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Catch As Catch Can, Glue
Catch As Catch Can
Release type: Album
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Duration: 54:05  
Size, Mb: 74,48  


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Catch As Catch Can Lyrics
The class difference is making us all crazy,
The gifted fall back while the rich stay lazy,
Maybe we donít know the value of buck,
Shot 65 times until youíre all out of luck,
The dump truck is full of issues and Iím ready to unload,
Broke the code with a show to make yaíll explode,
Interfering dreams, wake up and hit snooze,
The day is almost over and youíre missing the news,
But itís too broad to cast, the facts that are true,
Who is killing who? Hey chill, Iím not saying itís you,
We all play the part of winner and loser,
Sooner you face the music and adjust the tuner,
The anger will feel petty; we rock to lift the heavy,
While youíre stuck on trying to pick locks with a machete,
Already broke down once, second time is never,
Forget the anxiety letís bring something clever,
You better be at your best or let the larynx rest,
And watch me turn a battle veteran to medical mess,
In three minutes flat, I do my best to rap,
You into thinking I still care about that old boom bap,
But I have better things to do, with a kick and snare,
Make your ears bleed until you scream, itís not fair,
Glue is on a mission to make you think,
So get your voice ready this is where you singÖ.

The haunt is gone, but this song has taken its place,
For sanityís sake, we brought drums and bass,
came; back to Chicago to play her piano,
With a little bit of wit we can run your stereo
From a distance, the cynics, crave it to be simple,
No doubt Iíll dumb it down for all you john Kimballís,
Just meet me in the middle with some country funk,
And donít say a word, like its 1970 punk,
This erupt-ion is seconds away, from radio play,
And paying our bills, while I crave, a darker sound,
We have to keep it bright, so hold on, hold on hold on tight,
Leaving the poor me to put fact in the fiction,
A sober window story to kick your addiction,
Slipped in, to your conscious, cured the depression,
Fighting ends to make mends to our intention,
Mixing excuses with creative juices,
Jump in lily and pick up the reclusive,
Like this, sheís got the elbow room, for bow pits,
In an orbit with drum kits that leave the skies split,
No more bills cause going crazy is free,
Follow along and throw your hand in the sea,
Completely, healed now of the sock drawer blues,
The song was only part me, but you donít need clues,
No rules, No etiquette, just heartbreak and fun,
Run the streets with wings and lullabies for the sun,
No helping is the theme, for the infected hearts,
And winners that never sleep end up playing the part,
So itís a good way to say goodbye when youíve begun,
ListenÖ..Ssssshhhhh this is how the spider sung.
Xzzzzzzn zn
03:13 192 4,41 ą0.10
Stride (Anxiety Get Gone) Lyrics 03:25 192 4,71 ą0.10
Beat Beat Beat Lyrics
Calling all militant minds to form line,
Never led a stray by these perilous times,
World war 4 is knocking on heavenís door,
But rumors say god doesnít live there anymore,
He was cast away by the inventor,
Of the nail, freewill, and big trap door,
Open me up and see the idea of mechanism,
Gear turning artistry bled dry by prison,
Shapes and sizes define the legend of a majesty,
But Iíd rather be happy with finger-painting my tapestries,
Iím the last recognized but the first to be heard,
Education is the key so everybody saysÖword
Preferred by the herd to perfect my speech,
Cause every nerd in the world needs what I teach,
A radical comic so divine with sonnets,
That my phonics translate to make heavy harmonics,
Iím on it, like the land of real natives,
You got it, like the greed that enslaves us,
To trust, the rush of commercials and billboards,
Selling you hip-hop but we donít need more,
Industry costumes with nothing but volume,
Loud mouth cookie cutters playing the baby boom,
By selling their kids drugs, with a verse and hook,
Come on, get that ghetto slang, get that ghetto look,
Putting the rebellion in the glow of the spotlight,
Shutting up the right with a left and a street fight,
Making yaíll bounce to these tracks like pro tools,
Rule breaking level headed ready to spite these fools,
Yaíll got no clue, what the three can do,
Turn the world on its ear so they can hear the truth,
Lets stretch your nose to see how long it gets,
And watch the liars get smashed by the conduits,
The master plan is in the catch as catch can,
Weíre floating in the water while youíre stuck on the sand,
We need relevance now, apocalypse and takes a million,
A soldier passing down knowledge to my children,
Make them all break, come one impeach the president.
Let the people rise watch the blue collar benefit,
Royalty kicked off the throne in public,
Schools teaching history as an accurate subject,
The future is now but is sounds like yesterday,
Gotta start hearing what the old folks say,
History repeats itís self, history repeats itís self,
Stop. so you can work on mental health,
Blowing up on screen like a government structure,
Cause every line is on point like acupuncture,
Thereís nothing original about what yaíll people do,
We were rocking jerseys in 92í
Switch your message and get the government terrified,
Wake up and stop the spreading of internal genocide,
We got the key to open up your lockjaw,
So you can say something relevant when caught on camera,
Like help me, everybodyís here has gone crazy,
Nah, nowadays most rappers are just lazy
The unassuming publicís been running it for decades,
Crushing skulls for fun no matter youíre gringo or esi,
The message in the syllables is no room for pedestals,
We donít want hydrogenated chemicals
02:46 192 3,81 ą0.10
A Lot To Say Lyrics
I found god in my boom box, hiding in the high hats,
Trapped under filters and waiting for kickbacks,
Or justice, plus itís, whatever comes first,
We want the worst, to hurt less, and the best to work us up,
Into frenzies, weíll be keeping it sharp,
Trying to drive but the world has got me in park,
My adrenaline gets me going, rolling through midnights,
Into promises hands, where the failure has no rights,
Or the chance for occupation, Iím done with aggravation,
We donít need your separation; Iíll bring the words and music,
You bring the participation,
For every syllable thatís fitted to match, your sprit,
Iíll be filling you with groove, so catch the sequence,
Glue is true life, as honest as it gets,
Putting a bounce in your step and the love in your sex,

