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Oliver Square Lyrics
Yo, it's corrupt where I'm from...Edmonton...TOUGH!
the swedes could speak about the heads we drums...ROUGH!
city lights will leave you red with blood
punched holes in the wall, then they fed the the thugs lunch....after they rocked the party in the literal sense
sedimentary perpesity they hit the kid on the lips
shit, you could could be on "Whyte.Ave" havin the time of your life
then you get your arm broken by a random cab driver, ask Katie
the nightlife is mad crazy, when a drunk tries to steal your car, he was trying to play me
but I didn't let'em, we peeled off quick, then we parked at IGA to break the seals off the lid
don't generalize, you must think and wonder
why i drink 40's and memorize buslink numbers?
well, I don't have a license, but I'm trying to gain prominence
cause i'm living in a house with a fridge full of condiments

see me on the bill
better follow me there
i solemnly swear
i'll make it back to oliver square

so I'm drunk at the "Funky Pickle", nothing difficult
came out with just napkins, it was something pityful
currently unemployed but I depend on my friends
to contend with my impending impulse to spend
so I let Jane cover my pictures at "The Strat"
till I get a lil bit riches from this rap
but I digress, peeping few cherries in the rearview
R.C.M.P check for drunks on a steer through
yeah I take the 7th on 82nd to get to Jasper
so I can hit new city with the electro crashers
and Doug says "it's a vouyers roleplay"
to check someone seated like their birthday in the worst way
see me at "Victory", don't ask to see the skill
I'm sick of fanboys where im not competing him or
robotic bill spit, I come with the ill shit, still good
but more dangerous than "Milwoods".

see me on the bill
better follow me there
i solemnly swear
I'll make it back to oliver square

I need to listen like records,
y'all all to get dismissed, on the wake up
I tend to politic with "Crisp"
don't stick your nose up, just cause the sic flow up
like if you go to a show to might see Nick Cosa
like if im on the mic, you better get froze up
cause i cut aluminum like a bus station smoker
anyway, we tend the black dog in on tuesdays
any crew with useless talk, don't give a fuck what you say
better low if your connected to lame prose
I'm bout to hit'ch ya with a stellar bottle of halo
ugly chicks at "The Armoury" sweet, alcoy
girl, i don't wanna be scening you like "Cowboys"
and I don't rap for free, not one dirty
your list will go downtown like the 135
lamping real pretty, don't care what rapping can get me
I'm just letting y'all know.. I'm from champion city

see me on the bill
better follow me there
i solemnly swear
I'll make it back to oliver square

From Milwoods, to the West-end
ask anyone of my best friends
you know what it is
03:33 204 5,19 ˆ0.10
Sharks Lyrics
Old School, New School
need to know this
getcha game up you better keep focus

And so I said that they were biters
sharkin' up lines from lawless resolutes
chip off the writers block with 9's that chop against the destitute
evolution of the manor, trade royalites with verses
go with platinum, can't go with hurts since
A verse gets termed as the worst, but when immersed in your playlist
that shit plays first re...hearse all bars
matter harsh scars and battle
I bring tallstalls with chatter yet they all just shatter and split
battered by the saccharine gifts, stolen from affiliates, Sharon Patter and redshit
Shoulda stitched it by hand and mouth, now you shook planning doubts
spitting west while standing south, all n all, sucess for you is not at all probable
when I take you to the lake to find out if your water-soluble
I'm sick of bitches typing like their spliting inches off a ruler
to be judged by, file pressing consider my style, metric.

That means stop biting my shit!
That means start writing your shit!

No rest for the weary, or the wicked stand witness
to know rest for the weapon, I'm a skeet with tradition, now listen!
this isn't just another sick written from the darkstar harm how the sharks that get bitten
This is hardtaught! Don't expect a rescue and don't let me catch you alone in the carpark
cause shark skin is fashion and that is me
touch your anatomy right down to your "Carhartts"
use to write for a site but I didn't spark smarter
Ritebrite! You could think it, my first pink slip
but this isn't a house by writing bumper stickers
it's something you stick it and bump, like a heroin needle
see the shit in the trunk is apparently lethal
which y'all live to disrupt like American leaders
I'm gonna pull quick from the category
I run bullshit like a matador, see?

