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Paperback Bible Lyrics
I’d like to buy a good
Used paperbacked living bible
And I’ve got some things
That I’d like to put on out there
Like a pony cart and an old bird bath
A kitchen sink and a rocking chair
You can turn me on
Almost any day at noon

Hey I’d like to put on
A four month old rat terrier pup
I think he’s a male
And he’s marked up pretty and everything
This woman’s got some goats
But his feet's never been on the ground
You can just buy one
Or you can have the whole heard

Yeah I’d like to find
A twenty seven inch color TV
Has to be non working
An RCA cause I need the parts
And daily there’s an old drive shaft
And the same Berkeline recliner
It’s green and it’s cloth
And it’s been used very little

Then there’s a Reba designs
Size eight, prom pageant dress
It’s icy blue
With sequins worn just once
There are others that are strapless
But this one’s slit above the knee
If you’re looking for
Something perfect for that student

I have always thought
That hand guns were made for shooting people
Rather than for sport
Why not use a rifle in most other applications
You might find a riffle or a musket
But you’ll never hear a pistol
There may always be
Someone looking for or finding some

Guess I’d like to sell
A good used paperbacked living bible
07:48 208 11,26 ˆ0.10
Prepared [2] Lyrics 06:03 208 8,79 ˆ0.10
The Rise And Fall Of The Letter P Lyrics
Well it started out intimate enough
She was hardly convinced of this
And nothing was right with out it
And every thing, I mean every thing’s unclean

How long is the right to suffer
And nothing impresses me
You are scared of all the couples and the mothers
Who disrespect your orders of the day

And I can’t stand up
And I can’t give back
It’s just that it seems impossible
To understand a man like me

And I promise I won’t live without you
And I promise I won’t be that mean
These stupid promises are accumulating
In a grossly unwholesome scene

Now I’m happy to have lived without it
Pretty easy, if you know what I mean
I will stand upon a windswept hillside
Latter to recount how much this meant to me

Because this is the rise and fall of the letter P
03:37 208 5,16 ˆ0.10
A Day Without Glasses Lyrics
It takes the sum of all the kindness
And the whole of all the guilt
I scramble our affection like some eggs

There are things I want to tell you
But sometimes I get confused
Still I try to make a mental note of this

But tonight we’ll have this whole place to ourselves
And tomorrow will not have the chance to speak
Come closer now so these words lay soft and low in your ear
I’ve never had a moment of regret

I should have seen this coming
And if pressed I guess I did
It’s not like I can change things in a day

Let’s step out of the ghetto
Let’s stray too far from church
We should take this to the highest court in the land
04:12 192 5,73 ˆ0.10
Beers Before The Barbican Lyrics 04:51 208 7,06 ˆ0.10
I Would Have Waited Here All Day Lyrics 04:02 208 5,94 ˆ0.10
Crackers Lyrics
Crackers spoil in the California sun
Autumn leaves, but she never said where she was going
In your heart, your mind grows dumb
You feign surprise to learn that that's where babies come from

Remove your grace and ease
Try to avoid even the casual relationship to cheese
Girl, I'm on my knees
There's a righteous piece of cheese

This twenty minutes doesn’t seem that long
Still there’s a tendency to always get the words wrong
And here we sit out this tropical storm
Burning pages from your notebook just to keep your hands warm

In or out of bed, this sergeant shaved my head
Your outrageous guess
Cover them with roses and affliction
Be the one that hardly speaks of fiction anymore

Cos leave when you’re on top and your team gets robbed
Overcasted funny faces hardly reminiscent of the truth

In the barracks, by the army cot
There’s a fellow who just cut his face shaving
And as he bleeds on his pillow in the dark
Waiting for the moment when he gets to go online to you
04:12 224 6,43 ˆ0.10
Fear Lyrics
Words turn into flowers into paper into plastic cups
That tie around a figure that was planted in the snow

And often is the case when you have set yourself specific goals
You spaz out in mid-sentence and your mind is gripped in fear

I know you're bored
Let's take a walk
We'll bring the dog,

Be resolute, be forthright, be indicative
Of all that's black and futuristic sea creatures that nibble at your toe

A patch of blue, a patch of dirt, a patch of prime,
A patch of white, a path through time
That's held like that because you’re bored

We're better off
Well shake that cough
It's not so bad
Ok, it's worse

So keep your bread and mandolins, your fiddles and
Kept up with those you love because the benefits are great

The rinse you find, the path you grind, distorted like a condiment
Or feisty cast of characters, de facto, sans secure

If God begat the Mormon into laymen into brethren
Into birthdays into cardinals, and liars

Don't take it off
Pleases leave it on
There is a place
I have a twitch
There is a mustache
There is a cap
There is a wreck
There is a house
What's wrong with that
05:00 208 7,17 ˆ0.10
Short Lyrics
Here's a little story 'bout regret
It doesn't have an ending, it's not finished yet
But from what I know this far it's just a peep at who we are, and an incomplete sentence that you said

Now it's time to terminate our trust
Even though to you and me it doesn't matter much
We can close our eyes and picture better days ahead
even now the phone begins to ring

and our life hangs on a string
and today we start to learn just what that means
and somehow we're faced with the fact
that you won't ever get this back

This story's short just like I said
you can't seem to get it through your thick head
it started out with hope and now the ending is suppressed, smothered like a fire in your dreams
or will we burn for you tomorrow in your dreams?
or will we pass out like an airport like a freak?
upon your seat
a freak, upon your seat
03:48 208 5,58 ˆ0.10
The Decline Of Country And Western Civilization Lyrics
Well I hate Nathan Bedford Forrest
He’s the featured artist in the devil’s chorus
And damn they’re looking ugly to me
Damn they’re looking ugly to me

They say put an end to all your joking
You lost your friends when you quit smoking
And damn they’re looking ugly to me
Damn they’re looking ugly to me now

The print the proof it disappoints
And damn you’re running late
The fall the spills are picking up
And it’s their best effort to date

You see your pitchfork I-rock saviors
And I’m sorry I still prefer Jim Neighbors
And damn they’re looking ugly to me
Damn they’re looking ugly to me

It’s said that those who wait will be rewarded
But I think those who are waiting will soon be deported
And damn they’re looking ugly to me
Damn they’re looking ugly to me

Now Insurance of the past is gone away
And how we’ve overcome the weakness for the altered statements
And hey you know we’re dressed like that
And hey, that’s rather silly
And hey, I made a bet with you
That it’s not T mobility

One more week of the preacher’s blend
Then I’ll be back from on the mend
And damn they’re looking ugly to me
Damn they’re looking ugly to me

Soon I can do just what I please
But I still hold my hip each time I sneeze
And damn they’re looking ugly to me
Damn they’re looking ugly to me

Oh, The goose, the golden grams
And all the flock is fleeced
And as a man comes up short of ram
His memory’s increased
A trying situation over rated
And gone is comedy
And I’ve been quoted for the criminal suggestions that were made to me
And by your other people’s projects
You are mostly trusted and complex
And damn they’re looking ugly to me
Damn they’re looking ugly to me

And I can catch and I can ground in
these awkward places that I found
And damn they’re looking ugly to me
Damn they’re looking ugly to me

It’s all of me please don’t
And all you didn’t know
You hush your mind you won’t
How little you have grown
And I’m still alone
But you’re good looking

You’re good looking
04:36 224 6,97 ˆ0.10