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D12 World, D12 D12 World 2004, Album
Devil's Night, D12 Devil's Night 2001, Album
American Psycho 2 (Single), D12 American Psycho 2 (Single) 2004, Single/EP
Purple Hills (single), D12 Purple Hills (single) 2001, Single/EP
My Band (single), D12 My Band (single) 2004, Single/EP
Purple Pills (single), D12 Purple Pills (single) 2001, Single/EP
How Come (single), D12 How Come (single) 2004, Single/EP
Shit On You (single), D12 Shit On You (single) 2000, Single/EP
Fight Music (single), D12 Fight Music (single) 2001, Single/EP
Pistol Pistol, D12 Pistol Pistol 2001, Single/EP
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D12 World, D12
D12 World
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Duration: 77:48  
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Git Up
10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5 ,4, 3, 2, 1
Ready or not here we come, here comes trouble in the club
11,12,13, pistols big as M 16's
How the fuck we sneak in with this many heaters in our jeans
Nina, 2 nina's, a peace and they dont even see us
Some shit pops off we squeeze each one they gon' think its machine guns
Vanos vo vano, bananas in our flannels
Hands around our colt handles, hold them like roman candles
Vannas vo vannas, banana fanna fo fannas
Who come back all bananas, banna clips loaded
Managers, bouncers and the club owners, the motherfuckers dont want us
To come up and rush in the club and run up in it with a bunch of
motherfuckers from Runyan, steady poppin them onions,
Ready set to go nut up, prepare to tear the whole club up
Fixin to get into some shit just itchin to choke someone up
You know we finna loc'n when we mixin coke with coke and nut rum up
Yeah Yeah oh, what up, see my people throw shit up
See you talk that hoe shit now when you down you dont get up
And can't sit up your so slit up, the ambulance wont sew you up
They just throw you up in the trunk once they tag your big toe up
Heater no heater, automatic no matic
Mac or no mac it dont matter if I have or dont have it
You never know what im packin' so you just dont want no static
And open up a whole can of whoop ass you dont wanna chance to
risk it no biscuit, mili mac a mac milli
Really homie dont be silly, homie you dont know me really
You're just gonna make yourself dizzy wonderin what the dealy
Fuck it lets just get busy D Twizzys back up in the hizzy!

[Eminem - Chorus]
Git Up Now!
Lets get it crackin, Git, Its on and poppin
Its D12 is back up in this bitch, uh, there aint no stoppin
We're gonna get it crackalatin
What you waitin for the waiters orders
Say no more fo tryin to play the wall and quit hatin
Git Up Now!
Notice you're sittin, what the fuck is you deaf
You motherfuckers dont listen, I said,
We bout to get this motherfucker crackalatin'
Quit, procrastinatin'
What the fuck you waitin for get off the wall and quit hatin

I keep a shit load of bullets a pitpull to pull it out
and automatically explode on motherfuckers until they mouth be closed permanently
you get burned until i quickly you can not hit me niggaz to terrified to come get me,
tempt me if you think Swifty won't send a slug, people run,
when the reaper comes, the repercussions' gon' leak your blood,
Inglewood, steepin' without a weapon, you leave, you gone,
I'm still runnin' with stolen toasters while on parole,
snatch you out our home, like eviction notices hoe,
when I unload, I'm known to never leave witnesses to roam,
when I'm blowed, I'll write the wicked in scroll,
at the toll, when I'm sober I'm prone to roll up and disconnect your soul, nigga.

Now it's proven it's about to be a misunderstanding
in furniture moving, bullets flying, lawyers & mothers suing
cause niggas don't know the difference, you bitches just stick to fiction
it's sickening, you can't even walk in my jurisdiction rippin' it,
grippin' the pump and who wanna fuck with a walking psychopathic
pyromaniac shady cats with 80 gats
and maybe thats the reason that you gon' get it the worst a
and since you jumpin' in front of everybody you gon' get it first
I dispurse the crowd with something vigor and versatile
so go on and record you verses now while you got a mouth,
and it's not a joke, it's some kind of riddle,
Kunizzle will lift up a 12 gizzle and throw a party from my equittle,
and a glock that ? stop you from waking,
bullets'll hit your liver, I'll even shoot native americans,
a ? nigga, we back in you life and back in your wife,
hit you in the back with a knife and get it crackin' tonight.

