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Cats Drunk On Copper, Current 93
Cats Drunk On Copper
Release type: Album
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Duration: 77:41  
Size, Mb: 106,89  


Price for album: 1.44 (discount 20%)  

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Twilight Twilight Nihil Nihil Lyrics 05:04 192 6,96 0.10
Calling For Vanished Faces I Lyrics
If then I meet you along the way
Where the laurel trees surround us on every side
If then in a small place i stand alone
And turn my head and you smile there
If then I reach out and touch your form
Where all your silences and your chaos meets
Where everything joins and parts

If I may once clutch your heart
And pull its beauty to my face
There the bloodfall falls red river cracks
Behind me lies black mother mountain
The goats wheel round
Great sign of lust
How much i wanted you
And oh Christ how much more I want you now
The great pain
The great misery
To look and look
To look and look and look
And look and find
01:33 192 2,15 0.10
Death Of The Corn Lyrics
through the marshes
and through the flitering glades
through the corn
and through the scything fields
the summer sun
she dances and rages
the summer sun
flies burning into the light

who will die for the death of the corn?
and who shall cry at the death of the corn?
rise rise rise

the sleeping giant awakes
he circles into circling
the wild wild hunt
dawn dies at dusk
and dolly banners are raised
for the death of the corn
they're sealed and shining
with the true love knot

and who will cry for the death of the corn?
and who shall lie at the death of the corn?
rise rise rise

shifting the shapes
that bleed the mountains
you tear apart my body
though the corn king dies
he dies has died
and dying still
he shall rise again
and sink back into earth

and who shall cry at the death of the corn?
and who shall lie at the death of the corn?
rise rise rise

rise rise rise
rise rise rise

the true love knot is found at the death of the corn
the true love knot is crowned at the death of the corn
the true love knot is found at the death of the corn
the true love knot is crowned in the death of the corn
the true love knot is found in the death of the corn
and the true love knot is found in the death of the corn
05:47 192 7,96 0.10
Horsey Lyrics
horses are riding into her arms
she lost her own way years ago
her sister calls her from the far side of night
and she falls with that call

it's the only way out
she tells me i love you
but it's only a game
so she slides through the silence
she's fixing her time
to fall back into darkness
again with a smile
don't touch me i'm falling
she laughs in the night
don't touch me i shall return
when the wheel comes around
you see we're all born to suffer
we're all born to fall
in a grey-shaded world
that calls us to zero

her mother's mouth slits
her father lies taken
she touches my body
but i crouch up to die
down the ramblas we're walking
in Reykjavik we're talking
the snow is moon-cold
the roof freezes over
she's reading a book
she finished it years ago
she's tearing up paper
she's tearing up life
but she only starts thinking
when her blood is brown

gold is the colour she promised me she'd wear
but Christ's blood turns black
his body she bears
when she dips him in waters
confession of faith
it's hard to believe you
when you spit in my face
and i don't want to touch you
i don't want to lie
in the brown red gold slumber
that you've taken to ride

i remember i was thinking
only of you
but you shattered me nightly
you broke all your oath
i found myself falling
and there
and there
and then
through the ruins of this parched life
and the pain of the next one
i said fucking over
all of this is shit
but still the wind calls

when you rage at the conqueror you only rage at yourself
when you torture the anointed you torture yourself
and you've listened to Piaf but not to the Christ
so you sparkle for seconds then dissolve into mist
the fog closes in and you think about Crowley
you think it's a game
but the game is just you
when shall you stop hiding in the heart of your night
when the cold trapway beckons
when the cold trapway stops
and Christ i was thinking of your bended arm
it's blue on the inside
it's blue on the outside
you said and then buckled as if you might die
there's no point in living
there's no point in life

and sometimes i hear you at the back of my mind
and a golden door opens but no light appears
there's spit on the bridle and there's blood on the saddle
and you slip in the shit you've shat in yourself
and Christus is Equus and Equus is Lord
and his name flies with fury and the wind cuts through you
you following footsteps that shed by a flower
then i wanted to hold you but you're destined to fall
08:47 192 12,07 0.10
The Descent Of Long Satan & Babylon Lyrics 03:15 192 4,48 0.10
In The Heart Of The Wood & What I Found There Lyrics 02:45 192 3,79 0.10
Be Lyrics
From a swerven shore to bend of bay
Just as easy to die on a bright sunny day
When my mind and heart return
To count the crackings of my faults
To try and tell the form is dark
To pitch a pain and make it hold
To crawl through rain in dust parched bowl
These are the things we may not do
This is where the light grows dim
This is where all voices stutter
This is where all lips shall crack
This is where my life has led me
This is where I chose to stay
This is where I fall apart
00:48 192 1,11 0.10
Black Flowers Please Lyrics
Oh when I saw you standing there
Wild flowers dying in your hair
Child of harvest time coughing up must
Black flowers' dull perfume trailing in dust
Hoisting torn pennants at the spike of that hill
Your smile started bleeding and then the mill
Shearing and sharing your love and your rage
Whilst hawks' heads, descending, spewed out a new age

It isn't very good
In the dark, dark wood
In the middle of the night
Where there isn't any light

"There are four comers to the world", she said
"And every one is manned with fire and ice"
Through black glass darkly I can see her truth
Arrayed and raised and raising walls of war
She points to squares of wax and writes backwards
I veil my face from her and from her light
The pointless games she plays out for want of power
To slake her bloodlust and for sake of pain
Her ugly shapes breeding in her secret mound
The Call of Aethyrs and the Dog Star Crawl
There's one cracked bottle with no label on
She nods and gestures limply with a broken smile
"Do you fear death?", she says to me
And shows me seven stars
The seven seals of her seven years
Of Rose Cross; madness
Well, Christus tells us that little children suffer--
It's only right that we should learn to suffer too!