That means stop biting my shit!
That means start writing your shit!

I'm the rapier, but you fear that the spear that sparred our father harbours pokes
rich rappers might catch a Darva Conger in...HOAX!
that the bitch they get with doesn't switch, Approach!
to the sickness, leave you witless buying her ropes n
rings n things of that nature, shit all you hear is "rings this",
"pitchpacks", "pagers"
to get that paper, she'll find a mattels a cell
style for Fidel's as hell, looks like a dictator
type a chick that a getcha car stolen
Hardtoil! She might get up in that ass like Shark Oilden
again I can see what you thought was a fargo
but you can't trust those with hearts like charcoal
I didn't prepare to punk, from when I put em in the boat
It was a Lebaron trunk
I connect for the very best sound and set
now I'm rockin a tooth right around my neck

That means stop biting my shit!
That means start writing your shit, kid!
03:59 158 4,51 ˆ0.10
Grim Fandango Lyrics
skulls like crossbones, boneheads and barelimbs
a spare grim when I tear the air, apparent
daring to be truthful, but with winners with no scruples
using the useful lights that would suit his pupils
looking at suitable samples a chance be sold
i'm not illin, chillin or chillin on lamping cold
i'm rational even when i'm slashing your nose
they think it i'll snatch your nose quick
on a pass with show flicks
i'm just pass with flow shit
no diss like your progress, i know best
you can role a script without blown test
i notice they no this is no diss
just showmanship on my programs
which i had a dream in which i wished i had my hands raised
to my place in complacency at the manblades
memory vague, but the scene resembled a police raid
fanned up, dance grim
fandango fade

yo I come through your hood with a sick demeanor
cause I got thick skin like mixed edema
and on it is an anthem of a movement of the greatest speech of
princely park to save in his cheek, raising you bleak
this is bunker rap, punks react
put screens when the the thunder claps
fuck knowing I rap truth, well-versed in a ledge
punchlines smack you gap-toothed like Percy Sledge
as the fluid movement knowing i kinda do it
if you do 3 life truants 1 translucent, i'll bust
a capillary and bust another one above that
and i'll cop one of your late records
yes, i'm fucking with that, i see you bumping with gats
i'm slapping you wrists, amble your shit, student
i'm the master of diss
I tote a smoking gun and hope that cancer sticks
so a star was born, now you have no ass to risk

i flew a delta kappa rapper in you mouth reticle
I might as well keep it all alphabetical
If you are what you eat, and I am what she eats
that makes me a chicken and her a consumer, believe me
and if ICU and UBC then I C seein and I see you
and I know you don’t wanna twirl with bars
cause if you and I verse we'll end up worlds apart
I got love for twenty-two 2's with scene flow
change the station with amazing grace, they call me "free-throw"
it ain't foreplay for banisters to doorway
a whore say "play four" while I say "foreplay"
damn right I fuck fans, all with live ringers
meaning I fuck-up fans, get punched by five fingers
line splitters, catch D.A.K Day Clipperer
six shooter who does seven sins
to make eight figures.
03:37 214 5,51 ˆ0.10
Black Hand Lyrics
I went crazy,
For a while,
But before then,
It was so beautiful,
Long days,
And even longer nights,
Filled with the greatest feelings one can ever imagine,

Only when I had you,
Now that I'm sane,
I need your poison flowing in my blood,
Just to feel normal again,
It's the only way,

Reminiscing on better times,
Remembering when I was fine,

Now it's all over,
Back to the same routine,
That I love so much,
Now I can't wait,
For tonight when me and you,
Can drift off into a dream,

