Supa Bowl Ring Bitch
Cash Money Young Money
Supa Bowl Team Bitch
Money, Money, Money, Money
I'm True To Those Things Bitch
You With Those Pussy Hoes I Shoot At Those Queens Bitch
This I New Orleans Bitch,
Murder Don't Mean Shit

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 2:]
Wat Ya Papi Told Ya Bout Fuckin Round With Them Soja's
I Told Ya I'm Comin Back I Got That Tolamatola
Dats Blood All Ova Ya Rova
Blood All Ova Ya Shofa
Blood All Ova Ya Lofa's
If I Get It, It Comes To It's
Blood All Ova My Toasta
Blood All Ova My Hosta
I'm In em Es-Cas That's
Blood All Ova My Hova, Fuck
I'm Hustlin With A Moden
My Niggas Need Me
An A Tiger In My Pocket
"Say Feed Me" It's Greedy
See Them Niggas
Jack Them Niggas
Kill Them Niggas
Wack Them Niggas
Ask Them Bitches
Ask Them Niggas
Weezy Baby That Tha Nigga
Cath Me Mashin In A Vee
Matchin Seats, Matchin Feet
Sheesh That Bitch Too Sweet Fa Tha Streetz
Got That Key For Tha Leaf, That Feast The Beef
No Need To Speak, Let It Be, Wat It Be
Niggas Want Piece I Make Them Leave Here
Piece By Piece
Fuck Me, Fuck You, Wat It Is Wat It Do
I've Been Ready Since 81 And I Was Born I 82
Holleygrove Is Where I'm From Boy
We Call That Bitch Tha Zoo
I ain't Neva Trust A Bitch since she ate that forrbidden fruit
Sucka Free, Sucka Proof, 50 Sots Cut Em Loose
Quarter Back weezy babe shotGun Run And Shoot
Comin True Youngin Do Wat Youngin Do Ball Baby At Home
Funacatin, Homie By Tha Phone Waitin

04:04 144 4,14 0.10
South Muzik Lyrics
My name Wayne and I came to party
my watch an Icee and my chain a Frostee
Them bitches like me, but they mayne's is salty
I aint on strike three, but his brains'll cost me See I'ma chill
like waitin for the doctor I'm awaitin for the proper head doctor hey
I need a check up, and mami tellin me her man need to step up
I'm like, say no more cuzz there's the door
and my niggaz like "I ain't tryin' hate on yours
I'm like boy I don't save no whore, oh no
I'm too small to go against the cold
So I grab me a freak and be like, "let's roll"
Cause after the afterparty is the muhfuckin bachelor party
that's what's up, master suite master me
and we be "ungh" all night like Master P yeah

My name Wayne and I came from money
I gotta pretty bitch wit me, but her brains is ugly
Got a city bitch wit me, but her brains is country
Yeah a silly bitch wit me, man her brains is dummy
Be smart I'll take the brains of dummies
that desert eagle new, workout plan, brain then tummy
I ain't got no umbrella and it's rainin' money
I'm dumb better than these lames that's stuntin
I run better like, Corey Dillion for the New England Pats
They like, no he didn't get that new Bentley black and white
Sure he did, no kiddin', know he kitted it
Know he told the dealer make sure there's no equivalent
So that makes this a one of one
That means none before it, none to come
Young money but the money aint young neither's the night
what are you drinkin' make it a double you in trouble OH

My name wayne and I came to rock
I come a long way from turnin' cocaine to rock
and like the song say get, getcha ass on up
but her thong say pull me down or to the side
and I go and say, sweetie can you open up your walkway
bet I run up and down your hallway all day shit
ain't nothin like a hard day menage
I call it three the hard way, Ohhh
Hollygrove hard case, Scarface all face
very similar to my pa face, I'm particular bout my court case
I ride fly, look out the window you saw space
I ride high, my interior tye die, I'm so superior
You lookin' at Cash Money's interior you hearin' me
Birdman, J-R a period, holla at a nigga when you're serious shit
00:18 144 0,29 0.10
This What I Call Her Lyrics 03:24 144 3,31 0.10
Dedication 2 Lyrics
Wake up muthafuckas it's Weezy you got a problem
Hats to dem Katrina victims we still mobbin
Shiny black coupe at night look like a goblin
AK on da backseat baby it's so...

