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Crunk Hits Vol. 2, Various Artists
Crunk Hits Vol. 2
Release type: Compilation
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Duration: 74:48  
Size, Mb: 106,80  


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Snap Yo Fingers Lyrics 04:32 224 6,88 0.10
Bojangles Remix Lyrics 03:44 224 5,80 0.10
Shake Lyrics 04:01 208 5,89 0.10
No Problem Lyrics 03:35 208 5,16 0.10
Go To Church Lyrics
(feat. Lil Jon, Snoop Dogg)

[Snoop Dogg]
Nigga you need to stop snitchin!
All that yip-yappin and jaw-jackin
Nigga if you scared, go to church
You knew the job was dangerous when you took it

Whattup it's the big boss Dogg
Snoop D-O-double-G, Eastside L.B.C.
And I'm bobbin to the beat of my O.G. homeboy Ice Cube
And I'm C-walkin on the motherfuckin concrete

[Intro: Ice Cube]
Yo if you're fucked up, put your cups up
Ice Cube and Snoop Dogg, nigga what's up
See he's a gangster, I'm a hustler
Yo it's either thank ya, or it's fuck ya

[Ice Cube + (Lil Jon)]
I'm down with Lil Jon ain't got to pretend (YEAH!)
"Crunk Juice" nigga run the club that you in (HEY!)
You scary motherfuckers don't wanna bring the ruckus (NAH!)
You just spend all your time in the club tryin to duck us (WHAT?)
And if you walk by nigga, I'ma knock fire nigga
from yo' ass, you can come try nigga (HEY!)
In the hood, all the way down South (YEAH!)
I ain't Mike Jones, keep my name out'cha mouth bitch (Mike Jones)
We can get it crackin if it get to clickin clackin
Look at Mr. Jackson, nigga with no reaction
If you scared, go to church, we gon' hit you where it hurts
That don't work, we'll put you in the dirt
Cause a whole lot of rappers make a whole lot of noise (hey)
Lyrics full of steroids, niggaz paranoid (hey)
And when you get that blowup, it make you throw up
When you realize your favorite rapper ain't got no nuts

[Chorus 2X: Ice Cube + (Lil Jon)]
If you a scared motherfucker go to church (GO TO CHURCH)
If you a gutter motherfucker do your dirt (A DO YOUR DIRT)
If you a down motherfucker put in work (A PUT IN WORK)
IF you a crazy motherfucker go berzerk (A GO BERZERK!)

[Snoop Dogg]
Click clackin, pistol-packin, Crip raggin folio
Who the only nigga in the club with the toolio
You ain't know? Yeah you did; there it was, there it is
"Is that Coolio?" Naw bitch, let me in
Jibba-jabba snatcher get at ya, spit at actors & rappers
Hang out with kidnappers and jackers
Make money off crackers; can you imagine how I keep shit crackin?
It's the big boss Dogg I'm back in action and smashin
I flash with the bling I sur-pass the supreme
You don't really wanna have a clash with my team
I mix hash with the green I'm the, last of the kings
If I got a bitch with me she got ass in them jeans
Rollin through yo' neighborhood, my Cadillac so clean
Servin all you suckers cause you all dopefiends
Just like that dopeman, nigga what's up?
You run up with that bullshit I'll fuck yo' ass up


[Lil Jon: repeat 2X]
You scared, you scared
You scared motherfucker you scared
You scared (you scared) you scared (you scared)
You scared motherfucker you scared (you scared)


[Ice Cube + (Lil Jon)]
It goes one for the money (HEY) two for the show (YEAH)
Three for the pussy, fo' for the glow (HEY)
Five for the rookies, six for the pros (NAH)
Seven for the numbers of them fuckin zeroes (WHAT?)
Eight for haters, nine for the cause
Ten for my niggaz, behind big bars (HEY)
Fuck these devils, and they laws (YEAH!)
Never question the size of Ice Cube's balls
04:00 224 6,17 0.10
Move Around Lyrics 04:47 176 6,00 0.10
Back Then Lyrics
Back then hoes didn't want me
Now I'm hot hoes all on me