04:02 320 9,25 ˆ0.10
Loyalty (featuring Obie Trice)
Lyrics 05:55 320 13,53 ˆ0.10
Just Like U

I wanna be just like
When I grow up. Just like
I wanna be just like
When I grow up. Just like
I wanna be just like
When I grow up. Just like
I wanna be just like
When I grow up. Just like

Son, you don't wanna be just like your daddy.
Pimpin hoes out here drivin caddies.
Runnin round town, fuckin geezers.
Shot's in your ass, catchin diseases.
Son, your daddy got a foul mouth.
For fuckin bitches in they foul mouth.
I can't help it, my group's D12.
All we do is pop pills and stay in jail.
Talkin nasty shit, Bizarre wont stop.
I fuck two twins, with a midget on top.
A sick mind, raping an old lady.
Knowing damn well Bizarre shouldn't have a baby,
All I can teach you, learn how to mac.
Smoke crack, smack a bitch when she talk back.
Matta fact slap her until she's a slut.
Don't you realize Bizarre don't give a fuck? (Hahaha)


Don't go to school, become a catholic priest.
Sell crack to your auntie Denise.
If auntie Denise is short 40 cent
Make her get on the ground and suck some more dick.
Nas is probably gon hate me.
When Mos Def hear this he probably gon suffocate me.
Why they let Bizarre rap on Hi-Tek track?
All he gon do is talk about whores and smoking crack.
If your wife is pregnant I call her a whore.
Leave her no money and go out on tour.
Nah, I'm playin leave her sumptin. (Hahaha)
I pack a hotdog and a fuckin dirty muffin. (Damn)
You're my son, I'm trynna teach you sumptin.
You're eight years old? It's time to start fuckin.
You know daddy wont give you the wrong advice.
Smoke weed and listen to Obie Trice. (Hahaha)

[Chorus x2]

I'm tellin ya all I do is pop pills and stay high.
Tell them bitches to suck my dick.
Aha! I'm prepared. Yeah.
Motherfuckin role model.
03:31 320 8,09 ˆ0.10
I'll Be Damned
Lyrics 04:21 320 9,96 ˆ0.10
Dude (Skit)
Lyrics 01:15 320 2,85 ˆ0.10
My Band
This is mankind and mankind kills
You think that women are just here for thrills
Your filthy morals just fucking stink
Don’t try and get my hands in your sink
Don’t call me your "bird"; I’m not your pet
Well, I've had enough, right up to my neck

This is mankind and mankind kills
Why should women be raped at your will?
This is mankind and mankind kills
Why should women pay for man’s thrills?

Why don’t you get married?
Wear that wedding ring?
Can’t she see it’s the only respectable thing?
She’ll cook his meals
Sleep in his bed
Do anything he says
04:59 320 11,39 ˆ0.10
U R The One
Lyrics 04:19 320 9,90 ˆ0.10
6 In The Morning
We need to break the mould and hope theres something more than this wretched place called home that we continue to drown in.
We must be more than this. Something had to be said before we follow the footsteps of everyone else.

The world has eyes that see between you and me and how cruel we are.
Tell me I am born. Tell me I'm worth the ground you walked on.

O God, can you keep me grounded?
I don't wanna let this pull me under.

O God, keep me grounded.
Don't let this pull me under.

Why do we continue to live day by day without you?
Are we so proud to ever move out from this comfort?
Now I could never live without the strong beat that continues to pull me through these days that are getting colder in this dying land.

The world has eyes that see between you and me and how cruel we are.
Tell me I am born. Tell me I'm worth the ground you walked on.

I'm not home until I'm done in this place.

This is so clear to me.
This is understanding.
This is so clear to me.
This is understanding.
04:39 320 10,61 ˆ0.10
How Come
So I changed huh?
You got a phone.. pick it up.. Call Me

[Chorus - Eminem]
How Come.. we dont even talk no more
And you dont even call no more
We dont barely keep in touch at all
and I dont even feel the same love when we hug no more
And I heard it through the grapevine.. We been Beefin Now
After all the year we been down.. aint no way no how
This bullshit cant be true
We Family.. aint a damn thing changed.. unless its you!