Wake up muthafuckas it's Weezy you got a problem
Hats to dem Katrina victims we still mobbin
Shiny black coupe at night look like a goblin
AK on da backseat baby it's so vivrant
Watch me let it spray like a hydrant
Can't dodge it
You not gettin wet in da rain it's not logic
She gon give dat pussy to Wayne
I'm so obliged just
Live and direct from inside of ya bitch body
Heidi Ho! What do you know
I'm ridin in da same streets ma pops died in
I got em
And I get dat money tell ma momma I'm grindin
And I'll be comin home with our future in my pocket
Shoot if you block it
Leave a nigga? Aqua?
Murder da adults and let da kids get adopted
Sit it in da pot and watch me rise to power
Gettin out 20 american pies an hour
Excuse me ma'am but I'm da man
And you better out ma money in my hand
Stop playin
Got ends
No friends
Jus brothers
One color
And I'll spread da muthafucka all over your room shutters
Yea They knew better I'm two letters
I'm like MJ at two-three and no G
I'm low-key
Cause niggas and bitches is police
I roll leaf
Patchin up da gang a slow leak
I'm Weezy Baby...

Pussy ass niggas
Fake ford ass niggas
Tryna save da past
Sim card ass niggas
Them boys laugh at ya
Dem boys gon kill ya
And dem niggas dats with ya
Could die right with ya
I be shootin everything up in ma eyesight mister
I say I might miss ya
But Lil Fee-Fee gon hit ya
And lil Currency will split ya
Mack Maine will straight flip ya
Let Taz-Po ship ya
Den we all forget ya
I'm sittin in da kitchen like why can't we all get richer
Got paint on my hands from paintin a perfect picture
Den I tell lil Josh roll up da perfect swisha
Da hurricane to da weedman we miss ya
I'm da best just listen
I ain't what da game been missin
Ask my nigga Juelz
I been here since 12
Send shells
Let em save themselves
Fuck dem niggas and they pals
Pow Pow
03:50 144 3,67 0.10
Weezy On Retirement Lyrics 00:55 144 0,87 0.10
Poppin Them Bottles Feat. Currensy & Mack Maine Lyrics 06:35 144 6,57 0.10
What U Know Lyrics
Im a New Orleans gangtsa, after the storm
Boy it took bout 3 million to rebuild my home
But, Im back on defense Im back in the zone
I eat rappers go in my yard and barry they bones
My pockets on raven symone
Thats fat wutchu know bout that, huh!?!
So Im a keep it goin' keep it movin' we can do it I aint trippin
So far ahead of them niggaz we got a time difference
Dont confuse me wit them, Im different
Tryin to holla at TIP for a movie audition
I push that Masaradi to the limit
Six seconds through that traffic like Emmit
I tell them niggaz hury and buy
And if you try snitch you'll get barried alive
Yeah, and I dont chase 'em like you do
I keep a bad bicth skatin' like New-New
02:07 144 2,04 0.10
Where The Cash At Feat. Currensy & Remy Ma Lyrics 06:37 144 6,55 0.10
I Don't Told You Lyrics 03:44 144 3,73 0.10
Riding Wit The AK Feat. Currensy & Mack Maine Lyrics 04:50 144 4,72 0.10
Weezy On The Streets Lyrics 00:32 144 0,51 0.10
Walk It Off Lyrics
The streets gone always be fucked

Now put lil Mac on the map if he walk it off
Now put lil Spitter on the map if he walk it off
Now put lil Poo on the map if he walt it off
Said put lil Fee on the map if he walk it off
Said put E.I on the map if he walk it off
K put lil Dre on the map if he walk it off
Said put lil Mark on the map if he walk it off