Before I came up in the game
These hoes didn't show no love
They see me in the club
And use to treat me like a scrub
They wouldn't holla
Because my dollars
Wasn't swoll enough
I bet they change they mind
When them 84's come rolling up
They see that I'm a star
Now they want to sit in my car
Now they want to count my G's
Smoke my weed and sip my water
They use to love to dis me
Now they rush to hug and kiss me
Now they tellin' all they friends
When I leave how they miss me
Hit Mike Jones up on the low
Because Mike Jones about to blow
Before the ice was in my grill
Before I got my major deal
These hoes wouldn't give a damn if was ill

Back then hoes didn't want me
Now I'm hot hoes all on me

I remember back then
Most of them hoes couldn't stand me
But now them same hoes
Begging me to pull down they panties
A couple of them said that I was cute
But I was just too chubby
Same size a year later
The same hoes want to fuck me
Because they see me paid
Pimpin' pens, workin' my jelly
And they ain't trippin' because my
Pockets stick out more than my belly
They know I'm paid livin' laid in the shade
Two slabs and a Escaldade
With four of five estates
They know that I got it made
I'm a mother fuckin' baller
She would want a nigga now
But I ain't got no time to call her
I'm a stall her like she stall me
Now she tryin' to call me
Bitch I'm a dog yo hoe ass like you dog me
I'm Mike Jones!
Don't act like you don't know the name
Ain't nothing changed but my change
I'm a stay the same

Back then hoes didn't want me
Now I'm hot hoes all on me

Before my paper came
Before I got my fame
These hoes that bobbing on me now
didn't even know my name
They said my flow was lame
They said I had no game
I told them I was fixin' to blow they thought I was insane
But then name started blowing up quick
Now they jumpin' on my dick
Because they see on the rise and know now my paper thick

Back then hoes didn't want me
Now I'm hot hoes all on me

04:04 208 5,76 0.10
Ms New Booty Lyrics 04:41 192 6,15 0.10
Gnagsta Party Lyrics 04:57 208 7,36 0.10
Tell Me When To Go Lyrics
Tell me when to go [x4]
Go [Dumb x8]

[Verse 1: E-40]
Jesus Christ had dreads
So shake 'em
I aint got none
But I'm planning on growing some
Imagine all the Hebrews going dumb
Dancing on top of chariots and turning tight one
Ooh, tell me when to go
Talking on my ghettro on the way to the sto'
My 2nd or 3rd trip
Some Henny
Some Swishers
And some Listerine Strips
Dr. Greenthumb lift
Just to ease my thoughts
Not just the cops
But the homies you got to watch
The moon is full
Look at the dark clouds
Sitting in my scraper
Watching Oakland go wild
I don't bump mainstream
I knock underground
All that other shit
Sugar-coated and watered down
I'm from the Bay where we hyphy and go dumb
From the soil where them rappers be getting they lingo from

[Hook x2]
Tell me when to go [x4]
Go [Dumb x8]

[Verse 2: Keak Da Sneak]
I'm off that 18 purple juice
Like a man
Labeled the Black Zeus
King of the Super Duper (Hyphy x5)
And your wifey
She don't (Like me x5)
From the Bay to the A
Put me in the back wood
Swisha sweet buds
Go to the sto'
Bitches wish I wrote
I said they couldn't be saved by (John Doe x2)
I slid past on the gas
Bitches looking at me
It's good x2
Like the granddaddy
Cross game
You get flipped like a burger patty
Or zig-zagged
Pass me a big old fatty
I drink white with a snow bunny
Talking big shit in the scraper
Goin hella dummy
Jose Cuervo
Know I'm saying, though?

[Hook x2]
Tell me when to go [x4]
Go [Dumb x8]

[Outro: E-40]
[x4] Ghost-ride the whip
[x8] Now Scrape
[x4] Put your stunnin' shades on
[x2] Now, gas, brake, dip, dip
[x4] Shake them dreads
[x4] Let me see you show ya grill
[x4] Now Thizz-Face
[x4] Doors open, man.
[x4] Now... Watch em swang
[x2] Go stupid, Go [Dumb x2]

[Hook x2]
Tell me when to go [x4]
Go [Dumb x8]
03:59 192 5,32 0.10
Stay Fly Lyrics
I gotta stay fly I I I I I I I I until I die I I I I I I I
I gotta stay fly I I I I I I I I until I die I I I I I I I
I gotta stay fly I I I I I I I I until I die I I I I I I I
I gotta stay fly I I I I I I I I until I die I I I I I I I