Weíve got a lot to say,
And even more to do,
Weíve got 3 mins left,
And then itís up to you,

On the block where I live, itís all respect and peace,
Trying to set examples by handing out strength to the weak,
The peak isnít as far away as you might think,
But itís takes more than contact highs and mixed drinks,
You blink and itís gone, the stage and the lights,
I gamble my moments but always betting on my life,
While you sit and wait for the pawn to move itself,
Iíve been hustling, investing in fresh air for health,
Reasons like this, Iím seeing big waves to ride,
Rare records to find, with history to realign,
Tell a friend what you heard, that glue is on the way,
With a budget of zero and 50 shows to play,
Itís the same old story, but it needs to be told,
From orange county sun to the northeast cold,
You can get an the mindless nonsense somewhere else,
Cause here we try sneak experimental in on stealth,

Weíve got a lot to say,
And even more to do,
Weíve got 2 mins left,
And then itís up to you,

I live to play favorites, in the smoky oxygen,
Doing my best to sing, like Iím Van Morrison,
Driving hard against the current with no sleep until Chicago,
Then crash on the couch of my TBA vatos,
We follow morals where religion is decision of self,
Where youíve been working towards heaven but existing in hell,
Iím telling you, glueís seen the best,
En route to something fresh weíre headed Midwest,
I never tempt fate, I respect her limits,
Keep my hands to myself then fantasize to the image,
Hold up love, itís never too late to manage,
So focused on the punch, you canít feel the damage,
Itís hard to keep the monotony out of the picture,
And quality was a looker and I admit that we miss her,
But each time we deliver better ways and bigger sounds,
Sheís one step closer to coming right back around.

Weíve got a lot to say,
And even more to do
Weíve got 1 mins left,
Then itís up to you

Weíve got a lot to say
And even more to do,
Weíve got 10 seconds left,
And then itís up to you,

Weíve got a lot to say
And even more to do,
Weíve got no time left
Now itís up to you,
04:20 192 5,97 ą0.10
Restless Lyrics
You can cause a civil war by simply not caring,
how quickly glass houses shatter with screams blaring
from all, walks of life, make decisions more delicate
than a victim looking for revenge against their government,
half the reason i selected this stance,
is the way inside my rib cage the drums makes me dance
advanced passed self doubt to blind curiosity,
cause in the womb i studied martin luthers philosphy,
so i started off positive and came out swinging,
fighting silent derogitive logic determined on winning,
over and over, we watch the world choose justice,
by picking college over strapping bombs to our esophagus,
to find release and please god, doesnít always agree,
no matter what you sacrifice, itís either price or penalty,
remember me for example not or wisdom or advice,
i do my best to hold it down, but canít always avoid flight,

weíre restless, we need a reason to fight
ready on the left.....ready on the right
politics was your idea, do something with your invention,
truth isnít a myth, itís your only protection
donít just sit back and watch it burn,
donít just sit back and watch it burn,

the respect is only given when respect is earned because
you must learn...

