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Cypress Hill IV, Cypress Hill
Cypress Hill IV
Release type: Album
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Release date:


Duration: 73:19  
Size, Mb: 100,94  


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Looking Through The Eye Of A Pig Lyrics 04:03 192 5,57 0.10
Checkmate Lyrics
Here we go yall its that nigga hecta
lunatic Smokin loop loose in your sector
got my eye on the money apparatus
like a dog to a bone yeah, you know I gotta have it
Anywhere near the shit and I'm a grab it
Turn around spin see your face and jab it
Drop you like one of these ill Bad Habits
Hunt you like a HillBilly Huntin Rabbit
cutting niggas up like Muggs on the wheel
For real penitentiary steel
Put heads to Bed from a choke of a Head Lock
Fadin bald heads to perms and even dred locks
Bway Rude boy wit my Style I could get foul or wild
Or breakfool for awhile

2nd verse -- B Real

Look, look, look
everywhere you get shook,
from the pawn takin out the rook
all by the book.
Lives get took and takin you're pulsating,
you Can't breath no need to look up and see me.
Your last hope, when you want mellow you call whoever, for the
hype shit you call the Hill
put it together.
Runnin this game, bringin the same raw shit,
over the Hill and through the city
we come equipt.
To the letter bringin your temperature down low, what I reveal,
the good shit to heal all souls.
Makin you roll late night,
you're trippin my games tight.
With the new shit I bring it's never the same hype.
So push that shit up, get up
don't let up.
No matter how much blood you spit up.
You can never be fuckin with Greenthumb.
the outcome specific, you spliff it calapsed lung.
We hit hard breakin you guard
you can tell when the bells ring we're bustin your shell
the pawns fell.


Check mate fool, Hang 'em high.
Got the live shit bangin, when ever you wanna try.
Shoot to thrill, via the Hill we take 'em all,
check mate fool where ever the pawns fall....(repeat)

I'm a freak that funk
and slam it in the trunk
I'm a kill all junk
With a suicide punk
Ain't nobody came my way
Talkin' bout the Westide of LA
So whatever punk ass
Click you claim
Keep poppin that shit
And I'm a bent you frame
'Cause I want that
Big time asshole
Studio gangsta
Woof all of that shit
But left out the main factor

My nigga Sen's, rollin again
remember when, we rocked shows
battling foes, the time's been
long. Strong with the styles you're in
hear the wind. Like blood pourin out of the pen
the ink stains slim chance if it get in your brain.
The hot flash got you heated,
with repeated attacks over the tracks
smack niggas up, back niggas up,
hack niggas up, jack niggas up,
hangin the whack niggas up.
Snowfall effect we're rollin the city limits
crushin the bitch ass niggas with all the gimics...(HOOK).
03:37 192 4,97 0.10
From The Window Of My Room Lyrics
Now lately I've been findin myself, pourin my guts out
Expressin my thoughts, lettin my nuts out in the walls
of sleep, I can't keep it all in the hall clear
While others keep it inside for the pride they hold dear
Shoulda been, woulda been, coulda been the cops
Stop look and listen, you'll get a vision of hip-hop
Individuals lookin to the battle the shadows of man
See it all, be it all, you need a plan
It takes one man to understand this
Learn fuckin with a deadly gas, you get burned
From the window of my room, I shoot all stars
Every little bit you consume, the high cost
of living it's all given to you, don't lose it
Every man's given a tool, but don't use it

Chorus: B-Real

From the window of my room, I shoot all stars
Every little bit you consume, the high cost
Break free, you're selling your soul, for a fee
But all that shit ain't worth it, you burnin up see
the window of my room, I shoot all stars
Every little bit you consume, is high cost
Break free, you're selling your soul, for a fee
But all that shit ain't worth it, you burnin up see