Reminiscing on better times,
Remembering when I was fine,
03:47 207 5,60 ˆ0.10
30 Seconds Lyrics
So tell me.... why is the climate flipped?
the truth is black and white like the 9 hole chips
or the "no logo" logo used to buy hardcore frodolo
now im trying to put holes in the their barcodes like promos
should i even know why we spend?
companies concentrate on the camps like IBM
if you've ever seen a CEO smile, he get focused as hell
coal burners after oil murders, ghost in the shell
hello is yellow and red and bush is fellow in bed
you better get the point like stelletos the head, DEAD!
brightly map out a path that a keel a taurus
the smoke on the water, straight outta Phillip Morris
look at Wal-Mart, they thugged down niceness
goin through the sweatshop, rundown the prices
as far as wrong plans go, their a bigger public enemy
than Flava Flav working for Monsanto

Don't spend a dime until they get the price filed
even i'm sellin a life style, testing the cause
freshest dipt to veteran boss
thirty seconds gets my message across

I am man of argyle companies far from even-handed
but I've even handed out cash for their jeans and hats
seeming that i contradict quite slightly
to think their wearing orange, blue and white nikes
but does it really make a difference?
since everyone's interest is green paper
many companies thrive off cheap labour
like I told this punk to watch his feet
he said "Fuck Off!"
told him "Nike owns Converse, you weren't safe with chucks on"
it seems what you wear is a cotton ideology
or homespun philosophy from growing up autonomy
but you are not alone like the festival line-up
claused to find the tree that they want you to climb up
not hung-up on thrift stores but I feel a little better
spending cheddar on a used-button upper sweater
I won't say stop buying cause it isn't realistic
but copp it cause you want it, make your own damn decisions

Don't spend a dime until they get the price filed
even i'm sellin a life style, testing the cause
freshest fit to veteran boss
thirty seconds gets my message across

First, you are being watched and "no", I'm not fucking paranoid
a pair a boys with pins to get locked to your latitude
an attitude to get it real, smart with what you have to do
before you let'em in, quite drop wit a batter you
the game's on fist, put the names on the list
your an actor in a play and i'm changing the script
it's amazing to sit, perhaps you know
magical bull gonna take you an go to true product...
placement in your moving pictures
hatred in your schooling system
forsake a patron saint, the president want youth eviction
for his own devices vicegrip griptape taperoll, roll up!
plus are targets this way is a display
a politrickery carry wood call it bickory
whether red or food, they giving you wood like hickory
this is the bravest record of vast instruction
signing off, cadence weapon of MASS DESTRUCTION!!!

Don't spend a dime until they get the price filed
even i'm sellin a life style, testing the cause
freshest fit to veteran boss
thirty seconds gets my message across
03:36 204 5,21 ˆ0.10
Diamond Cutter Lyrics
I know this chick with a crystal-tipped dagger in the sack
so you'll be an old-school caddy with that diamond in your back
she was out of hand man, thrice she lusted
ice cuts, nose holes stayed nicely dusted
slightly trusted her.. she had nothing to lose, see?
lightly touched my hand while puffing a lucy
loosely a hately was based in thin paste
she was chased before a million pickmates
sick placement, a job like any other, her mother had her inherit
a love they by thrust, the love of a single parent
apparent fire in her eyes, picking the seamlines of her dress
scenery, she was wearing the street lights
red, yellow and green
bedfellows since dreams
de-sense a time it seems, feel a fellow with needs
to win loneliness, she never touches his lips
but he'll touch her lower ones, you couldn't sew them shut
and if he doesn't have the funds, she'll make him sell his rings
so he can tell his wife, how he lost it in the sink
she was regular clientele, all boys with fake names
not a man to speak of, regardless of they're age
she a and fakeness, these patrons are brainless
fucking on the low cause a girlfriend complainess
cause the people leer around, they stare on in the foyers
she closes the blinds because it doesn't pay voyeurs
another day, another charm, another night
crying at her night buy-in is her knight, Brian
she has a steady name, loves what he hooks
but at work, she's in a random house
like she was publishing books
with words, she had a little way, a little play
she even have this little sashay, so she could get a little pay.

