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Cee-Lo Green... Is the Soul Machine, Cee-lo
Cee-Lo Green... Is The Soul Machine
Release type: Album
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Duration: 65:16  
Size, Mb: 103,08  


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Intro Lyrics
Cee-Lo: What's your last name?
Kingston: Kingston
C: Say "My name is Kingston Calloway"
K: My name is Kingston Calloway
C: Say "I am the son of the soul machine"
K: I am the son of the soul machine
C: Hee hee hee hee


Man: Excuse me Mr Green, the guests are waiting for the album to start
C: Well let them wait...I'm talking to my son
00:22 176 0,45 ˆ0.10
Soul Machine Lyrics
He's bad, he's bad, he's Cee-Lo Green
But you can just call him the soul machine
(repeat 4x)

Now I came here for you to love
It's computer love
I make them cut through the rug when I do the club
I can take some mental electric sex
If you in love
But Gunplay will be graphic if I do the thug
The day to day experience
Is the data that I download
And then remaster into a rapture
Abracadabra before and after
Over and over
Losing count of all the dreams that I sold ya
But then I gave ya
At the speed of light trying to save ya
Then I go and now come back a row
And oh I'm technically God in a fashion but you can just call me Lo... Go

Whenever you want some soul
Start him up
Whenever you need some soul
Start him up
See he's been given the power
To take you wherever you want to go
Start him up
And tell him what you want

[Bridge 2]
Once you start up the soul machine
You will see what I mean
Open your eyes and enjoy the dream
He can do anything

He's bad!
01:41 240 2,78 ˆ0.10
The Art Of Noise (with Pharrell) Lyrics 03:45 224 5,77 ˆ0.10
Living Again Lyrics
If I could write one song
To right all wrong I would--If I could.
But in retrospect a little bad is good mm-hmm
We all need what we want
And don’t know what we need.
Life if bittersweet, bittersweet indeed.
Well I’m so human it is a god-damn shame--I'm your thing.
And I make sure that I always keep me some pain
To remind you that I survived somehow.
Lord, please don’t let nothing steal me away right now..right now.
‘Cause I wanna live…

Hut, 2, 3, 4
What the hell are you waiting for?
Live (Think about it are you sure you’re really livin’?)
Live (Think about it are you sure you’re really livin’?)
Now, hut, 2, 3, 4
What the hell are you waiting for?
Live (Think about it are you sure you’re really livin’?)
Just live (Think about it are you sure you’re really livin’?)

Well, I have struggled so hard, yet I survive
And it’s a miracle that I’m still alive.

I said stand up everybody
This is your life
You gotta get it when you can, ya’ll
To have it and fun this is your knife
We can’t forget about the brothers, the sisters, the lovers who ain’t here.
You only got one life ya’ll
And I repeat the point if it ain’t clear.
And if ain’t fear, then what’s stopping you from going
Do you not want to be responsible for knowing?
‘Cause ignorance is bliss
And ignorance is just so fuckin' ignorant you may even be ignorant of this
If you say so my Desoto's the significance of this
I’m good-looking still fuckin' so fool so make a dish
Light a candle for love
Blow it out and make a wish
And I hope die happy like this..
‘Cause I wanna live

-Repeat Chorus-

Well I have struggled so hard, yet, I survive.
And it’s a miracle that I’m still alive.
Well, I have struggled so hard, yet, I survive.
And it’s a miracle that I’m still alive.
03:37 240 6,01 ˆ0.10
I'll Be Around Lyrics 03:41 240 5,91 ˆ0.10
The One Lyrics
yo, say you spray demeanor when you're faying like Tina
quit the sic-talking with kids bopping, so float on
hip-hop is so on, can't miss it in the sitcoms
and the big problem arises when it's me that super-sizes
who's riding? who's rising? who's writing about it?
there's more than one bible if your into soundwaves
nowadays, i'm live-in', i mean "living" in the live
on the stage while performance and no, it ain't wise
ever put a hooker on a chorus? keep your brain wet
on the cut like a swordfish
street kids lived in bars, half-orphans
a crew that needs 5 mics...whatchu doin trying to source us?
well, you see how that went and i went like George did
where "everybody knows my name"
usually not my bourne one with short sons and tall daughters
don't bother, do much more than pour bottles

i gotta new religion, well don't read into it
in fact, don't read, don't write, don't type, don't hype
don't prop, don't talk, don't bite, don't don't
you won't won't make a double negative
another relative in a long line of open-minded intelligence
which felt like mic stands in exhausted right hands
hey!...i'm just kidding, i'm jayson kidding around
like my wife beats me up and my mistress takes me down
good clean fun from the last arbiter of sound
and i talk in dirty verse and possessive pronouns
now sit, it use to be "i wanna be your dog"
now it's "who let the dogs out?" you wanna call out
big red hands, i'm new killer fallout
stall now, dilators stick to me like flypaper
time of day, no time to date
this goes out the criming cause in china
pages water ella their veins

yo it's silly how they get bro, all rappers talk about
is they're condition like Lenny from "Memento"
heart made of arson, try to play me don't start son!
beats on the daily like Carson, beats so they play me on Carson
or do i mean Leno? No, Conan, cut it out! get with the program
for as long as i've lived, i'd say i've been a barstare
don't try to play me out, it's just not Renaissance Fair
i'm costume baller, dressed like a grown-up
i'm a weather balloon that just got blown-up
i told the homie Jon, made albums just records
we don't play chess, only play checkers
he hears my songs and later wants to see the verses
so i hang with the idiot like i was Ian Curtis
the boy likes your hair but why do you wear
a buckle on your dresses? please explain it to me, Jess
04:43 224 7,35 ˆ0.10
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Childz Play (with Ludacris) Lyrics 03:54 224 6,06 ˆ0.10
I Am Selling Soul Lyrics
I am the music (I am...)
I've yet to define myself as just, one thing (I am...)
Let's just say that