From the window of my room, the gloom spreadin across
the land of milk and honey, no money to feed the boss
Funny the cost of life, cut clean blood streams
out the body, nobody wants you dreamin about shorty
No longer don't need a 40 to take away any pain
So punk me and I'll give you the world exact change
or quote me and you're never the same, I claim no one
I show none the weakness individuals go forth ya seek this
Wherever I roam is home to me
You Shogun, look at my enemies try to do me
The influential status, you know the baddest
Lookie here, show you what that is, bringin the madness
Sadness to those appealin to any conflict
Lookin out my window pane, I see you fallin
What are you a man or a mouse, the house light
shinin within, that's when you begin to live again


[Sen Dog]
From my window I can see
Humanity, goin insane G
Everybody want respect, but you gotta collect
Only hardcore vatos on the set
Don't get me wrong but some rhymes get twisted
There it goes, the pride, you missed it
I ain't upset with the motherfucker dissin
Find me in Watts when you wanna come hit me
Some shit ain't what it seems, in the land of dreams
Some sell their soul to get the cream
From the teens I don't sling or slang no crack
I'm known for bringin in funky ass raps
See those magazine crews and I'm a goner
Dull interviews with these damn primadonnas
Unlike some of these fools on the turf
Look like the real thing, but they soft like Nerfs
So unrehearsed that it shows in the product
Need to get the fuck out, before you get caught up

05:00 192 6,89 0.10
Prelude To A Come Up Lyrics
Infiltration be our daily operation for chasin
Cross the seven seas E' clockin much compensation
Penetration, you know we gets bust, no hesitation
Greenery hand picked from my own plantation
Feels the HEAT under the sombrero, to ant ampeo
that's trying to stop us dinero
Chills wit' Senoritas like charo, drunk lat??till tomorrow
Follow my flow get the cash and go.
Loose lips sinks ships they cabeza's got peeled
Didn't mean to call you late I need a hide out tilt
Cool homie I'll bring som fuckin skunk,
the homie smullged me across lines in a trunk
Just like a bird I'm free in a land w/no fuckin expedition

2nd half
verse 1

B Really killin the philly
now you can feel me from the soul assassin committee
the shitty niggas never thrill me
you silly bitches never respect neglect money
your funny and broke you think its a joke
your nose is runny from my main man Mr. Ocho
kickin the vocal from the east side where its loco
selling the cocoa
From the 2 g's raking the leaves of gee's
raking the bacon
you hear it sizzle got your hands ready for the taking
evading the pigs raiding my crib
I'm ad-libbing I wanna live
and I'm giving a message droppin a lesson
flippin shit and I'm keepin 'em guessin
they all stressin hear the lullaby no confession
we in session.


M.C. Eiht
1sth half
2nd verse

Wes be the three amigos
Skate wit nickel plates under the
Seat and we go east coast
West coast and anybody killer
Soul Assassings get the
Story an blast
Who spits the glocks like
Uno an dose makine your
body disappear like a ghost
1 time trying to baffle me
Harrassin me trying to send
me to the penitentiary.

2nd half
verse 2

In the night time niggas are creepin your fuckin sleepin
and the beat just keeps on seeping into the streets
while your peakin I'm meeting and greetin
the people speakin and leading the mother fuckas
seekin to catch ruckus meaning you suckas
over dubbers and nut huggers you love us
you can't stop these mad audio hustlers.
03:21 192 4,60 0.10
Riot Starter Lyrics
In the year of ninety eight you can't wait,
niggas been waitin on our release date.
I know how to pick 'em up,
stick up 'em up, everybody go crazy
while I'm fuckin shit up.
Who's on the floor
while the beats break wicked.
You fienin to cetch a ride
you're buyin an E-ticket
to the unkown Hill top
feeling the lop drop.
You've got to get the fuck out of the spot.
Hear no see no speak no
but we know good reigns over evil
how it be though.
I'm doin it my way like Carlito.
Takin over the whole scene
a bad dream. so
pick up yourself off the ground
start it up, break it up,
shake it up you better be wakin up.

(HOOK)"Riot Stater" repeat......

