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Duration: 36:15  
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Stephanie Knows Who Lyrics
everybody knows
music has never mattered
it's how many tits have your name on them
it's how many tits have your name on them
it's how many pairs of tits have your name written on them with magic marker
02:35 256 4,73 0.10
Orange Skies Lyrics
Orange skies
Carnivals and cotton candy and you
and I love you too you know I do

Prettier than anything in the world
And I love you too
You know I do

You make me happy
Laughing, glad, and full of glee
And you don't have to try, girl
For you it comes so naturally
Right here in my arms

02:53 256 5,31 0.10
Ique Vida! Lyrics 03:44 256 6,81 0.10
Seven & Seven Is Lyrics 02:20 256 4,25 0.10
The Castle Lyrics 03:03 256 5,61 0.10
She Comes In Colors Lyrics
A thought in my head, I think
Of something to do
Expressions tell everything
I see one on you

Whoa-oh-oh-oh, my love she comes in colors
You can tell her from the clothes she wears

When I was invisible
I needed no light
You saw right through me, you said
Was I out of sight?
[repeat chorus]
[repeat chorus]
[repeat chorus]

When I was in England town
The rain fell right down
I looked for you everywhere
'Til I'm not around

[repeat chorus]
02:44 256 5,02 0.10
Revelation Lyrics
Hey you
Child, standin' over there
Girl, you look so good
Yeah, you look all right
Hey girl
Hear me callin' your name
Baby, the way uou walk
Say you drive me insane
Oh you're lookin' so good
When you're in my bed
Baby, I feel so good
Till you give me a little head
On your knees, on your knees
So good, all right, do it, yeah
Say it's sweet, say it's sweet
All right, yeah yeah
Get it on, do it, baby
Do it baby
Tell me baby, do you want my lovin'
All right, baby
So good, you're so good
Oh hear me talkin' to you, mama
So good, get it on
Get it on, baby
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
You're so good, so good
So good, so good
So good, so good, so good
Yeah, yeah, yeah, all right
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah,yeah, yeah
All right, do it, baby
On your knees, oh yeah
Everybody, everybody
Everybody, yeah yeah
I said they need somebody
To love, to love, to love
To love, to love, to love
To love, to love, to love
Love, love, love, love
Love, love, love, love
All the time, all the time
All the time, yeah
All the time
All the time I feel all right
All the time I feel so good
All the time I feel all right
So good, I feel allright
Yes it is, yes it is
Yes it is, mama, yes it is, mama
Yes it is, mama, feel all right
Feel all right, feel all right
I wanna scream
I feel, I feel, I feel good
I feel so good
Feel all righ, feel all right
I feel so good
I feel so good, yeah
Everybody, everybody feel good
Everybody feel good
Yeah, yeah
Feel so -
Can you, can you feel it, mama
Can you feel it, mama
can you feel it, mama
Do you feel like I do
Do feel
18:58 256 34,75 0.10