I am the actual and factual supernatural
Sight and surround sound
Signification of conversation
Two or more words rhyming in song form or spoken syncopation
Heh, the reason the root of reanimation
And realization of life is rhythm
I am the heartbeat and the heartache, the here and now
I am the purpose, the point
The living proof of a god somewhere
The lifeline, lifelike laserbeam, the progression and direction
Always will be, always was
What all comes from and all must return
The center of a perfect circle, I am your soul
Music of your mind
Each feeling causing each function
To be in conjunction is music
I am the music

I am the music

Let's get started shall we, cause you know it's time gone
Every time these niggaz rhyme wrong
So uhh, lights, camera, action I'm on
I'll have them standing in line to get their mind blown
I'm selling soul
Rapping and singing and screaming and yelling soul
Manufacturing, marketing, pricing
Packaging, and e-mailing soul
With no rehearsal, this one verse will whole hearse you
Now a commercial, but what I must first do
Is make my presentation a bit more personal
Everything must go
For a small price you can have the heart of me
There is no part of me
That can't be calculated into a commodity
My musings amount to a milestone a million miles above monotony
And it'll make you feel so good
That it got to be God, it got to be
I paint prophecy, you know airbrush atrocity with philosophy
And people ask me am I gon' preach one of these days
And I just tell 'em "Possibly"
If you let me, I'll end up being everything probably
And obviously it's like any other job would be
So you might as well thank God for me
But isn't it amazing
How the antenna ain't nothing but a sinner
You just can't go and be ordained over dinner
Now I can interest an intellectual or A-B-C it for a beginner
But yes my seasons still change, and it is almost winter
And I give it to you at God-speed, but yet it's gentle
And when I rhyme I make reading fundamentals
Or even black and white
My lyric is live in living color, my flow is fluorescent
Like scripture highlighted in bright yellow
And all this for $9.99, shit that's wonderful
And the great thing about it is
If you disagree your money's refundable
But there's always something rewarding
About every Cee-Lo Green recording
Cuz even after all of your expenses
People still aspire affording
It's incredible how convincing I can be
With a camera pointed at me
But really sometimes rapping feel like tapping
To make a cracker happy
But when the DAT play and the beat get to bumping
Like adolescent acne
It's kinda sad but it's showtime, my sentiment exactly
So don't get mad, everybody's doing it
You know you wouldn't mind a commercial
With your own tennis shoe in it
Whether you're selling a dream, selling a scheme
Or playing a role
Like it or not, we're selling soul...
04:16 224 6,59 ˆ0.10
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Die Trying Lyrics
see there's no way, there's no how
that i could stop now
imma die trying
imma die trying
and sometimes i get weak from walking the road im on
but imma keep on
imma die trying
imma die trying

before we came being southern wasn't something to claim
in fact it wasn't something to flaunt, it was something to blame
smiling and chucking and jiving, i was so ashamed
they give us a dirty and apparently appropriate name
i wrote about a revolution that sung from the soul
spoke with my spirit and mind, my ambition was blind
answering the call of God like a child obeying
preaching the very same problems they killed Martin for saying
but you cant break the mold in by holding your breath
thought if i died for you, that would be an honorable death
so sincere, my eyes begin to swell up in tear
and it's clear my music may not do that well up in here
"oh my god, being a nigga must be a good paying job
with all the fringe-benefits" - ignorance is bliss
there is a time and a place for everybody's taste
but i know too much, and i owe too much

see there's no way, there's no how
that i could stop now
imma die trying
imma die trying
and sometimes i get weak from walking the road im on
but imma keep on
imma die trying
imma die trying

so here it is, an invitation to an open book of painful past
my heart is still broken, look: i know you dont hate me
i'm just not assured that anyone appreciates me
see, i've been having a hard time selling my albums lately
in recent news a source couldn't find any microphones to rate me
using words like "extreme" and "alternative" to equate me
which is true, i'm in a box with a view, but you still wanna date me
i could be a pretty good thug, but it wouldn't compare to a great me
the final cross to bear is mine, it's not a cross to share
but isn't it ironic i still woulda bought a cross to wear
that obviously cost to wear but considerably less than the price that it costs to care
now i have another loss to spare, i dare them say that i can't win
even though i know talkin intelligent just ain't in
you most likely to go broke when you just can't bend
so me and JJ both gunna have to pay bills

see there's no way, there's no how
that i could stop now
imma die trying
imma die trying
and sometimes i get weak from walking the road im on
but imma keep on
imma die trying
imma die trying

people still standin in line at the World party for some Soul food
to get put back in that old mood
they say we like the new 'Lo
and we respect everything that you trying to do 'Lo
do what you do but just do more that you know
it's a catch 22 and i couldn't cry
now i'm under oath with them both and i couldn't lie
customs says that i'm too dope and i couldn't fly
and you're gettin rich talkin shit so why shouldn't i?
i'm just playin, but i guess that couldn't go without saying
i'm just gunna ride this evolution until they stop me where i'm stayin
but i ain't gunna have to lie to you to make it sound fly to you
i keep my feet on the ground and bring the sky to you

see there's no way, there's no how
that i could stop now
imma die trying
imma die trying
and sometimes i get weak from walking the road im on
but imma keep on
imma die trying
imma die trying
04:04 240 6,68 ˆ0.10
What Don't You Do? (Outro) Lyrics 00:20 160 0,36 ˆ0.10