People like talkin
but can't walk a mile
puttin you down
but they can't buy the style.
I start the riot up, fire it up
watch the roof cave in
while I'm lightin the shit up.
You want some more fanatical
ryhme animal
slammin your head bangin the wall
it's all mechanical.
Hear no, see no, speak no Bandido
don't even try to breathe though enemigo.
Don't move,
unless you're feeling the whole mood
like a bomb gonna blow
I'm killin the whole room.
Still no real souls heal those
through Hill shows broken how your grill go's
you feel those, when I peel souls
off of the wall who got guall
Cypress Hill reigning supreme
we stand tall.
People never answer the call they fall slow
when the riot starts fillin the room
you better roll.

(hook)"Riot Stater" repeat......

Look it all the pigs
they can't hold me down
riot gear on they're Feinin to get clowned.
Watch as I throw my wait
they hesitate
while I'm circulating the flow
movin through every state.
Stay calm pray I'm beyond the Teflon
no delay on, the mission I reconn.
Who's gonna be the thrilla when I'm gone,
makin the scrilla manilla the Don Juan.
Seek mo, leek no info to weak hoes
don't even try to think though
I'm a kilo.
Dope shit my position remains firm
fuckin your head up
take a sip, eat the worm
Let it burn up in your stomach
you never learn from it
with the stone
the soul cometh, the return.

(hook)"Riot Starter" repeat......
04:16 192 5,87 0.10
Audio X Lyrics
Come inside hello everybody welcome in,
you better be ready for the battle when the shit goes down
because we're warring.
All you fucking yellow cowards
running from the front lines, anybody wanna runaway hey
I'll find your fuckin ass in due time.
Run and seek shelter but you never will escape
flippin over the gate cause you can't wait
to get your fuckin ass away.
But your trapped
and there's no way out of this mushroom cloud
but you never wanna realize that I'm planted in your mind now
Cypress Hill compound you can hear the sound
let another mother fucka run up and I'll put your ass down
Then I'll peel from your cap the Cypress Hill star
look around you can't hide
you must might die right where you are.


Audio X we're gonna blow your head up
synthetic flows that gonna make you get up
give me any record and I'll flip it any style
niggas can't help it they but the shit loud.

2nd verse B Smooth

A Yo! What's up kid-feel the rush glad you kept in touch
with these niggas who be puggin on da dutch bustin guns laid back in the cut
Can it be it's just a dream when we on the scene smokin da
Green cause ain't shit ever what you think it seems from the Streets life ain't cheap
It's Cypress Hill Soul Assassins so why you askin who that rappin
We get all up inside ya grill with the skill shoot to kill when time for action
See you can't hide from the homicide that ain't no lie
You better kiss that black ass goodbye when you try to play these wiseguys
So who's to to blame when we intensify the levels on the rhyme
You better get ready for the battle when the shit goes down
because we on the wild.

2nd verse B Real

Looking in your eyes I see a body bag figure
better be ready for the battle when the shit goes down
cause it's on nigga.
What you wannat do you better pay close attention
let it be known I control the zone
beyond your comprehension
Blunt session you feel the tension begin to rise
fuck 'em and feed 'em if they can't a joke and get high
I'm feelin lye in my lungs what the deal bra?
So many people wanna hit my joint but they neer got none
Imagine that bullshit happens all the time
niggas better start growin they own
cause they can not fuck with mine
give me any record and I'll flip it any style
beginners better run back to the lab and practice for a while.

03:20 192 4,56 0.10
Steel Magnolia Lyrics 03:32 192 4,88 0.10
I Remember That Freak Bitch (From The Club) Lyrics 05:20 192 7,35 0.10
Nothin' To Lose Lyrics 03:54 192 5,38 0.10
Tequila Sunrise Lyrics
Tequila spice hot nights feelin' right
sippin' on Jose Cuervo down in Tijuana, Mexico
thinkin' of the big score that night before we met the connect
who was impressively dressed in hot fabrics
ith troops like beirut upon the mezzanine
brandishing sub-machine guns "A Yo! It's all about da money Son":
Now that's the only reason we came south of the border
to complete this work order
We gotta get it -- no lookin' back -- goin all out for it.
Ready to Attack-Die in a minute flat for it
as God is my witness we got ditches for allyou mothafuckin' fake bitches
It all balls down to the bizness
Nothin' personal when niggas actin' like they helpin' you
I'll fuckin' blast you like Frank Castle mothafucka


Tequila Sunrise blood shot eyes
realize we're all born to die, so get the money
Tequila Sunrise blood shot eyes
realize we're all born to die, so get the money.

