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Two Princes Lyrics
As I proceed indeed to take the lead with speed
All the suckers'll back off and fall
But this is the hype I like and the type of mic
You wanna fight? Just gimme a call
I'm going to breeze..

.. past the other MC's
And D's rhymes'll flow like water
The wind, the rain, the hurricane, it's all the same
With rhymes in order

And yo my name is Run, and yeah I'm all that
Slap back the KING of the daddy mack's
But that ain't the news I choose to tell
I gotta use the cruise that bruises well
For the grime you slime, you try to diss mine
I put your head to bed, cause it's bedtime
I knock out your teeth beneath your gums
Now you're mumblin - you bum!
(Turn out the lights Run!) Picture punks playin me close
when I'm hard as hell, and that's all labelled SUCKERS
Waitin for the King of Swing to bring
"Beats to the Rhyme," and yeah I'm runnin things
Now that's the name of the phrase,
so don't be amazed at the ways my rhyme displays
You gotta make the best of what you got to get to the top
in hip-hop, you gotta diggy diggy don't STOP!

[musical interlude]

The ?? artist, hittin hardest, smartest
Professor, compressor, impressor to the lesser
low-life ?? of the mic
I come CORRECT! (You surely right)
The atmosphere is clear when I appear
Here to wax and tax an MC for mere pennies
And if any, wanna get with D
I crash and bash and smash his ass for free
Black man! Originating creating a beat
I educate and straight from off the streets
HARD, like a man was born to be
It just just happened in rap I was born to be
KING, yeah me the king of the rock
So let's rock the spot and diggy don't STOP!

[musical interlude]

[DMC] Funky lyrics that you hear
[Run] and I'll put up the peace sign

And I roll with soul and reach my goal, the story is told
D's bold, and suckers'll fold

And I'm Run my son the fun has just begun
and some are slum, and make em sell til
crumbles crumb they hum, those fools will come
And none have never done Run, Jay!

D.M.C. the king is me and I be
the voice of black community
So be the unity inside of me, and we
will all agree about this - don't STOP!
04:18 224 6,88 ˆ0.10
Little Miss Can't Be Wrong Lyrics 03:55 206 5,77 ˆ0.10
Jimmy Olsen's Blues Lyrics 04:40 196 6,52 ˆ0.10
You Let Your Heart Go Too Fast Lyrics
Having been by that old bank tower,
I'm inclined to wonder why you feel so strong.
You can't have really seen the hour
If you think she's trying to do you wrong.
I see you got that lump in your throat
I hear you mumbling, "That's all she wrote."
Love was in the next room drinking antidote.

You ought to know that girl by now.
She'll never settle down anyhow.
You let your heart go too fast.
You let your heart go too fast.

Broken glass turns back to flint and sand.
I only cease to love as love demands.
As you know it takes a while to clap those
Fragments from your idle hands.
Coupe months could dru a sea of tears,
Leave only salt beneathour dried up piers.
We won't believe we cared, I swear, in a couple years.
You ought to know that girl by now.
She'll never turn you down anyhow.
You let your heart go too fast.
You let your heart go too fast.


If time heals all wounds, don't you know that
Time also deals them.
The days go by, and everybody fells them.
We struggle with our fates,
But our action only seals them.

They say that murder ain't the fault of the weapon.
I'm smoking sad to be the gun.
I want to blow you all away, but I don't want to put no
Bullets into anyone.
I see the feathers that enfringe your heart.
I see the blood ooze from around the dart.
Cupid spites the sense that keeps two
Mismatched souls apart.

03:52 198 5,45 ˆ0.10
How Could You Want Him (When You Know You Can Have Me) Lyrics 05:01 202 7,25 ˆ0.10
If Wishes We're Horses Lyrics 04:31 188 6,08 ˆ0.10
She Used To Be Mine Lyrics
There she goes, on down the beach
Just like the moon, she’s out of reach
Losing my mind, already lost my girl
Blew the top right off my pretty world

Oh, she used to be mine
She used to be mine
She used to be mine
She used to be mine
‘Til I saw her with another man (‘nother man)
‘Til I saw her with another man (hand in hand)
‘Til I saw her with another man (‘nother man)
‘Til I saw her with another man (hand in hand)

Oh, there she goes, on out of my life
She’s my ex, thought she’d be my wife
Kept my ring, my wedding band
Keeps it on the same finger but on the other hand


I can taste her mouth
Taste her tears
I can hear what she used to say
She’d be looking up from her coffee cup
And through the steam I can see her glance away
I miss her hand on my hip
Tongue on my lips
Lips on my cup of tea
I miss the way she’d lie
And the way she’d sigh
When she’d lie right down
Just next to me


She used to be mine [x8]

She used to be mine
Oh, oh she used to be mine
Ooh, oh oh, yeah-eah
Saw her with another man, saw her with another man
Saw her with another man, saw her with another man
Saw her with another man, saw, till I saw her with a
Till I saw her with another man hand in hand
03:37 203 5,23 ˆ0.10
I Can't Believe You're Still With Her Lyrics 03:47 212 5,72 ˆ0.10
Mary Jane Lyrics
Mary Jane, Mary Jane
Please don't leave me baby
I'll just find you again

I asked my uncle
If I could go
Yes, yes, go out and take
Mary Jane to the picture show
But Uncle Bob sighed
He could not answer
He died one second before
In the arms of a go-go dancer


I wanna roll you
Way down in the fields
Where you were born
I wanna roll you
When I'm ragged
And forlorn

You have no friend
You have no pet
If there's anything better than you
You know they haven't found it yet

03:44 219 5,85 ˆ0.10
Hungry Hamed's Lyrics 05:14 195 7,27 ˆ0.10
You've Got To Believe In Something Lyrics 04:03 204 5,91 ˆ0.10
Indifference Lyrics
Indifferent minds seek nothing,
They wait to be told
They never stop talkin'

The way you talk to me
You give me the blues
I feel like walkin'

Expressions that the stories gave
Share your thoughts till they walk away
Revealing tales of kings and pawns,
Tall grass, dragons and mountain songs

Break the thread of indifference
They'll suck the wind right from your soul
To never listen to the voice of memory
Is to die waiting for nothing

I'd rather kiss the empty blue
than to stand here and waiting forever on you.
On a trip in this place called time,
Qhere no one lives, no one to find

Quiet streams of life gone by
Roll down the face of lovers
And in the early morning tears
We cry
Into each other

Sew the thread of indifference
It rolls on and on and on
Never listen to the voice of memory
Is to die waiting for nothing
04:24 179 5,60 ˆ0.10