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Dear Valued Customer, Snog
Dear Valued Customer
Release type: Album
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Release date:


Duration: 73:56  
Size, Mb: 169,55  


Price for album: 1.28 (discount 20%)  

Title / Artist     Duration Bitrate Size (Mb) Price Download
Invocation To The Fiscal Demon Lyrics 01:44 320 4,00 0.10
Dear Valued Customer Lyrics
You'll pray and you'll save
With one foot in the grave
You'll sink or you'll swim
But the bank will always win
This world spins but not for you
And all of their lies have become true
And I see a light, but behind there
is the night
This world spind but not for you

You'll beg and you'll crawl
With your back to the wall
You'll hope and you'll obey
But it will always end this way
04:55 320 11,23 0.10
Cliche Lyrics 04:25 320 10,10 0.10
Langley, Virginia Lyrics
Capitalism's. Invisible. Army.
And it's fortress of deceit
These men will burn alive
But no-one will weep

And the day that we bomb Langley, Virginia
All the men in suits'll face their mortal truth
And the day that we bomb Langley, Virginia
All the men in ties burn with their
normal lies

In this moment of sweet revenge
We'll crisp their sinking hearts
Turn the table on Gehlen's boys
Obliterate their death dance
04:31 320 10,36 0.10
Heatsand Lyrics 05:49 320 13,32 0.10
Empires Lyrics
from the cadillac soup-kitchens
to the impovserished boardrooms
this orwellian nightmare
is now every man's dream

burn the empires down (x3)
there is no heaven

as we stand in line
at the efficiency drive
a voice from the checkout screams
thats this orwellian nightmare
is now an everyday scene
04:16 320 9,78 0.10
Naive Giant Lyrics
Could have been your heart
The blood on my hands
You lying on the floor
But I can still feel your pulse
05:15 320 12,01 0.10
Reigning Terror Lyrics
From those dark Bolivian skies
To Jackie's blood soaked thighs
From the grave of Salvador
To the endless, mindless war

I do believe it's reigning terror
I do believe it's reigning terror
07:07 320 16,32 0.10
Hey, Christian God Lyrics 04:39 320 10,62 0.10
One Way Ticket To The Womb Lyrics 04:42 320 10,75 0.10
Skinhead Lyrics
National action, national front
I don't like these little runts
They're so far right the cops like 'em
So far wrong we gotta fight 'em

I'd rather be red than dead
Rather be dead then a skinhead

This ain't England this is Australia
Don't wanna repeat the thatcher failure
Brown shirts and bigotry
Ain't really my cup of tea

Annihilate. Intimidate. Violate. Liquidate.
Suffocate. Subjugate. Vegetate. Decimate.
02:54 320 6,67 0.10
The Illuminanti Lyrics 05:41 320 13,00 0.10
The Yuppie Shall Inherit The Earth Lyrics 01:43 320 3,94 0.10
Gods And Governments Lyrics 08:25 320 19,24 0.10
Dear Valued Customer [reprise] Lyrics 06:11 320 14,14 0.10
The Golden Rule Lyrics 01:46 320 4,07 0.10