We were so young
So full of life and vibrance
side by side, wherever you was riding, I went
So close, almost on some bonnie and clyde shit
When Ronnie died you was right by my side
with a shoulder to cry on and tissue to wipe my eyes
and a bucket to catch ever tear I cried inside it.
You even had the same type of childhood I did..
sometimes I just wanna know why is it that you succaim to yours
and mine I survived it. You ran the streets, I 9 to 5ed it
we grew up, grew apart as time went by us..
and I blew up to both yours and mines surprises.
Now I feel a vibe I just cant describe it
much as your pride tries to hide it. your cold
your touch is just like ice.
And your eyes is a look of resentment.
.I can sense it and I dont like it.


[Kon Artis]
It was my dream at first to be off spitting a verse
on my own album with a deal but shit got worse
fore I came out I woulda killed a nigga first
for I let him disrespect me, or check me over some
worthless bitch that I wasnt with
I woulda hit it and quit
but you were fitting to talk with her and tell her she was the shit
I told you dont get involved with her
you would smoke in the car with her
coming outta the bar with her
stumbling half drunk
like you were husband and wife or somethin
but me catching her fuckin other niggas musta hurt your pride or something
cause you were openin your mouth to people like you wanted with me.
when all I tried to do was show that your bitch was shifty.
And every sister, fares and all the shit that I produced
you acting like I aint your man and lying like she cant be loose.
But I am really your friend, I'm just trying to tell ya the truth.
Dont hate the game or the player
the one thats changing is you.


Its gets lonely at the top cause my homie had to stop
now we acting like I gotta live only for the block.
And homies in the hood only see me on the tube
So they gossip on the porch
Get ta speaking all rude. fools I used to rap wit all expect magic
like my finger get to snappin
and poof it just happen.
But proof is just acting out the part he was thrown,
shady made it so my babies aint starving at home.
See the devil in your glance,
since the ghetto we been friends, forever real intellegence,
thats forever till the end.
I peep the hatred in your eyes, and the satan in your lies,
aint wasting my time with these snakes in disguise.
(HOW COME) When you talk it's with bitter and spite?
(AND HOW COME) It's my fault for what you did with your life?
And everytime I go to hear you play, you look away,
we barely embrace, you cant even look me in my face.

04:10 320 9,52 ˆ0.10
Leave Dat Boy Alone
[Chorus: Eminem]
Yall better leave dat boy alone
cuz if they dont
you know they goin come back on 'em
and they dont want him to come back strong
i wouldnt durr get that boy goin

i said leave dat boy alone
cuz yall dont know him
that there boy he out cold
and that there boy he been known
to stirr some shit up when he in that zone

[Bridge x2]

better leave that boy alone
better leave that boy alone
better leave that boy alone
cuz you dont want to get that boy goin

[Verse 1: Swift]
It's my attitude that's makin me bust shit
i hate to be fucked with
so basically niggas wastin they time tryin to touch Swift
i run with a bunch of killers that dealt with punks
returnin bows 'fore you be lookin at yourself get stomped
i'm a dysfunctional bastard who will puncture your ass
witha mag and i'll be glad to send another one after you
without no hesitation i run up in your house and wake your spouse up
and give her mouth to gun ressecitation
a niggas information, they hunted and they sad
got you mad cuz they shittin through their stomach in a bag
we comin too strong so its irrelevant to blast you
we master ready, slash like relatives of Manson
when you hear us niggas think it's elephants dancin
comin here is the worste mistake that could ever happen
when i'm in my vehicle i'm pullin you in
i gaurantee the world will never see you again


[Verse 2: Kon/Kuniva?]
Honest to god i usually try to keep to my self
but it's kinda hard when you surrounded by ignorants, well
let me explain somethin to ya
a real street nigga aint tryin to get in the streets
he's tryin to get out, feel me?
and he aint the type of dude to pop a E and get drunk
and wave his heat all in the air like he's some dumb hoe punk
atleast a soldier in the army lose his life over a cause
this nigger dyin over prizes to prove he got balls
i play keyboards, i dont play deep
you borrow guns, i own shit that explode when it hit
you think it's wrong that you hoes thinkin you can't really get sleep
cuz you laid a nigga down without any meat
well my cops wont allow me to make decisions in vein
i'm a magne i do my biddin and i do it again
if you take it to that level, i take it to whoever
want to harm me and my family, Runyon Avenue forever


