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In Flames

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Clayman, In Flames
Release type: Album
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Duration: 43:33  
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Bullet Ride Lyrics
Do you feel anything at all?
Do you hear steps at the door?
Do you reckon the smell of....?
It's life - the the dark that binds you

Frightened by your own smell
Bitterness will run you through

Silent screaming
Turning, twisting the alphabet
Frantic eyes
Awaiting the answer
Splinters of a poem
Fragments of what you used to be
Habitual and gullible
Run-down memoirs is all that's left

Do you wish to sleep?
Do you aim for the shadow?
Do you feel infected?
It's life the the dark that binds you

It's the cowardice that pulls you under
And takes you to the end, where it begins
Release, the world is waiting on your arrival
Close your eyes, as we witness another bullet ride

Do you know about atrocity?
Do you that everybody's gone?
Do you know that you're on your own?
It's life - the the dark that binds you
04:42 128 4,30 0.10
Pinball Map Lyrics
We have been fighting for years.
We have stood anchored through the storms of our fears.
We have held court with the noblest of friends
As our twenties seemed to mark themselves with wrinkles in our skin.

We are children of the California moon,
Baby boomed teens dosed in the afternoon.
They told us let love be your guiding light
But empathy is a curse and intelligence is a knife.

We took our cues from punks and drunk poets.
We found the pain becomes stronger when we try not to show it.
We have seen the fires of luminaries stumble and fade,
We found sparks in their ruins and seeds in their graves.

In the friction of our framework I'll shield from harm.
In the details of weakness I'll seek shelter in your arms.
The tides of time cannot pull us apart
Our devotion is a catalyst and our union is an art.

We hold tight... through static of our struggles, through the trials of our plights.
04:07 128 3,78 0.10
Only For The Weak Lyrics
I can't tolerate your sadness
cause it's me you're drowning
I won't allow any happiness
'cause everytime you laugh, I feel so guilty

"I blame the needs that you feed
'cause selfish eyes would not see"

Am I forced to have any regret?
I've become the lie, beautiful and free
In my righteous own mind
I adore and preach the insanity you gave

Sell me the infection, it's only for the weak
No need for sympathy, the misery that is me
No need for sympathy, it's only for the weak
On bleeding knees I accept my fate

I've lost the ability to paint the clouds
'cause it's me you're draining
I'm stuck in this slow-motion dark day
cause everytime you run, I fall behind

"Far away is a place where I hide
the truth that have to be locked away"

And so I hear my voice again
The tale of the bitter man, here I am
Shake the silence and hear what it says
The tranquil pride that become the lie
04:55 128 4,50 0.10
As The Future Repeats Today Lyrics 03:28 128 3,17 0.10
Square Nothing Lyrics
For all the times you left me bleeding
Clouded, weakened by the haze
Cut of my pride, enough to forgive
Reconcile, back to square nothing

It seems I lost my direction
Don't have the strength to let it slip
Have no desire for the shore
Just let me play here for some time

Is this how I want to spend my days?
Shadowed, it fears me, my utopia
Try to find some peace to destroy
These are my sins, I'm heading to fall
Never understood though I accepted
All the weakness that I discover
You gave me a place to hide and lost the key
Drowned my head just to see it sink (to the bottom)

Spent some quality time with the demon of mine
He said "I like the way you struggle but you know I'm gonna win"
Spent some quality time with my borrowed smile
The gleam is replaced, rip me open and erase me
03:58 128 3,62 0.10
Clay Man Lyrics 03:29 128 3,18 0.10
Satellites And Astronauts Lyrics
Sugar telephones at twelve o'clock
Says she's pulling up around my block
And would I like to drive to the coast
Through hiccuped sighs

I asked her once why she has to climb
Behind the wheel when she starts to cry
Said it's the only thing that calms her down
And I let it slide

She pulls over without warning
For a six pack at one o clock in the morning
We've only been out an hour, girl
You've got to be fucking shitting me

We go speeding through a sleeping town
Bottles up and the windows down
Sugar, please put your seat belt on
And she laughs at me

"If I liked being told what to do,
I'd have brought my dad along instead of you"
I put my seat back and drifted off
As Kate Bush sang

And dreamed as the dawn set in
We drove straight through armageddon
And when we finally reached the ocean, there was nothing left

We cooed at the howling darkness
As white lights showered down upon us
Spaceships all around now
You've got to be fucking shitting me

I awoke as we approached the coast
The rising sun chased away the ghosts
I really should have stayed awake
'Cause now I feel like shit

Sugar weaves the car along the cliffs
And jerks the wheel for the fun of it
"Would you please put your seatbelt on"
And she laughs, but listen here...

I'll be the one laughing
Shockwaves shooting through the mountains
The coastline's in the shadow of a giant wave

Cruise liners capsizing
As planes crash along the horizon
And I'm the one buckled in
Girl, you've got to be fucking shitting me
05:00 128 4,58 0.10
Brush The Dust Away Lyrics
In the most desolate corner
A bad case of the urban blues
Another brick in the living shadow
All inhale the downward spiral

Hey, get in line for tragic
Let us dance to the pistol magic
Just aim and end another
But think, as I rape your mother

Another player joins the table
Who I can or cannot trust
When do we get assigned?
Pure and precious with bad intentions

Hey, come and join the show
All the cameras are ready to go
Just aim and end another
But think, as I rape your mother

A single step - a garbled life
Where's the profit?
Your rage - the pain
Will it all be worth it?

Genetic, it seems to be....
Abandon, the mass ideal
We think we're in control then we become the things we hate
Lets re-unite and brush the dust away

Obtain a prosperous future
and the admiration of all
Act in "the sensations" media hour
All inhale the downward spiral
03:16 128 3,00 0.10
Swim Lyrics
As we build a brand new planet
Lets reconstruct and get it straight

Unlock forgotten skills
Travel to a new dimension
Souls from the dark seduction
(Take heed), we are the new invention

We're the settlers of year zero
Lets reconstruct and take it back

Leaders of our time
Heading for a downfall
The thresh hold of revolution
(Take heed) The last freedom call

Blanked out fire etched on the crystal display
The sees are deep
You better swim
Don't go numb
Collect the word, add some gold and give it back
The sees are deep
You better swim
Don't go numb

From a thousand branches
Spreading the new voice

As we're heading for the throne
Connect, evolution will begin
03:14 128 2,96 0.10
Suburban Me Lyrics
The self-inflicted state of mind
A one-man struggle beneath the tower
I think the clock still exist
god just forgot to tap my shoulder

I woke up today
I wish I felt something
The odour of my apathy
just might be true

I want to be the things I see
The pilgrim that is me
But I know I ain't that free
The suburban me

Spirits rise and miss the eye
Covered by the stench of judgement
As gods reflection test my pride
I serve the failure that's haunting me

Twisted visions torturing
Who claims to be the one?
That filtered smile
just might be true

"On half speed, tonight I suffer
Satisfaction brings the unheeded"

Can you hear the message,
as I wrestle with the clouds?
I'm on the way to succumb,
It just might be true
03:36 128 3,29 0.10
Another Day In Quicksand Lyrics 03:55 128 3,60 0.10