I catch the eyes of strangers, who dig on exhaustion,
and whatís itís costing,
my body to stand up straight,we bait,
the hook with attractive adjectives and invites,
with the perfect balance of war pigs and rappers delight,
I want commentary and debates for democracies sake,
not because the bandwagon hates authorities face,
on t-shirts and bumper stickers, ignorance is gloating,
since when did 4 letters words help get people voting,
we jump in between topics because itís all related,
and i want all my bases covered when i get interrogated,
by critics and loyal supporters, of more than, this,
by cynics and reporters on fear and loathing and mis
judgment, study what hunter had on the agenda
stuck in a world of pseudo jesusís and devilish pretenders,
neither one is helping us set freedom straight,
but i have my finger on the pulse and waiting for the target heart rate.

weíre restless, we need a reason to fight
ready on the left.....ready on the right
politics was your idea, do something with your invention,
truth isnít a myth, itís your only protection
donít just sit back and watch it burn,
donít just sit back and watch it burn,

the respect is only given when respect is earned because
you must learn...

Be afraid of the dark, be worried about the draft,
be scared about the threats that may come to pass,
be nervous about your rent, be wary of the strange,
but donít worry about our leaders, youíve got no right to complain,
the worldís a safer place, but the war has just begun,
the strategy is backwards like how raw wounds become,
anxiety, chasing us, always be prepared,
but rest easy that the president and god are the invincible pair,
thatís not paranoia, itís listenening carefully,
they want your passion, youíre savings, devoted humanity
i was raised on alarm clocks and sirens,
so now to rebel i blow speakers with death to tyrants,
itís my obligation to a nation thatís raised me to choose,
is the strength in my voice and the egoís i can bruise,
for faith iíll taste bullets, for love iíll lose my shape,
but for freedom iíll give myself whatever it takes.

weíre restless, we need a reason to fight
ready on the left.....ready on the right
politics was your idea, do something with your invention,
truth isnít a myth, itís your only protection
donít just sit back and watch it burn,
donít just sit back and watch it burn,

the respect is only given when respect is earned because
you must learn...
03:39 192 5,02 ą0.10
State Of The World Lyrics 02:31 192 3,48 ą0.10
Fly Can't Bird Lyrics 03:44 192 5,11 ą0.10
Pan Stomp Lyrics 01:04 192 1,46 ą0.10
Making A Mess Lyrics
I stand in salute to the last guns to shoot,
the dirt off the end of these ripped up boots,
tied, tight, for flight if needed,
indeed my plights been guided through the past and greeted by
the narrow path with wide angles,
we burn from the light of a solitary candle,
left on, till dawn breaks itís head,
i rather hit snooze and let the tired rest under the bed,
the boogeyman laughs at his own existance,
characters reaching out from the small town distance,
you missed it, sorry that i said it,
usually, my tom foolery is only for the hardheaded,
with knuckles to bare and stories to share,
from the infants in the game, veterans in rocking chairs,
telling me how the days of old,
have suddenly vanished with all this glitter and gold,

someday iíll write a classic,
sureshot make your world fantastic,
swing your fist, if the vibe hits, your chest,
release the scream, weíre making a mess
dance till your death,
move with all of your life,
dance till your death
move with all of your life.

I tells pops not worry, itís a temporary fix,
we live life to die or die trying to get rich,
Itís all the same no matter how you throw the dice,
you get snake eyes, hear the same thing twice,
one plus one equals 2, much time on your hands,
kick the habit for the supply and demand,
nowís the moment to recruit your neighbors,
seperate the rookies from the players in the majors,
hit hard, stick fast, give your neck whiplash,
itís all gonna change once these checks get cashed,
but the money is gone as quick as it appears,
the oppisite ideology of our careers,
the past is gone,realize and move on,
the pioneers got us here and we canít do them wrong,
if they could move suburbs with words from the ghetto,
then the vibe is still traveling through jazz, folk, and metal,

someday iíll write a classic,
kill a beat to have six carry the casket,
swing your fist, if the vibe hits, your chest,
release the scream, weíre making a mess
dance till your death,
move with all of your life,
dance till your death
move with all of your life.