The first seven are red as blood
The second seven, not so red
The third seven, like whitish smoke
And all the world seemed to be in darkness
And all the world seemed to be in brightness

"There are four corners to the world", I lied
And forms of fire have leapt across its floor
And little banners, displaying their little creedy
Have made our seas on Earth as red as poppy fields

"There are four corners to the world", she sighs
"There are four corners to the world", she cries
"There are four corners to the world", she lies
"There are four corners to the world", she dies
04:20 192 5,95 0.10
Mary Waits In Silence Lyrics
She was singin' "Love Me Tender" at the local karaoke
I knew right then and there I had found my one and only
She takes my breath away everytime I see her
Just couldn't wait for all my boys to meet her
She's got season tickets and sweet pouty lips
She's all that, well equipped

She's all that, she loves to ride in my pickup truck
She's all that, Mom and Daddy can't believe my luck
She's all that, she looks so good we never wait in line
She's all that, she's all mine

She can throw a split finger and she's got her own glove
When she sinks a twenty footer, man I know I'm in love
Saturday night she's like a time bomb tickin'
She looks better on Sunday than Mama's fried chicken
She only gets mad when she missed SportsCenter
She's all that, even tempered

She's all that, she swings a nine handicap
She's all that, she looks sexy in a baseball cap
She's all that, she makes me want to lay it all on the line
She's all that, she's all mine

Whoa she's a perfect combination
Whoa got my defense off the field
Whoa every day's an education
Got my head a spinnin' like a spoke inside a wheel

She's all that, I'm in touch with her feminine side
She's all that, let me tell you man, it's one sweet ride
She's all that, a humdinger,boy, straight off the blocks
She's all that, no doubt about it, the girl rocks
The girl's all that
The girl's all that
The girl's all that
Going home to baby sure is fine
She's all that, she's all mine
She's all that, she's all mine
She's all that
03:03 192 4,21 0.10
Calling For Vanished Faces II Lyrics
If only I could take all of you at once
I would take you for ever and ever and only so
Lose myself in you
And so I smile and skip green god like there
The picture of allrage all lust and wanton
The inmost night
And lay waste to the playgrounds
The concrete covers all
The grass sleeps and waits to rise again
It listens for the final trumpet of
The inmost light
And I clench my left hand
Then I open it
The Gods I loved
Are all dead pages metal signs all gone
Edward Alexander in some sadhome falls alone
And sees clearly now the inmost light

The sadness of the inmost light
The growl the grip an final sigh
Paint by numbers of the inmost light
The plastic form illusion
We just have time to swallow
Before the doorknock of the inmost light
He waits at the door he waits at the door
And if you see me try to grin and then I hide
Myself behind a ball
A sign I wish to play and run hideandseek
The sound is gay and full of joy
It masks the binding of our eyes
04:15 192 5,82 0.10
Since Yesterday Lyrics 03:21 192 4,58 0.10
The Blue Gates Of Death Lyrics 04:15 192 5,86 0.10
The Bloodbells Chime Lyrics
Three kids gathered in a huddle
Broomstick fishing pole hanging in a puddle
They think they can catch that big one anywhere
And I ain't gonna tell them
Boys there ain't no fish in there

'Cause what they don't know
Just might be a blessing
Don't get 'em second guessing
Let 'em dream without a doubt
'Cause if they don't know
It can't be done they just might do it
If no one can convince them
The odds are stacked against them
There's no telling how far they can go
On what they don't know

A child bride and a groom not much older
They've got a baby and the world on their shoulders
Six out of ten don't stand a chance to last a year
Oh but they're in love and they can't see that far from here

'Cause what they don't know
Just might be a blessing
Don't get 'em second guessing
Let 'em dream without a doubt
'Cause if they don't know
It can't be done they just might do it
If no one can convince them
The odds are stacked against them
There's no telling how far they can go
On what they don't know

On what they don't know
03:45 192 5,17 0.10
All This World Makes Great Blood Lyrics 03:40 192 5,05 0.10
The Great, Bloody & Bruised Veil Of The World Lyrics 04:49 192 6,62 0.10
This Shining Shining World Lyrics
"Consider the lillies of the field"
Consider the carnage and massacre
Consider the love and embraces
Consider the hangingred skies
Consider the pain of your enemy
Consider the hatred of your friend
There, oh there, there is the land
All the musics shall combine
All the daughters are no longer brought low
They are araised
In brightfiregodgiven they rejoice
And those who deny this world
Is the soul of the unbroken one
This is indeed Paradise
(Come I shall show you where
The stars give birth and sleep)
And all around you is the warm bluegreen breath of heavens
Do not fear
Around you is the vast blueblack space of stars
Do not fear
This is the great ocean
On which the endless waves crash down
God is not dead
There is no death I say
(Come I shall show you where
Dreams go to when they die)
Hurry now; the sun is descending
The shadows wait to play
09:23 192 12,87 0.10
A Sadness Song Lyrics 04:30 192 6,20 0.10
Happy Birthday Lyrics 04:24 192 6,04 0.10