[Verse 3: Kon/Kuniva?]
Now people i live triflin i express it through writin
if you can't feel it, then i must express it through fightin
and i jus bought me a new gauge and added on a knew knife
and i strike peopel so fast people think i threw lightning
clash with a few titans, blasted a few height men
been harassed by two dykes who wanted (?lou pikner)
plus you know i'm too violent, to be out with you whilin
cuz as soon as you drivin im a spit a few 5 ones
and i love to Kunive son, and you left a live one
i know how to hide guns, skinny or wide ones
go buy me a long sub and hide it inside buns
you lookin for hoes, and up in here you goin find none
you niggas get dropped once, and you can kiss my nuts
you soft little dry cunts, get stuck till your eyes shut
no time for the wild ones, i'm writin these five words
FUCK YOU DICK RIDIN NIGGAS count it, it's five words.


05:24 320 12,33 ˆ0.10
Get My Gun
I'm goin to get my gun!

Eminem: This motherfucker wants to disrespect me?
Kon Artist: Em, Em, what the fuck you doing man?
Eminem: I got something for his ass.
Kon Artist: Calm Down
Eminem: No YOU Calm Down!
Kon Artist: Man. . what's you're problem?
Eminem: Fuck that! The motherfucker want's to pop shit to me!?
Kon Artist: Man, he wasn't poppin' shit.
Eminem: You heard him he was poppin' them shit
Kon Artist: What shit?
Eminem: That shit! You heard him!
Kon Artist: He asked for your autograph!

[Swifty McVay]
A mass murderer pack burners to blast further then you can get
My shit be shooting threw bricks
I mix anything togetha, I done guillotine a nigga
Keep it heated, I pop clips with 17 or betta
I'll be severin' heads, i'm in everyones nightmare
A nigga that can never ever be scared of the feds
And the niggas that'll fuck with you
Stab and brass knuckle you
Then have you in the public, theres nothing that you can do
Enough with you're motherfucking tough talk, you're soft
Get you're balls blew off, from a sawdof , Fa' raw dawg?
Crazier then all yall , what you like the navy when i'm angry
You'll never catch me hanging in a lops car
All I have is thought of, breathing evil
Desert Eagle's will eat threw people
When I see you i'mma heat you're beef slow
Fuck being peaceful, the piece in the vehicle and...

[Chorus - Eminem]
This motherfucker's poppin' that shit
Nah fuck that i'll be right back
Nah motherfucker fuck you
You ain't disrespecting me like that
Walk to the room, sixteen shot clip
Bitch how you like that?
Bet you ain't know that I'm strapped
Nice one, bitch this is my gat

I bring it to niggas looking as if they want trouble
I send they body flippin' around like a stunt double
Forget about the fighting, scrapping, squabing, buckin'
I'll squeeze the piece you jumping, dodging, duckin'
Squat under trucks and screaming "that niggas bluffin'"
I cuff my nuts while cussing "don't trust him"
I round up Runyan, Dave, Wood and Nico
My nigga Big I and Mal' lettin' the heat blow
Heat sleep hoes got in you're neepo
'Cuz you keep shooting at me and missing like Shaq's free-throws
You gotta hit a little closer if you wanna try
Pistol whip a soldier, with a missle on his shoulders
You can fold or blow ya' brick house into some tiny boulders
A grimey older cab will leave you with a tiny odor
I'm doggish, you feeling frogish, you leap bitch
My car is right across the street bitch and . . (I'M GOIN TO GET MY GUN!)