kick down the door, break the glass ceiling with the four four,
tight enough to tip the odds and even the score,
me and the music go back to being children,
we used to fight for fun now itís all business,
flashing peace signs while blasting kool g rap,
sometimes the road to riches looks just like that,
image of cyphers, in the freezing night,
standing outside the show in the circle of life,
bright lights shining eternal from the city of chi,
to the new hamp state of mind in autumnal skies,
hear it the devils cry, fear it in the heavy sigh,
somethingís got to give, so iím giving all to get mine,
mid twenties superstar,
never had a credit card,
to live debt free in these clubs and bars,
1000 mile trips, make your head do backflips,
moving the crowd like this takes years of practice,

someday iíll write a classic,
sureshot make your world fantastic,
swing your fist, if the vibe hits, your chest,
release the scream, weíre making a mess
dance till your death,
move with all of your life,
dance till your death
move with all of your life.

someday iíll write a classic,
kill a beat to have six carry the casket,
swing your fist, if the vibe hits, your chest,
release the scream, weíre making a mess
dance till your death,
move with all of your life,
dance till your death
move with all of your life.
03:30 192 4,80 ą0.10
Belmont And Clark Lyrics
Iím trying to give back, more than sarcasm and lust,
you gotta know that this class,
ainít big enough for the both of us,
seems like you popular kids never learn,
your tribals tattoos are different than these ciggarettes burns,
jumping through hoops, full time to get medical care
cause having coverage today is so rare,
I need to get better, they want bigger donations,
Iím sick of the weather,so iím looking for locations,
bigger than one horse and smaller than hell,
and iíll get there with nothing but a story to tell,
my idols died by the bad timing of gunpowder,
so itís ironic how much itís provoked us to get louder,
on sidewalks and train cars, packed bars,
and vocal booths, weíre looking for ideas and truth,
for generation need a label, dying for a slogan,
glue has come together to fix whatís been broken.

The topís a lonley place,
But the stars always fall to the bottom,
Iím not leaving this city,
until thereís no doubt that iíve got em,

We make hiphop so yaíll could appreciate,
but then remixed it, so rock kids can relate,
to using double pedals for hardcore screamers,
using a resaaince type of demeanor,
we caused mosh pits, cause head nods are boring,
we burned down the house because we love to keep touring,
weíve got no where to live except in basementís and hotels,
so the name of this song is sell sell sell,
priceless now just wait til the album gets older,
but theme this time is coffee is for closers,
we want the kids to follow and parents to understand,
the difference beteween playing and bleeding for fans
Itís not stress free, but iíve got no one to impress,unless,
you count humans, soldiers,martyrs, and activists,
this is dedicated to the mission of change,
we heard yaíll were bored so weíll try a different game,

The topís a lonley place, repeat
But the stars always fall to the bottom, repeat
Iím not leaving this city, repeat
until thereís no doubt that iíve got em, repeat

This is for role models, fully clothed, drug free,
cold callers, with no budget or publicity,
in a city, where doors slam and cell phones die,
where 2 party systems share the same eyes,
where independent movie theatres keep you sane,
on belmont and clark where angels heal brains,
blame the crowded streets for killing the individual,
where everyone looks fresh from a sex pistols video,
but i stay, to get some work done,to quiet the doubts
play until my words are gone then find the scenic route,
with 30 miles to the gallon keeping you balanced,
from 14 million hands grabbing your talents,
You need a homebase, someplace to relax,
in the arms of medicine and fateís perfect match,
a confirmation of wasted years and torture gone,
a new beginning of full lungs and nothingís wrong,

We always talked, about white chalk and dark water, while
Anxious fathers tried, but neither of us ever bothered,
to alter our course, before the brick wall,
stole the roar from our mouths, and showed us how to dance,
we always hurt but never enough to lose a chance,
we dragged each others feet through the broken glass to advance and
make something out of our broken selves,
with dizzy spells hyperventalating in a paper bag hell,
You destroyed me for the sake of rebuilding,
squeezing my thoughts while the skin was peeling,
revealing the new breed of nice guy, so appealing,
no man made, obstacle, can keep me quiet,
iíd rather kill the pilot and crash into a giant,
i took care of that in a past life, but now the future is worth it
the drugs will balance out but cant make me perfect
forget being nervous, your job is be steady,
you taste the posion, iíll find a remedy,
and mention me, when god wants revenge and names,
iíll be waiting with slingshot rock and good aim