Ima good lookin rapper I aint tryna stunt
Ima good looking rapper I aint tryna stunt
Bitch Ima good looking rapper I aint tryna front
Ima good lookin rapper I aint tryna front
Hoe Ima good looking rapper I aint lyin to you
Ima good lookin rapper I aint lying to you
Ya might see me in a Bently painted royal blue
With a white interior on a set of 22's

[VERSE 1:]
Ima jalapeno boy, hot as cayenne pepper
Im from New Orleans city but I'll take ya to wherever
Im tougher than leather, Im smoother than suede
Always never broke cause Im usually paid
Got the Rover with the cage kinda brown off beige
Everybody look at me like I'm ridin on stage

Got a woman name Sage, she twice my age
Everytime she hit me up she send her picture with her page
I aint tryna fall in love, I aint tryna get engaged
You can meet me at the alter when a nigga really "dead"
Everytime Im tryna leave she beggin me to stay
And I politely fade away like my name was M.J.
Then she wrote me a note, guess what that note say
Well I hope you still like me but I got both ways
And then I said O then I said ok
"Styled em up and got the fuck" like my name was O.J

If ya lookin for some money bitch my name is No Way
Not tomorrow, not today, not yesterday
Im Mr. President as they say and that Phantom fits me like its tailor made
I can take in a war nigga bombs away, I been in that war_on the Marmalades
If ya lookin for some money bitch my name is No Way
not tomorrow not today not yesterday.


[VERSE 2:]
Last week I met a bitch but I forgot her name
Short, sweet, red, cute ol vibrant thang
She got a earring in her pussy and everywhere else
She say she jog everyday so she could cum on herself
Then she tell me my love is the best she's felt
Then she suck my dick like its about to melt
She drink vitamin water say its good for her health
She can wrap my whole dick around her waist like a belt

Then here's anotha bitch, her name was Aisha
She ride that dick good and make a mean cheese pizza
One time it was so good I told her order one more
She said, its not dominos its dijornos

Here's anotha bitch I met her at the gong show
Got her to the crib and turned it straight into a thong show
She do my dishes wash my clothes and fix my corn rolls
She do my diches wash my clothes and fix my corn rolls

I cant forget about my bitch name "E.T" Boo
She's a young project bitch I use to brang the hoe to school
So I brung the hoe to school, we standin on the yard
A bitch asked me was I from the 17th ward
Niggas came out the cut and started muggin me up
I grabbed the clip out my pocket and made them cowards duck
Then I told my ol lady Ill be back ya see, and hit me on my cell phone if niggas lookin fa me


[VERSE 3:]
Now shake, slide, ride, twirk, jerk, giddy up
Jump, bounce on that dick and get the fuck get the fuck
Shake, slide, ride, twirk, jerk, and giddy up
Jump bounce on that dick and get the fuck get the fuck
My name is Lil Weezy they say I'm off the heezy
And I tell the dog hoe don't, don't ya be greedy
My name is Lil Weezy, they say Im off the heezy
And I tell the dog hoe dont, dont ya be greedy

Don't, dont ya be greedy
Dont, dont ya be greedy bitch dont ya be greedy
Dont, dont ya be greedy cause
It a rat tat tat tat tat tat on them dog hoes
It a rat tat tat tat tat tat on them dog hoes

Them hoes they mad
Them hoes they mad
Now put Lil Wayne on the map cause he walk it off


Dedication 2, straight from The Carter 2
So much money after Carter 2
So much money after Carter 1
So much money cause Im Birdman's son

Don't Hate, Dont hate, Dont Hate
Ima good lookin rapper I aint tryna stunt
06:51 160 7,10 0.10
Freestyle Feat. Wrecking Yard Lyrics 03:24 160 3,63 0.10
Georgia Bush Lyrics 04:04 144 4,02 0.10