My whole outfit count clips
Get you're house lit the fuck up
You're spouse shit, and you're mouse clip
Betta' watch miscountliss, slugs imma send
Watch you hollow when the hollow tips go threw you're skin
I'm in love with the sin, tell Bugz i'mma see him
When I cock back might put the door on you're friends
Make a run, gotta him, bust a slug on his chin
Ain't going no were like the drugs outta Kim
I'm a psycho icon, a mightful might bomb
Get a eye full of lid when I slight you're lights out
With a street cleaner, whipe you're life out
Bullets know at you're ears, like a Tyson fight bout
Fuck the night clout, guns, clips... (I'M GOIN TO GET MY...)
Fuck that run bitch!
Hit the streets talks, chumps don't know me
Aint no problem to leave your whole bod holey

Dumbass motherfuckers allways gotta come to me with some dumb shit!
. . .Fucking. . . I don't told this motherfucker. .
Wassup bitch!? Autograph this!. . .oh shit

I'm trying to pull the trigger but its stuck!...FUCK!
My shit is all jammed up!...UGH!
C'mon you cock-sucking, good-for-nothing, mother-fucking piece of shit, shoot...AH!
Yeah!, wattup bitch!? say that shit again!
Shot the bullet missed, hit a brick, bounced of it, ricocheted back in his shin
Went threw his bitch on his way back, hit his friend
Payback homie, don't play that shit is spin
To be on I told you to leave this shit alone
And it's a shame i'm to drunk to even aim
Denaun stept in the way and I shot him in his leg
Its like . . .

[Kon Artist]
Bang, Bang, Bang, nigga, Pow, Pow, Pow
Everybody busting rounds like they "Ra',Ra',Ra'"
But when you seee me in the street I be like wassup now?
They bodyguard be stepping in trying to calm shit down (Chill out man)
Fuck that I got a bone to pick
You said it then have settle like some grown man shit
Then me and you could talk about our problems couldn't we?
Shoot a fair one and handled this situation seriously
I guess not, you wanna' resort to the heater
So I gotta grab my Mac and my Uzi and my Nina
Step in between us and get shot
?But get seperated with the squeaza?
You aint ready for war, Runyan ain't nothing to play with!


Walk to Rite-Aid for a can of speghetti
Its been one hour and bitch my photo's aint ready
Picture's of my dog and my family reunion
It's been two hours and my fucking days ruined
Hey "Kate" do you wanna get raped?
Have my pictures on fucking Philips 38
That's why I don't be fucking battle rapping
'Cuz everytime I loose, this is what the fuck happens (Gun shots)
Back to these pictures I was trying to get developed
This man tried to get in front of me, I wouldn't let him
I'm ready to blow this bitches brains out
I'm nervous, I farted, some shit came out
Times up, shot her with a gun
Got on my cell phone and called Rev. Run
And all this crazy shit I, regret it. . .
All because I wanted to see Elton John naked
04:34 320 10,48 ˆ0.10
Bizarre (Skit)
[Bizarre]Man did you see that hoe with them big tities?
[Kuniva]Yo nigga what's goin on fool?
[Bizarre]Whatup my nigga?
[Kuniva]Nuttin man, yo, this is my girl right here SinD right here
[Kuniva]SinD this is Bizarre I was tellin you about
[Kuniva]That's my nigga
[Kuniva]Yo look I'm bout to run in the store and get some forties and a coupla blunts
[Kuniva]Man you why dont you go to the store with me
[Bizarre]All right
[Kuniva]All right bet, I'll be back in a little bit nigga
[Bizarre]Aight my nigga

(Music start playin in the background "Bizarre's gonna rape ya")

[SinD]So how long you been on Eminem
[Bizarre]Eminem? Shit I don't know Eminem, I'm just in town for this little jazz festival and shit
[Bizarre]You know, something on the side
[Bizarre]Yo can I get you some sparkling water and shit? You want some water?
[SinD]No, no, no thanks
[Bizarre]How about some pig feet
[SinD]Naw, I'm straight, I'm ready to smoke
[SinD]Damn, what's takin the Kuniva So long?

*Bizarre farts*

[SinD]No the fuck you didn't!
[Bizarre]Girl chill out that shit came from my soul
[Bizarre]Fuck that shit you better out dead youknowwhatimsayin
[Bizarre]And I want you to give me a little kiss though

*Bizarre farts again*

[SinD]A kiss? Kiss you where?
[Bizarre]All right I'm a tell you, I'm a tell you, I'ma tell you in your ear

(Music stops)

[Bizarre]On my booty
01:22 320 3,13 ˆ0.10
[Intro: Eminem]
Bitches always be all... gigglin and shit.
But they get mad when there favorite song dont come on in the club.
Catch an attitude and shit
We got one for them. Goes like this..