so lick a shot because the bullet tastes good,
bandage the wound because the blood is see through,

and no no no one can see how much you suffer
04:05 192 5,62 ą0.10
Hometown Anthem Lyrics 04:15 192 5,85 ą0.10
Glupies Lyrics
I was sitting at a table waiting for the check to come,
Eating hella cheap cause Iím only a party of one,
She must have noticed how lonely Iíve become,
Or the c notes I counted with the top of my thumb,
Left a huge tip cause Iíve got it like that,
Swept her off her feet to forget the past,
She was the stereotypical, easy to get,
Mythological goddess, with the world in her step,
Even at my best, I was feeling ashamed,
My rejection to her question was suddenly feeding her flame,
I fired the first shot, but it was only warning,
That vodka never said Iíd look ugly in the morning,
Once the high wears off and your clothes are on the floor,
Iíd rather buy you a taxi than make us both into whores,
The lust is never worth making your life worse,
Even if she was the freshest thing to walk godís earth,

Women need love, but these are games,
Talk a lot of nothing, show a lot shame,
One nightís not enough to make you rich,
You need a little less beer, not so quick,
A million rappers who fall for these traps,
Trust me, my baby donít look like that,
Show goggles, makes models, out of skin and bones,
Stop looking for a bed, start looking for a home.

Smooth and specific, body looking terrific,
Athletic and gifted, but a broke down gimmick,
Full of chopped lines, with a white stereotype,
Bloody nose sniffing like she just lost a fight,
Got a thing for performers and anything that walks,
Hardly wanna pass her by if all she wanted was talk
I Swear Iím the nice guy, never giving the vibe,
But sheís thinking I look gullible and gives it a try,
Ms. Bar patron all over again,
Looking drunk and stumbling getting a drink from a friend,
The money is a bonus, she already knows this,
Itís more about the fame and people, who notice,
Strobe light honey, face out of focus,
So lonely, so obvious, heartbreaking hopeless,
City any city, the network donít stop,
Itís a trip, what sheíll give for hip-hop.

A million rappers who fall for these traps,
Trust me, my baby wonít look like that,
Show goggles, makes models, out of skin and bones,
Stop looking for a bed, start looking for a home.
Women need love, but these are games,
Talk a lot of nothing, show a lot shame,
One nightís not enough to make you rich,
You need a little less beer, not so quick,

Shorty acting like she really wants to know my name,
Getting my credit card number running her tight game,
No way Iím falling for it despite all the big words,
Ainít nothing more enticing than exciting pretty girls,
Thatís exactly the problem so obvious to see,
Lady donít tek no, but this ladyís talking to me,
Her intentions were dripping off her crimson fangs,
Telling me she came to return the vibes I gave,
Iím not looking for a one-night stand,
I donít need a quick fix, and master plan,
To smash a first name, I didnít bother to get,
Body made of beer and layer of sweat,
Dance maniac, loving every line I say,
Guest list queen, never seems to pay,
Cultured in her music, acts like an expert,
Unemployed until tour then itís time to work,
Buys merch from everybody, but never cdís,
Sheís got a barter system, works perfectly,
Low cut shirt, never hurts to wear,
Attention getter better get her VIP this year,
Shakes the hand, got the look in the eye,
Motel key sitting next to her thigh,
Ready for the sing along, it goes like this,
The poison is yours, it just takes one kiss

Iím looking for dignity,
Not a chick just to dig me,
The last thing on my mind is sex with a stranger,
Iím trying to play shows and make some paper,
This is my living, stop killing all the feeling,
Hey drunk girl stop sleeping,
On your own self esteem,
Thanks for digging the game but youíve got the wrong team.
04:27 192 6,10 ą0.10
In Between Her Lyrics 00:47 192 1,09 ą0.10
Never Really Know Lyrics
Iím sorry Iím 3 months late,
keeping you up to date on my travels and shape,
things have been going great and for honesty's sake,
it's good to sort it all out and get the story straight,
justified by infinite car rides, Iíve had the time to sort and process us,
and I can't say for sure but I think Iíve finally started making some sense
and good, out of old habits, they don't go away young,
I can't ignore the fact that we used to think as one,
It's like watching the flower grow into old age,
no matter how much water you give it, it fades away,
you lose what you love, nature always make sure,
you bruise when you touch, nature always stays pure,
with her I wouldn't have it any other way,
There's hope in the things good people have to say, (drop)
we'll do anything in our power to forget the past,
or we sing songs to make the best moments last,
I grab these recent years anytime I can,
close my eyes and relive the all laughing again,
and Iíve been through this before but it's never the same,
fought the same kind of war, for someone else's name,
I don't want to go back, but somethingís pulling me there,
No matter how much I concentrate your ghost is still here,
you never really know....

