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Conquering The Fear Of Flight, Wavorly
Conquering The Fear Of Flight
Release type: Album
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Duration: 53:45  
Size, Mb: 87,47  


Price for album: ą1.20 (discount 20%)  

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Introducing Lyrics 01:03 176 1,30 ą0.10
Madmen Lyrics
Say goodbye to what you thought was you

We dance in consequences
Entranced with worldly glimpses
Careless with our decisions
You'd think we never meant them

We say that we're the future
Only want it if it goes our way
The time we have is crucial
Will we put this off another day?

No excuses, the time for change is here and now

This is the real adventure
To move past what's mediocre
Obsessed with entertainment
Step up or miss the point of it
02:58 272 5,56 ą0.10
Part One Lyrics
In twilight, where rain and gray aren't innocent
None of us are. Shadow life, the light is dim and paranoid
This is all we have. Now we leave this place
Between the light and the dark there's a comfortable grey. From all I've known I'm leaving today.
Don't make me turn away
When the Light comes (from far away)
I'm closing my eyes in shadow
When Darkness takes me (so far away)
I look for the Light and find that you can't have both.
I look around, see through myself and to the ground
For I am empty. What I have, it's all I've got and is the cause of
pain within me. Now we leave this place
Between the light and the dark there's a comfortable grey. From all I've known I'll have to part ways.
I won't go through this, the divorce is too great
I will not let go of all I've never wanted
Must I turn away my only hope to see the day?
03:11 240 5,36 ą0.10
Stay With Me Lyrics
Is it a dream or just a nightmare?
In your anger turn and walk away
Quick to argue, slow to listen
Could we try to start at the beginning?
Stay with me. I'll never leave you here
It takes some time to give it away
You've got the heart that's willing to (change)
Change direction, lax affection
Darling, what to do? Feelings last but for the moment
Oftentimes can turn away the truth
In slowing down the words that steer the argument
We find that neither side meant any word of it
And when the fight is over; and when the dust has settled
We find that neither side meant any word of it
02:59 240 4,98 ą0.10
Praise And Adore (Some Live Without It) Lyrics
What I have to say is obvious
A knowledge free, for all of us are
Your Word leaves us with no excuse
The paths we choose make us who we are
Thereís a breeze blowing through here tonight
So I praise and adore You
Lay it all down before You. In every way Youíre beautiful
From my heart, I praise and adore
You made the world beautiful. I cannot stand and deny
You created life and some live without it
Wake up morning sunrise in my eyes
At night the moon lights all the sky
Still some say You didnít do a thing
The sound of hope thatís in the air
In everything, itís everywhere
Reveals a truth thatís worth remembering
Thereís a breeze blowing through here tonight
Itís true, itís all You. And every breath I take
Thereís no way accident created this place
04:04 224 6,52 ą0.10
Endless Day Lyrics
The Light, it hurts. A painful feeling, piercing my soul to the core.
Distorted faces, brightness shows what we truly are.
A thin line of emerald green
Stretched tight as a fiddle string. The climb weíre making
The chance Iím taking. On the horizon, what lies ahead?
Endless Day, no further away where present day will never end
I will run with no pain in my side; all shadows left behind.
For what itís worth in a space so different
The gray of home could never compare
Undeserving rescue offers me escape from despair
(Where light comes from another source
And choice spans such a Great Divorce)
Is the balance shifting? Are my burdens lifting?
Spirit coming to Life.
Watching, Waiting; Further up, and further in
03:45 256 6,73 ą0.10
Sleeper Lyrics
When Iím left alone
Down at the heart of it
My doubt was never a sign of strength
I wish Iíd known that You were never far
I guess I wouldíve known if I wouldíve been awake

Iíve been dreaming life away

Sleeper, no deeper
Lift your eyes
Awake from dreaming
Sleeper, arise and you will find life
The answer is in Me

Every dream I knew was but a mere attempt
At what I truly thought would satisfy
Seeking out the truth
If real or make believe
My eyes wide open will really see

Love and life in all You say

Sleeper, arise and you will find life
You will find life when you give your life away
04:14 240 6,96 ą0.10
Summer Song Lyrics 03:46 208 5,21 ą0.10
Time I Understood Lyrics
As Iím building up this house
I wonder what of it will stay
It seems You just take things away
And Iíll admit I shouldnít say these things
But I have got to hear from you somehow.
Does this have a point to it? God, I wish I could hear You
You said Youíd help me through this
I wish You didnít have to
Why did You take this away? I wanted it
Show me that there is no need to be afraid
Can I move on now that itís gone?
As I travel down this road, I wonder if I should turn home
All this time Iíve felt alone, my head in my hands
Where were You when I was in need?
And I look back to find You chasing me
Sometimes I try and I miss the point of it
Itís about time we dieÖweíre not down here for us
As Youíre tearing down this house
There is only one thing I can say
Iím so glad You take away
And Iíll admit things worked out for the good
And itís about time I understood
05:27 208 7,87 ą0.10
Forgive And Forget Lyrics
It's certain now you've gone too far
You're finding out the worst about you
The wrong inside runs so thick
How did you let it go on? Try breathing in, try breathing out. Release the source of all the doubt
How could I choose not to forgive?
With everything you choose to forget
And still we will be loved
It's making sense, the telltale signs
The root of it, the taste so bitter
The source of pain, the jealous grudge
That you allowed in anger
03:32 256 6,41 ą0.10
How Have We Come This Far Lyrics
In the beginning when all this was something new
I was younger.
They say when youíre older you have it figured out.
Did I take it for granted?
How do you see right through my falters?
Turning around was never so hard
Until I found us far apart.
Turning it over Iím left to wonder
Howíve we come this far
Now, howíve we come this far? Hands that are reaching
To a world thatís turned away from You
Truth that is sobering
Your love will never cease finding the lost ones
Letting go of all my pain. Falling down is oh, so hard
I am torn, I am bruised. Finding grace in every scar.
I am whole, I am new.
04:16 240 6,86 ą0.10
Twenty Twenty Lyrics
Time flies when you have fun
But when the world falls down you turn and run
Like itís over now, over now
And itís your time. Your time though no signs seem congruent
Youíll find the design plays into it
Time to let this go, you never had control
We can look back to when He was there for us
Take all that you have learned when you were on your face
Now itís your turn to give it out, give it out
Looking back to when the lights went out
There never was a reason for you to doubt
And itís over now, over now
Look back home weary soul.
Recall the times of old to face the new.
Your faith will overcome
We can look back to when He was there for us
05:30 240 8,98 ą0.10
Tale Of The Dragons Defeat Lyrics 03:37 272 6,88 ą0.10
The Defeat Lyrics 01:39 176 2,05 ą0.10
Praise And Adore (Some Live Without It CHR Radio Mix) Lyrics 03:50 224 5,80 ą0.10