[Verse 1: Eminem]
We wrote a song for the hoes
You like to hear? here it goes
A little somethin you probably won't hear on the radio
So when it comes on in the club it's one that everyone knows
And if I'm talking to fast it just means you're listening to slow
And if you listen a little faster maybe you'll catch up, Bitch
D D D D Don Di J Do Ja
You just made me mess up, Bitch
Bleeb Blab bli bli blah bli bli
It don't matter, I'm just blabbering
Like you understand what I'm saying anyway
I'm just traveling In one ear and I'm out the other
You're so fuckin drunk all you hear is the beat the-da beat
I could be sayin anything, just get ya ass on the floor
Wear the same pants that you wore from the day before
Baby and shake that ass like a whore

Yeah i'm talkin to you BITCH (get up and dance bitch)
wiggle that ass BITCH (yeah thats it. yeah i called you a bitch)
what you going to do about it BITCH?
sit there and cry like a little BITCH? BITCH.

get up and dance BITCH (wiggle that ass bitch)
you little trash BITCH (yeah thats it. yeah i called you a trash bitch)
not trailer trash SWITCH
take the person you with and exchange partners

[Verse 2: Kuniva]
tell me that it aint no hangin, and fuck callin home
untill you look at me before you answer the phone
when i flee, your ass can get as naked and be as free
as you wanna be freak
but i'm takin the key with me.
you aint gonna get shit, so dont even ask
disrespect my wishes, i'll beat your ass
watch me comin home floor eatin half of your doggy bag
and i leave laughin, while you callin me on the rag
i'm the type that might cut off the lights when i hit
and before she cut them on, Kuniva already SWITCHED
your ass aint even ridin with Swift unless your goin
when i'm done, i throw you out and ask you where you goin

[Verse 3: Bizarre]
Hoe aint the only thing you call a girl
Slut, Tramp, (oh, how you doin sir?)
ever since i was 8, i been startin to hate
i said fuck the Ho's, started eatin cheese cake
scrambled eggs and steak, strawberrys and grapes
damn that sounds great, hold on wait (Bizzy)
ok, back to the bitches, wash the dishes after that
give me stitches. a fuckin half indian chick, suck my dick
this time tommorow, i wont remember shit
got respect for a player, got on snoop gators
and they aint now and laters bitch.


[Verse 4: Kuniva, Kon Artis, Dina Rae]
hey baby whats up with you
aiiyo your man here with you?
nah, you single, i can tell (you came with them hoes didnt you)
no you need friends girl, excuse him mr lick it (aiiyo lets get this party crackin these bitches aint got bitches)
now you know he didnt mean that (come on you seen that)
(she all whinin and shit, get this bitch a kleenex)
(what did he say?)
nothin, he said you seem stressed
(naw, you got a big butt)
and you wearin your nice dress(cuz i was gonna say)
(you wasn't gonna say shit)
(excuse me?)
he said Michael Jackson jus got another face lift
(dumb hoe)
(oh, nigga!)
no, gumbo, he wanna cook it for you tonight
(bitch, what up though jus fuck for a buck, do somethin strange for change, maybe holla for a dolla, jus hop in the range)
(fuck both yall niggas)
see i was tryin to be polite, stank ass trick (oh someone jackin off tonight)

[Verse 5: Proof]
why you a bitch but dont choke
i say the same to my momma
i got Christina, Brittany with me, shit
we bangin Madonna
watch her strip you on that 10 bitch aint got change for a dollar
blow your tounge and give kiss on your mouth you came with a condom
quick out is the motto and jus swallow breathe, swallow breathe, now swallow these e's
i know you moca lotti mommys wont get down on your knees
you wont some money honey damn you must be outta your weave
hit the telly fuck her belly you aint gotta go weak
plus you wanna be a mattie you need a lot of more sleep
i'm a pimp bitch dont be shy, show me them big tits
your lipstick, i want it smeared all on my limp dick
for instance, busting nuts is only my interest
so princess, don't get your feelings hurt cuz men jus
partyin bullshit till she gargle and swallow my dick
i'm takin the train to spain, don't bother callin bitch


