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Dare, Gorillaz
Release type: Album
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Dare (Video Version) Lyrics 04:47 192 6,42 ą0.10
Samba At 13 Lyrics 06:24 224 9,96 ą0.10
People Lyrics
Roy estrada (vocals, bass)
Adrian belew (guitar)
Ed mann (percussion)
Patrick oíhearn (bass)
Tommy mars (keyboards)
Peter wolf (keyboards)

It was the blackest night!
There was no moon in sight!
(you know the stars ainít shininí
ícause the skyís too tight)
I heard the scary wind!
I seen some ugly trees!
There was a werewolf honkiní,
ílong the side of me!

Iím mean ín Iím bad, (yíknow I ainít no sissy)
Got a big-titty girly by the name of íchrissyí
Talkiní about her ín my bike ín me...
ín this ride up the mountain of mystery, (mystery)

(how íre you doiní? )

I noticed even the crickets
Acted weird up here
And so I figured I might
Just drink a little beer
I said, gimme summa that what yer suckiní on...
But there was no reply
ícause she was gone!

Whereís those titties I like so well,
íní my goddam beer!
Is what I started to yell, then I heard this noise
Like a crunchiní twig, ín up jumped the devil!
(heís about this big!)

He had a red suit on
Aní a widowís peak
Aní then a pointed tail
ín like a sulphur reek,
Yes, it was him awright,
I swear I knowed it was!
He had some human flesh
Stuck underneath his claws
You know, it looked to me
Like it was titty skin!
I said, you son-of-a-bitch!
(ícause I was mad at him!)
He just got out his floss
ín started cleaniní his fang
So I shot him with my shooter,
Said: bang! bang! bang!

Then the sucker just laughed ín said: put it away!
You know, I ate her all what you
Gonna say?
You ate my chrissy?
Yeah! titties ín all!
Well what about the beer then?
Now, were the cans this tall?
Even her boots?
Would I lie to you?
Shit, you musta been hungry!
Yeah, this is true.
Donít they pay you good for the
Stuff that you do?
Well, you know, I canít complain when the checks come through...
Well I want my chrissy,
Oh yeah?
ín I want my beer
So you just barf it back up!
Now, devil, do you hear?
Blow it out your ass, motorcycle man!
I mean, I am the devil, do you understand?
Just what will you give me for your
Titties and beer?
I suppose you noticed this little
Contract here...
Yer goddam right, you son-of-a-whore!
Donít call me that!
Thatís about the only reason
I learned writiní for!
Gimme that paper! bet yer horns Iíll sign!
Because I need a beer, ín itís titty-
Squeeziní time!
Man, you canít fool me! you ainít that bad!
Oh yeah?
Why you shoulda seen some of the souls that Iíve had!
There was milhous nixon ín agnew too!
ín both of those suckers was worse ín you!
Letís make a deal if you think
Thatís true
I mean, youíre supposed to be the devil so...whatcha
Gonna do?

Now hold on just a second...
You wanna make a deal with me hah?
Well ah, I donít know man, you know...
I just donít know about this...
See, cause i...
Listen, youíre...are you losing your nerve?
No man, it ainít got nothiní to do with nerve...
Youíre supposed to be the devil!
Itís got to do...
Youíre supposed to be bad!
Itís got to do with style, fool!
I donít know if youíve the right style to get into hell,
You know...
Well, actually, to tell you...tell you the honest to god
Iím very short on style as a matter of fact...
Yeah, I know...thatís...thatís what makes me wonder
But I have...i, I think I have something that
You may be interested in...
What is that?
You can have my soul
Itís a mean little sucker
íbout a thousand years old
But once you gets it
You canít give it back
You gotta keep it forever
Aní thatís a natural fact!
Ooh wee!
Do you read me devil?
Oh yeah!
What? am I supposed to be scared, man?
Oh yeah, reety, aw-righty!
Oh yeah, thatís real tough!
I bet youíre real bad!
Listen fool, youíve got to prove to me that youíre rough
Enough to get into hell
That youíve got the style enough to get into hell
So start talkiní...
Alright, lemme tell ya somethiní
Iíll prove to you that Iím bad enough to go to hell
Because I have been through it!
I have seen it!
It has happened to me!
Remember, I was signed with warner brothers
For eight fuckiní years!!!
Tell me about it!
Now youíre talkiní about something!
Now how bad is that?
That sounds good to me, motherfucker!
So move right along
Tell me what your interests are, you know...
If weíre gonna come to some kind of agreement,
Iíve got to know what youíre all about, you know...
ícause I donít know if youíre the right type for the...
For the place, you know
Look...lemme tell you what my problem really is, you see
My problem is that I donít belong anywhere
You see... I donít even belong where you are, you see
I hope not!
I, Iím a simple person, you know
I have very small desires in life
Titties ín beer, you know
No! what?
Titties ín beer!
No! no man, youíre joking...
Titties ín beer, titties ín beer, titties ín beer...
What? no! no please... no! not that! oh no man, no!
Titties ín beer, titties ín beer, titties ín beer...
No! no! no! no! no! not titties ín beer!
Oh I canít stand titties ín beer!...
Titties ín beer, titties ín beer, titties ín beer...
(Iím in you! Iím in you!)
Oh no! no! no! wait...
Ah! look at this! what am I gonna do with this thing?
...wait, wait, please no!
Hey! look at this!

No! donít sign it! give me time to think!
...hold on a second, boy, ícause...thatís
Magic ink!

Then the devil barfed
ín out jumped my girl
They heard the titties plop-ploppiní
All around the world, she said:

I got three beers ín a fist fulla downs,
Aní Iím gonna get ripped, so fuck
You clowns!

Then she gave us the finger!
(it was rigid ín stiff)
Thatís when the devil, she farted
Aní she went right over the cliff!
The devil was mad!
(I took off to my pad)
I swear I do declare!
How did she get back there?
I swear I do declare!
How did she get back there?
I swear I do declare!
How did she get back there?
I swear I do declare!
How did she get back there?

03:35 208 5,12 ą0.10
Dare (Animatic) Lyrics 04:20 192 5,61 ą0.10