(but you know a's funny like.she use to wear
these heels and shit with joint....but well...oh well..
i..i.i've gotten of topic a bit)

She asked me to come up, I needed a reason to decline
I said "I'm lacking in Michelin"
she said "I don't mind" but what if i do?
this isn't about you, this is between me and your sphincter
is that true? (true)
at late, pass made in the alley
I was galley, plus she was holdin her panties
I misconstrued this as a culmination of lost childhood and possessive tendencies but really, she just wanted to fuck
considering the position and the many other she knew
there any much that a brother could do
we aptly made it to her apartment
for hardships, she marked in parts in were starving
a marksmen, had a target lined up
climbed up to mount
but my mind said time to bounce.
but I didn't, she was propped up, WOW
who thought...her boyfriend would find us (oh shit!)

before I had my chance to leave her abode
Bryan came through with the steel and the chrome
had my guard up, he was rushing to attack
then all of a sudden, I felt something in my back
02:44 195 3,81 ˆ0.10
Holy Smoke Lyrics
i think I'm ready to quit
commercials sets the precedent
the truth is ruthless with the smoothest of pestilence
i tried to finger point what ashes to anoint
till i found allow that couldn't strip joint at the hip
selling point was demographics
the younger the better, your brother would sell' er some antics
antics, zany is the brain you get de-fried
but the companies are hungry for this distant design
or the youth culture supulca, two users
and doomed futures, an industry for the heartless business man
business plans are in-demand but this man be drastic
cause they're nothing more American
than smoking someone's bones from out the closet
they probably just have decapitated names
cold-gated scums with that home on the range
pages of scripture about pain and evictions
with a field of caskets, a modern Damascus

into my abode humble
stumbling over opposing numbers
crumbled pillars under which a mother wouldn't know comfort
but let me get this straight, you seem to avoid the subject
of leaving zig-zag's in my room, how fitting, now getting upset
with the blue smoke floating in my attic
the window might be open but the epilogue is tragic
see, I'm not your average kid, ma
deader scene crowds slangin
dang it, my basement was a green house
hanging at my work bench, playing games, lighting matches
and sir, you don't have a job so your lighting the assets
I'm grinding my aspects i except this from your contest
the last cat in your line left my mother snowblinded
but coke floats...when your dealing with a dreamer
that man took her for a ride and left her at the cleaners
bad blood cousin, this is the last place i have left
and when i die i don't wanna choke on my last breath

New Jerusalem, i pass an alley with an only daughter
and a suit to use and hands to dip a jay in holy water
rolled with care, coin-instruction manual wrapping
for the blunt butts to come in this actual happening
she's lesser for knowing more
he just turns and says "probably"
drinks at elevation than what preserves dead bodies
and that's what she was doin, eyes that hope to learn
that the smoke had a voice, that burning bush that spoke to her
the door next to her was church for misdirected people
the ministers were on a chase that was less than steeple
evil pains, lastic gain, act so strange
that bearded old man seemed his being was inside stained glass
i look away hear doctors asks infected patients
for cash to scratch like they were passing collecting plates
my boy "Chuckles" quietly claim me "it's only dope
it doesn't make frankincense
it's holy smoke"
03:16 232 5,43 ˆ0.10
Fathom Lyrics 04:01 228 6,57 ˆ0.10
Turning On Your Sign Lyrics 03:44 222 5,93 ˆ0.10
Lisa's Spider Lyrics 02:31 156 2,81 ˆ0.10
Vicarious Lyrics 04:20 195 6,05 ˆ0.10
Julie Will Jump The Broom Lyrics 10:19 113 8,32 ˆ0.10