yeah, you heard me bitch.
did i stu-stu-studder stupid?
you aint listein to the words of this song anyways
all you do is listen to the beats with your dumbass (BITCH)
dancin, tryin to get a nigga money in the club
with your stupid manuper self
i was talkin bout you Do-do
you, you dumb bitch
the one that want a drink but dont want to pay for it
spend all the money you make all week on that dress
and i spill a drink on it, actin like i'm drunk when i'm not
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Steve's Coffee House (Skit)
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D-12 World
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40 Oz.
[Intro - Bizarre]
Yeah nigga! It's D12 up in this motherfucker!
You know how we get nigga we wild in the club
Motherfuckers, everybody get crunk in Detroit too nigga!
So wile the fuck out!

Pour Your 40 out!! Guzzle It! (8x)

[Verse - Bizarre]
We fucked up, let us in the club
One of y'all niggaz gon catch a slug
I'm so drunk, I could hurl for a month
Any nigga pop shit, go to the trunk
D12 start shit, nigga come get us
7 Mile run in, wild niggaz wit us
Cause all my niggaz, is talking that shit
And got no problem, wit smacking no bitch
I'll have my wife, cut your throat
Blunts, cannons, that's all we smoke
Wile the fuck out, stab you wit a knife
It's D12 nigga, we ready to fucking fight!


[Verse - Eminem]
Who's trying to be the first one
To catch this blade in the throat?!
You know them po po don't let me hold 'em toasters no more!
I just clapped at three, you gon be number four!
If you don't back the fuck up and get the fuck off the floor!
My crew is taking over as soon as we hit the door!
You hit the door, but we comin in and you going home!
Security, they can't even stop us because they know!
Running avenues, soldiers hold us down, rep where ever we go!
Chugging on our 40's and holding our forty-fo's!
We come wit toasters like we just opened savings and loans!
And we don't need your brew tonight homie we brought our own!
So grab whatever you sipping on and let's get it on!!


[Verse - Kuniva]
We deep as a motherfucker, we bout to get it crunk
You just another punk in the club about to get jumped
I settle my vendettas wit AKs, barettas
We don't 'posed to be in here wit our weapons but still they let us
Switch blade, brass knuckles, nickel plated belt buckle
Broken beer bottles, when we walk in you can smell trouble
Elbows flying, bitches crying, niggaz bleeding
You retreating, running to your car and skating off, re G'ing
We examples outta you haters running yo mouth
You reason why you peoples is pouring they 40's out
Dirty Dozen wiling, beat niggaz bloody
And you gon have to pour out a keg for all your homies!


[Verse - Proof]
I was raised by drunks so I became a drunk
80 Proof on this vodka, that's the name I want
I'm in the club to beef, you gotta murder me dead
Only talk to a bitch - wit burgundy hair
ON the Isle in the Vette, bumping Seven Duece!
See that top on that 40, you know it's coming loose
See me on the ave daily, be running this shit
If your chick get loud I'll G Money that bitch
Packing mags and clips, I'll smash ya clique
Because a pussy put the G in the alphabet
Smoking weed, drinking Henny, Remy and that Jimmy
Don't worry if you run out the corner store I got plenty!

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Commercial Break
Yo, testing.
This thing back on again.
Alright, perfect, God damn good.
Yo, this is Rondell Beene,
I'm back on the motherfuckin' scene,
and I'm upset as a motherfucker.
I mean first I didn't get paid for the D12 shit.
You heard me rippin' on there, they just edited my verse out.
Then I was on Obie's shit, I was in Obie's video,
and that Obie go ahead and I didn't get paid for that shit.
And now they got this bald head weed smokin' mother fucker,
and his name is. . .