My eyes are giving out from staring into nothing,
They've been looking inside to fix the malfunction,
reliving old moments to say the right thing,
that's my god given gift of imagining,
what it could have been like, what it would of been like,
to build a world as man and wife, despite that
I chose tears without explanation,
standing in the rain nursing my patience,
but then again there was nothing left for me to say,
or at least I was convinced that was the only way,
to get past the cities limits and visit myself for once,
find an audience that mimics the people I trust,
confront the damaged parts of my psyche
so the rest of the world could start to like me,
but first things first, the slate must be clean,
change the things you can touch but leave the rest to dreams,
I seem jaded but it's more like preoccupied,
saving everyone I can in this little world of mine,
It's always been this way, roadblocks and broken toes,
Iím trying to keep it going, cause I know one day Iíll grow,
into the world's best therapist with something to show
itís all so overwhelming, you never really know. ...

reality check, she doesn't live here anymore, dont
reality check, she can't hear what your saying,
reality check, at some point the connection's gone
reality check, there's a reason this happened
what happens when you slit your wrists and everyone dies except you?
04:26 192 6,07 ą0.10
Vessel Lyrics
First thing I remember brings me 25 years back,
Overcast morning, the kind that almost looks fake,
First thing I saw was white walls, and bright light bulbs,
Blurry pictures and hands holding cans of paint,
The image used to be clear, but years are never kind,
Your past is always playing present tricks on your mind,
Muffled noises slowly became voices,
Hovering over my body watching godís miracle happen,
Life shot through my limbs,
They started asking me questions,
But I obviously couldnít answer with my comprehension,
Being newborn status,
Classes wouldnít start for a while,
I know Iím not the fastest thinker,
But I was quickly mobile,
at an early age, My chores started, just like everyone else,
My friends donít speak much but at least they help,
When there is work to be done, one of three sons, Iíve always been special,
The others got boring names, but my parents called me vessel,
Middle name 1208 and I donít complicate,
I keep busy and have no time to waste,
Careening with a social scene, or playing on sports teams,
But I understand what they always mean,
When teens arenít supervised, theyíll kill each other,
I know firsthand from always watching over my brothers,
But tonight we celebrate the day that I was born,
Every year I wait by the window and listen for the horn,

3 hours late and usually I wouldnít complain,
But their absence today is more than just a little strange,
Should I be suspicious? my record is flawless,
Iíve watched them sleep while my hands cropped the harvest,
This house is keeping secrets, and itís got the worst timing,
So Iíll force these walls to tell me where my family is hiding,
Providing light for my search, flipped the switch in the kitchen,
The windows were open; something stirring caught my vision,
On the table next to a phone number Iíve never seen,
Scattered papers in a folder and a picture of me,
It was a title of ownership from 1978,
For a registered machine with the initials of my name,
And stapled to the title was a receipt for disposal,
With todayís date on it, and signature from the owners,
This canít be right, I donít understand what this means,
These papers say this machine is me?

I read all I could but most of the information was worthless,
Except, after 25 years your machine is out of service,
Lights in the driveway someone is at the door,
Let them come for me, there is nothing for me here anymore,

I spent my whole life thinking I was human,
They tricked me into thinking I was one of them,
So the chores would be done, the laundry picked up,
The house would be clean, I wanted self esteem,
I wanted respect in a race that was alien to me,
How could I feel alive and just be machinery
Iím angry at what theyíve done; my family is my life,
Theyíve left me here by myself to sacrificed,
Iíll go to the roof and give them what they want,
If Iím so robotic then the pain was never real,
Just a program to bind manís ways to my flesh,
Only after 25 years does it all made sense,
What kind of god leaves you tortured with free thought?
Keeps you alive for labor then recycles the spare parts,
They can have these limbs; return them to my parents,
Tell them vessel tried to find the truth under his skin
Three stories high, but one story over,
Metal hits the ground, brain smashes, closure,

never thought I was trapped, never needed escape,
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