[Verse 1 - Juicy J]
Call me the juice and you know Imma stunt
Ride in the car with some bump in the trunk
Tone in my lap and you know it's the pump
Breakin down the good weed rollin the blunt
Ghetto pimp tight girls say I'm the man
Ice on the wrist with the ice in the chains
Ridin through the hood got me grippin the grain
And I'm sippin the same while I'm changin the lanes
Eyes real tight cuz I'm chokin the creep
Vision messed up cuz I'm drinkin the lean
Messing with D boys riding them big toys
Make your main gal wanna get on my team
She gotta give it up before she get in my car
I ain't Denzel but I know Imma star
Cuz when I'm in the club I be back in the far in the VIP part everybody in the bar

[Verse 2 - DJ Paul]
DJ Paul is a dog one you do not trust
You leave your green around me
Nigga your green gonna get lit up
You leave your drink around me
Believe your drink gonna get drunk up
You leave your girl around me
And she bet she gonna get stuffed
These niggas is spies we living it live keep them nice tires
Ridin around what they like
Make a couple of nuns a couple of dimes
Its purple purp purple purp purple and swallow it down
with the yurple yip yurple yip yurples
its goin down!

I gotta stay fly I I I I I I I I until I die I I I I I I I
I gotta stay fly I I I I I I I I until I die I I I I I I I
I gotta stay fly I I I I I I I I until I die I I I I I I I
I gotta stay fly I I I I I I I I until I die I I I I I I I

[Verse 3 - Young Buck]
Puff puff pass nigga roll that blunt
Let's get high nigga smoke us one
Car pull out the phantom
Niggas can't stand it but them hoes gon' come out
Just really wanna smoke my weed
Fuck these hoes and stack my cheese

Stop at the light and pause on 3
Hit the mall and it be all on me
But gotta keep one eye out for the po-po
Close the window when I roll the indo
Know they mad cuz I roll the benzo
It's that purple not pretendo
Three 6 Mafia and they my kin folks
So when I'm in Memphis, Ten-a-key
I just might not bring my own
Cuz them niggas still let me smoke for free

[Verse 4 - Crunchy Black]
Whats up mary! how you doin?
Mary jane stanky nigga
Since I have met you girl you ruined my brain (ruined my brain)
You stole my heart (You stole my heart)
Right from the start (Right from the start)
So I broke you down lil mama and hit you in the dark (hit you in the dark)

I gotta stay fly I I I I I I I I until I die I I I I I I I
I gotta stay fly I I I I I I I I until I die I I I I I I I
I gotta stay fly I I I I I I I I until I die I I I I I I I
I gotta stay fly I I I I I I I I until I die I I I I I I I

[Verse 5 - 8Ball]
Front row full of that dro
Leave the club full of rolls 8 mo
Yo girlfriend wanna ride with me
In the car wit a pimp where she supposed ta be
You aint met no dudes spittin cold as me
With a bag of kush that cost six-fifty
Have a nigga who smoke Reggie Miller
Coughin and choking constantly
Tastes like fruit when you hit it
Gotta have bread to get it
Smoke all night, sleep all day
That should be the American way
Roll that shit, light that shit, hit that shit, hold that shit, blow that shit out slow
Then pass it to me bro

[Verse 6 - MJG]
MJ gonna sprinkle in some of that super incredible
Have a nigga runnin back
Where the nigga really good sticky number at
Cuttin through the cigarillo like a lumberjack
In the morning what I need is to breath again a whole lot of weed
But maybe somebody can give me what I need when I want no less than the best of the trees
DJ Paul and Juicy J, 8-ball and MJG, and Young Buck we don't give a fuck
We must represent this Tennessee
We drink a whole lot of Hennessey
Nigga got a little hair on his chest
And we be like Bill Clinton girl take it out ya mouth
We'll shoot it down right on yo chest

[Fade Out...]
I gotta stay fly I I I I I I I I!!
03:58 208 5,47 0.10
Gasolina-DJ Buddha Remix Lyrics 04:44 192 6,21 0.10
I Smoke, I Drank-Remix Lyrics 05:02 176 6,01 0.10
Sittin Sidewayz Lyrics 03:50 192 4,94 0.10
Icy Lyrics 04:44 240 7,67 0.10
Yadadamean Lyrics 03:28 224 5,18 0.10
Ay Chico Lyrics 03:26 224 5,34 0.10
Jigglin Lyrics 03:25 240 5,49 0.10