2nd verse B Real

I never knew money like this in the palm of my hand,
till I met the man with mad hook up and big plans.
Every where you look up, he got everybody shook up
running for cover the big bad wolf mother fucka
He was like a father figure, showed me the bigger picture
fuck slangin on the corner don't let the pigs get ya.
Not like these fools who don't comprehend
who end up doin a twenty five bid in the pen.
You got that, He gave me a cup I took a swig
the bitter taste of the Maskel three worm shit.
Droppin a lesson he slap my face, and said listen
pay attention brother your my ace but don't ever question.
Just do what I say and you'll be rich and keep this
in your mine, rats lay in a ditch with no spine.
Don't ever forget that golden rule in the game
cheers they all know your name its like fame.
Wild women and money don't mix like drinkin and drivin
watch those conniving women and keep your eye out.
Always be aware of what's around you.
they wanna down you and fuckin clown you.
Keep your shit in order the money won't stop
pretty soon you'll be on top.


Tequila Sunrise blood shot eyes
realize we're all born to die, so get the money
Tequila Sunrise blood shot eyes
realize we're all born to die, so get the money.

Tequila Sunrise with the blood shot eyes
my my my how time flies and goes by surprise.
My mentor past on and past the wand to me
emergency for my enemies who wanna murder me.
Eat the worm moth fucka, while you burn mother fucka
better kill me don't let me return mother fucka.
Trust no man cuz I'll be back you understand
with a plan and my ace in hand...I want it all
I recall the words from Jesus you want the juice
better go get it, don't let it get to your head enbedd it
let these words stick. You better be ready to die
now take a fuckin sip harsh ain't it but I never lie.


Tequila Sunrise blood shot eyes
realize we're all born to die, so get the money
Tequila Sunrise blood shot eyes
realize we're all born to die, so get the money.
04:45 192 6,54 0.10
Dead Men Tell No Tales Lyrics
In the eye of the beholder,
the soldier begins the war.
Fore score and seven bullets
you hit the floor.
Hit the outdoor,
the darkness frightens you even more,
I'm here to enlighten you with the hard-core.
Bring it raw,
like the red dead meat up in your plate,
and I'll fill you up with the energy
the Hill creates.
I get sticky
like the green bag of the bom diggy,
now I'm fuckin with your head
and you're realizing its tricky.
Got you paranoid fellin the void,
you can't take it,
or avoid being destroyed freakazoid.
Toyed with your mind all styles deployed
you find danger,
in the stranger eye's the killin comes second nature.
Your battlefield of the mind is falling
now who you callin out for help,
and all your fuckin yellin is to your self.
Crawlin and beggin for mercy means nothing
when your bluffin I'm pushin the button
and straight dumpin on fools frontin.


Warpigs you dig,
SIG kickin up Mr. Big
take a sip of wine
engage in a battle of the mind.
You're feelin the force
right from the source,
ain't no remorse,
your head is getting fucked
and I'm skippin the intercourse.
Behold the white horse
your taking a loss neighbor,
got the nina ross,
don't lean across my fuckin paper.
Chase a green back gladiator
terminator, seed germinator
the greater the risk you fuckin hater.
Hit you the psychobeta
clickin the fader slow, with the high low
servin a blow who got the glow.
Dead men tell no tales
you fail to see the reason,
I'm easin to squeeze the grigger
go figure its killin season.
02:47 192 3,84 0.10
Feature Presentation Lyrics 03:47 192 5,20 0.10
Dr. Greenthumb Lyrics
Hello My name is DR Greenthumb,
I'd like to tell you just where I'm from.
In the Hills where the trees grow wild with weed fields
no fuckin pigs with shields holding the blue steel
Green house with the weed connect,
D E A can't keep the Greenthumb in check.
H P S God bless the whole crop,
please god don't let me see no cops
truck load ready to hit the highway,
don't let eye in the sky fly my way.
Or we gonna have big trouble that's no shit,
can't be growin with out no permit,
but fuck that I study the 215 script
that way when they come they can suck My dick.
Weed can't grow with out attention,
Hello, My name is DR Greenthumb....


