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Cold House, Hood
Cold House
Release type: Album
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Duration: 46:10  
Size, Mb: 105,91  


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They Removed All Trace That Anything Had Ever Happened Here Lyrics
In darkest hours
Promise you'll hold on
Promise you'll hold on
There isn't need
You feel like the world is yours
Inside everyone
Till it was snatched from your grasp
You were cast in ancient light
There's coldness in this sky
The last thing that you ever wanted was for the love to die
You're the same as all the rest
I know that we're all afraid
Of waking every day
Promise you'll hold on
Promise you'll hold on
05:20 320 12,23 ˆ0.10
You Show No Emotion At All Lyrics
Can we walk in hope
Into another new year
Just to cast away the ghosts
Or to have the time to again
You said hold on to dreams
But I know you don't try
Cos you're innocent I know that you won't survive

I heard the phone ring
So late at night that I
I thought someone had died
Someone had died
But your voice was full of hope
Like it was on better days
On clear mornings when the rain had left the sky

I can't stand the thought of you alone
I can't stand the thought of you alone

Don't try to get close to
Us because there's nothing
But our souls laid bare
Will we survive
I know we will
05:15 320 11,98 ˆ0.10
Branches Bare Lyrics
remove that need
the orchids thrive
in the dark
i found the night awake

we found dried leaves
pressed inside the book
like a stark vision of time
i wish you were still alive

and will the memories be lost
when we lose you
when they clear the house
you lived so many years

no matter how far you are away
i see you in the distance
the distance

we spit in the pond to give the fish something to pray to

sometimes the sunset doesn’t want to be photographed
we are no tigers in the picked-bone grasslands
ela dear knows a dork in a thrift store hat
and that is that.

most of deez emcees is fake.
05:56 320 13,57 ˆ0.10
Enemy Of Time Lyrics
we’ve made an enemy of time
the violent undertones of night
we feel so lifeless sometimes
i search (the mid night again)
oh i can’t cope with the brutality of life
you know that i wish for change
if you could see the look upon your face
it’s holding me down
my great invented one
the seasons change
oh we should leave this place now
03:22 320 7,74 ˆ0.10
The Winter Hit Hard Lyrics
Never did it occur, the thought, to you
to take a ride, in dad's car, to shine mom's shoes, the bacon eggs juice and toasted bread that should have been delivered to their king-sized bed,
never happened because you slept in, inconsiderate kid without exception;
YOU want a volleyball, you want a skirt stick; never put together a card for mom's birthday.

Doing a cursory job mowing the lawn, taking the batteries out of the only fire alarm; because of that stunt, last night, your house burned down;
luckily you were on a field trip, out of town.

When you returned, the police explained why your parents were nothing but charcoal stains and you CRIEEEED, cuz it was all your fault, but don't commit suicide... have a ball.

(Background vocals: Don't kill yourself, thrill yourself; I like the way you choose to live and not die, I like the way you groove shows your happy to be alive... (and then two three other words?)
05:43 320 13,07 ˆ0.10
I Can't Find My Brittle Youth Lyrics 03:11 320 7,31 ˆ0.10
This Is What We Do To Sell Out(s) Lyrics 03:06 320 7,09 ˆ0.10
The River Curls Around The Town Lyrics 03:23 320 7,78 ˆ0.10
Lines Low To Frozen Ground Lyrics
by the coldest sea
i read your tear stained words
you said you can’t live this way
how you want to be free

and you just tried to hold on
is what you told yourself
your shoulders are weak
it’s hard to carry this weight

promise me that you’ll remember this day

just to reach to you and say
that there’s places in this world
like the bleakest northern light
frozen ground beneath your feet

where you can be free
where you can be free

hold on
05:15 320 12,04 ˆ0.10
You're Worth The Whole World Lyrics 05:44 320 13,10 ˆ0.10