[Young Zee]
Young Zee, keep movin' for the macs. Be cubin'.
Hmm? I'll make you sing like big Ruben.
Man, in the hood, I'm the American Idol.
First I fight you, and then run up on your stairs with a rifle.
Bang. Tech claims make you wipe out like X-Games>
Next sprain's in your motherfuckin' leg bang?
Tryin' to shoot me like they tryin' to shoot 50.
Either you gon' die or need a new kidney.
Till I drop, I'm a sell to your friends.
Till I get some of that tin, in the federal pin.
I spit better than them.
niggas wanna fight me, better go get in the gym
or the metal'll spin. Since smokes' in 'Nam,
doin' drugs than Eminem moms.
Ten times, Dirty Dozen. All x times.
Bash your ride, crash when you drive,
flip your dumbass out the passenger side.
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American Psycho II (featuring B-Real)
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Bugz 97 (Skit)
Lyrics 01:05 320 2,50 ˆ0.10
Good Die Young
Dawg....I shouldn't have left, They wouldn't have tried this shit if I was wit ya
Maybe we would have picked another time
Or chose anotha way
Or maybe my prayers would have convinced him to choose another soul
Shit, its just me and my mentoni now
Man you look so peaceful can I argue wit that
They say...

They say the good die young,
Thats why I think that you should have fun (when your young)
Cuz time won't wait for no one (uh huh)
When God calls, you gotta go home (go home)

They say the good die young, (die young)
Thats why I know that we gon' have fun,
In this life cos you only get one
When God comes for me, don't cry till Im home

[Kon Artis]
Its true that everybody heard, there mama say every days like this
When you see, one of your friends die in the mist
In the struggle, went through circumstances
arrested every day just to prove a point to a friend
Even then, accidents are prone to happen to any man
A woman is dumb enough to pretend
That her, god won't hold them accountable for sins
If they commit, they try to repent to ??
But I guess (thats just the way things go)
I was blessed to see 24 (24)
To wake up to that how my name is video
Motivated me to write what i wrote
And I knew my little brother sold dope
An mom and daddy want to move our road
I did it, I still got a lot to prove and show
I just which we aint have to lose Bugz to the struggle
Cos you know...


I know you used to Bizzare on some silly shit
But Niggas in my cliq, is dying quick
In detroit, niggas don't party
they pull a .44 out, snatch off bacardis
Thats why I keep the pistol under the trunk
Im 27 years old, too old to be gettin jumped
And fuck rap, I miss Karnail Pitts, b-u-g-z
tattoed on my wrist
Me and you in the jeep, listen to ?? beats
Its a shame me and Fuzz don't even speak
I got married, my wife name is D
peace to 31 and 51-50, miss you

I came back on that tragic, my phone rung
And Bizarres voice tellin me, Bugz was gone home
It was like a knife piercing my chest and I couldn't breath
I didn't wanna accept it, didn't wanna believe it
I swear with this weight dawg, I cried so hard
Literally, Denaun had to carry me to the car
While I stand in this booth now its tearin me apart
But I had to let it out cos it was tearin at my heart
Cos he died over somethin so petty and so small
A human life is so very precious I hope ya'll
Understand how I'm feelin cos I love you bugz
I wanna rhyme wit you, laugh wit you, hug you bugz
But I can't and you was so close to seein dreams
A coward came along and took you away from the team
So don't mistake this track, its just another song
This goes out to everyone who lost a loved one
Cos you know


They say its never too late, to have an early childhood
If I could, turn back the hands of time, God should
Forgive what i did as a kid to run blocks
Now my dreams are just dream cops and gun shots
The fun stops when your homies up in a box
My dudey bole, rest his soul, snuffed by the cops
I use to smoke shit a lot, if theres a guy by me say somethin
If you love her so much why didn't u gave nothin
When he took my homie, snuck was only in 11th grade
Now I hope to see your face at the heaven gates
It aint never late in the game, this hatin remains
with a grudge to see slugs straight through my frame
My heart aches with the pain, the life in his breath
We gotta have fun now, theres only minutes left
In the depth, distress youngn's is sucked in
to get task my fallen homies i got enough


When I was younger I knew four brothers that wasn't wise
That crash and the driver died,
my partner on the passenger side was paralysed
And Im surprised by the look of that ride that the other peeps survived
Nine months later another one died
Somebody shot him in the side when he was startin up his ride
3 years go by, I made a hell of a run
And thats when funky got done, a joey playin wit guns
And ????, karty was my man
And reggy, I wish that I was wit you in that van
And Bugz if it wasn't for you
You know I wouldn't be standin in this booth,
Thats the truth, I miss ya'll...

[Chorus x2]
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Keep Talkin (Bonus Track)
Lyrics 04:29 320 10,25 ˆ0.10