People can't live with out the herb man,
if not they'd be drinking and driving and swerving.
But thanks to DR Greenthumb we grow
in the back yard or inside with hydro.
To the kush plant, Russian, or tangerine dream.
Tasty blowing a fuckin smoke screen.
Cycles of weed are constantly grown,
somebody give me the razor to cut clones.
I'd like to stop but it feels so good
20 plants tinkin up My whole neighborhood.
DEA never wanna leave Green alone,
but never ever ever got a warrant for my home.
What's that funny sound knockin on the door.
Sorry Greenthumb can't talk no more.
Please don't follow me into the sun
hello My name is DR Greenthumb....


Out of the lab no need for rehab,
if I can't drive then call me a cab.
In My closet the weed is dried out
like Eiht said ain't no place to hide out.
I don't wanna buy no weed from no cop
get locked up when they close up My shop
That's why I buy no weed from no one
that's why they call me DR Greenthumb
the scientifical mystical one,
growin My crops with the rays of the sun.
If you see the pigs there's no need to run,
cuz some of these pigs are down with Greenthumb.
But you never know that be the outcome,
you see the photo in the album,
the weed is growin like My erection.
Look I never told you where I was from
some call me real but I'm DR Greenthumb.
04:28 192 6,12 0.10
16 Men Till There's No Men Left Lyrics 04:20 192 5,96 0.10
High Times Lyrics 04:15 192 5,82 0.10
Clash Of The Titans Lyrics 04:45 192 6,55 0.10
Lightning Strikes Lyrics 05:55 192 8,11 0.10
Case Closed Lyrics
(Sen Dog)
Motherfucker with one little single
Three or four Caimans under your belt
One good game gonna put you in the Hall of Fame motherfucker, nahmean?
Got one hit think you an all star baby
Ha, you sure got somethin to learn, rookie ass nigga
It's the big hill baby, stand strong motherfucker, what

Don't trip when you hit the lunatic, transmit ah shit
Break it down for the bitches and don't slip
You wish, get a grip you talkin with loose lips
runnin your mouth, give you a tip, eat a dick
Huffin and puffin now you the man, understand this
Dumb motherfuckers explode up in the push persist
Keep movin with no lyrics, your spirit's broke
Sounds like you got a dick caught in your throat
Huh, hit wood-a takin you under a down low
Shitting on your one single and carry O's
Hold up; let me slow down the catch up
Before you open up your mouth for the kick to the gut
Pure breed, raw killer, rhyme thriller
Spit fire like Godzilla, the mad willer
Swingin over the beat, you ready, hold steady
You come across, biting the bullet and be the boss
Hard, sit-cars, you wanna floss guitars quick
You rapping like you wrapping your lips around my dick
Nobody told me to stop until I bust in your face
Got your rhyme Puffy, sprayin the mace, the case closed
Expose the whack nigga who chose to pose high
Figure burial, up in the hills, the gravedigger, nigga

(Chorus: B-Real)
Rookies got a single, they think they all pro's (yeah, you can man)
Not one album mounting, they thinkin they got close (motherfucker, you bitch)
I rock shows, tell me what you know about those
I'm annihilating all of my foes, the case closed (bite your ass)
Rookies got a single, they think they all pro's
Not one album mounting, they thinkin they got close
I rock shows, tell me what you know about those
I'm annihilating all of my foes, the case closed
Rookies got a single, they think they all pro's
Not one album mounting, they thinkin they got close
I rock shows, tell me what you know about those
I'm annihilating all of my foes, the case closed
Rookies got a single, they think they all pro's
Not one album mounting, they thinkin they got close
I rock shows, tell me what you know about those
I'm annihilating all of my foes, the case closed
01:59 192 2,73 0.10