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Clan Of Xymox

Blind Hearts (Single), Clan of Xymox Blind Hearts (Single) 1987, Single/EP
Out of the Rain (Single), Clan of Xymox Out Of The Rain (Single) 1997, Single/EP
Emily, Clan of Xymox Emily 2009, Single/EP
In Love We Trust, Clan of Xymox In Love We Trust 2009, Album
Medusa, Clan of Xymox Medusa 1986, Album
Creatures, Clan of Xymox Creatures 1999, Album
The John Peel Sessions, Clan of Xymox The John Peel Sessions 2001, Bootleg
Live , Clan of Xymox Live 2000, Concert
Hidden Faces, Clan of Xymox Hidden Faces 1997, Album
Darkest Hour, Clan of Xymox Darkest Hour 2011, Album
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Creatures, Clan of Xymox
Release type: Album
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Duration: 62:59  
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Jasmine And Rose Lyrics
The air tastes just like you, its the smell of june
A sensory shock that jolts my spirit, I slowly swallow you
A spray of little droplets, a fragrance so refined
The spirit of nostalgia is passing me by

Opium and poison, jasmine and rose
Dream of ambrosia, all flavours glow, its sensual,its sensual, sensual

It all began so easy, with you on the floor
Against your willing flanks and knocking down your door
Until the day it crumbled, no game of win and lose
You told me nothing, you left me confused

Expelled like poison, a trim of the dose,
A limb disposed of, in a whim she chose,so rigorous,shes vigorous
Shes vigorous,

Heart of the hardest world, its just the thought of you
All those variations, the air is full of you
The smell of summer rain, once more the scent of june
This sweet concentration ,brings me back to you
Opium and poison
My taste of june, my taste of you
Inhale, inhale your trail
Opium and poison, jasmine and rose, dream of escape with me, all flavours go,
Its sensual, its sensual, its sensual

What was ours will drift away, a simple breeze on a humid day

Oh, nothing lasts, nothing lasts, forever
05:45 256 10,54 0.10
Crucified Lyrics 06:00 256 10,99 0.10
Taste Of Medicine Lyrics 07:50 256 14,36 0.10
Undermined Lyrics 06:06 256 11,20 0.10
Consolation Lyrics
I put my arms around you, your body stalls and droops
I give you consolation but there's nothing I can do
Estranged I listen to a voice so scared
Like a martyr from another world, I no longer share

The anguish of a thousand days, the fear of life like everyone
Against there is no chance to swim, you have to simply drift along

Everyday the sting moves deeper, one day it will reach your soul
It's near so close at hand for everyone

No more consolation, no more aggravation,
no more I am making changes for everyone

Your eyes are breaking, the curtain is to drop
You want her here but you never begged before
If I could only scream and silence your voice
I might achieve to wake you up and make you come to a stop
When my world is quiet and no one fills my head
I give it one more thought and put it back to bed

Everyday the sting moves deeper, one day it will reach your soul
It's near so close at hand I hope you understand

No more consultation, no more aggravation,
No more I am making changes for everyone
04:59 256 9,10 0.10
Waterfront Lyrics 05:42 256 10,41 0.10
Creature Lyrics 05:05 256 9,33 0.10
All I Have Lyrics
I 'm anxious and distraught for the last few days
Now there's nothing of the sort that makes it all right
This moment I am compelled to go off the deep end
I clutch at every straw , my heart is sinking

I give it one more try, I give it all I can
I never wanted more, I give it one more shot
I give it all I have to make things right

What scope is there left? Where is the hope then?
I've heard it all before when life is measured
A slow and tame despair is inside all of us
Your passionate old dreams sometimes you cry for

I give it one more try, I give it all I can
I never wanted more, I give it all I have
I give it one more shot to make things right

Little else we can cherish, little else is not enough
A glimpse, a glimpse of heaven
How can I see the stars?
As all others do, as all others do
As all others do , as all others do

I give it one more try, I give it all I can
I won't fail once more
Take the bull by the horns
Try my luck once more
To make things right
05:39 256 10,32 0.10
Falling Down Lyrics 06:16 256 11,51 0.10
Without A Name Lyrics 04:04 256 7,45 0.10
Doubts Lyrics 05:35 256 10,25 0.10