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Booom 2006 - The Third , Various Artists
Booom 2006 - The Third
Release type: Album
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Release date:


Duration: 72:19  
Size, Mb: 109,26  


Price for album: 1.68 (discount 20%)  

Title / Artist     Duration Bitrate Size (Mb) Price Download
Ain't No Other Man Lyrics 03:47 176 4,56 0.10
Ayayay Lyrics 03:36 256 6,18 0.10
Ek Is Back Lyrics 03:45 224 5,64 0.10
On We Go Lyrics 03:52 176 4,80 0.10
Blow The Whistle Lyrics 02:44 192 3,63 0.10
Lord Give Me A Sign
Lyrics 03:08 208 4,43 0.10
Cues Junge Lyrics 03:13 208 4,56 0.10
Extravaganza Lyrics
[verse 1]
Last night me n my dawgs were hanging out
Tired of being cramped up in the house
We were simply celebrating life
Off from work today so it's alright
But all those ups n downs had me in a twist
Started dancing wit this model chick
And then every record became my favorite song
And that is all that I remember

Cuz I had one too many drinks
And ended up at the embassy
With this pretty little thing from Memphis, Tennessee
It was a one night extravaganza

[verse 2]
When I woke up from last night's avoutrie
Baby girl was layin next to me
Shoes n clothes were scattered everywhere
I got dressed n got up out of there
But not before I called a cab
Hung over from all the drinks I had
And now I'm telling my story to u
Everything that I remember

Cuz I had one too many drinks
And ended up at the embassy
With this pretty little thing from Memphis, Tennessee
It was a one night extravaganza
I had one too many drinks
And ended up at the embassy
With this pretty little thing from Memphis, Tennessee
It was a one night extravaganza

Only was an extravaganza
yes it was the things that I remember

[verse 3 Kanye West]
And I remember bein at da bar tryna ask what dat hypno hit fo' (hit fo')
Knowin I cant afford to get mo' (get mo')
Here's a broke niggah trick buy one bottle and sip slow
Or, or leave da club now come back when u get dough
A fishstick niggah now we messin wit lobster
We messin wit grammies we messin wit oscars
We messin wit dat dranky drank
Plus u puffin on da stanky stank
In the mornin u gon draw a blank
The hotel say ya was ours
My girl wasnt on shit I picked the wrong one
'Stead he talkin bout I aint like them other girls
Well tonight I'm tryna find them other girls
Bring they own rubba girl
Never meet ya motha girl
You know they luv it when u luv em when they tell they friends giirrl

I had one too many drinks (I had one too many (u know they gon blame it on the drinks))
And ended up at the embassy (u no the excuse is to do excatly wat u want)
With this pretty little thing from Memphis, Tennessee (J.Foxx, Kanye to da)
It was a one night extravaganza (And the winners are)
I had one too many drinks (thats BSP baby, we got black star power in the room right now)
And ended up at the embassy (easy, easy, be very easy)
Wuith this pretty little thing from Memphis, Tennessee (calm down please)
It was a one night extravaganza (I aint c da periods)
I had one too many drinks
03:36 208 5,03 0.10
Henna Lyrics 03:13 256 5,67 0.10
Dance! Lyrics 03:32 224 5,52 0.10
That's The Way My Heart Goes Lyrics 03:33 240 5,85 0.10
A Kiss Is All I Miss Lyrics 03:24 224 5,15 0.10
Je T'adore Lyrics 04:03 240 6,70 0.10
King Kong Lyrics 03:44 240 6,11 0.10
We Are The Champions Lyrics 02:56 240 4,82 0.10
Somebody's Watching Me Lyrics 02:48 240 4,67 0.10
United States Of Love Lyrics 03:41 192 4,94 0.10
So Klingt Liebe Lyrics
[Verse 1]
Amil outlaw fly indeed
Got every chic's man eyeing me
Think you could crush this try and see
Its the major coin i-n-c
And am too hot to just be warm
I start fire alarms from dusk to dawn
Catch me with the diamond clusters on
And Gucci feathered sandals with the mustard thong
Model Mommy
The body like a cola bottle mommy
Mulatto up in the galoino mommy
One in a Amiliyon killin' em
Might have to change my name to billioyn
Voice so ill you'll wanna speak my shit
Joints so hot you'll wanna leak my shit
Plus haters sneak peek my shit
But still I be the only one to freak this shit

Y'all dead wrong
If you think you fuckin' wit this
And you'll know
That y'all got nothing on this
Y'all want that
or you want something like this
Those who hate
Yeah y'all just fronting on this

[Verse 2]
Why chicks don't wanna rap on the same song as me
You need a verse ma, its on me
See all this publishing belong to me
Just imagine how the second album gonna be
Non-stop party hopping
Roc roc rocs and keep on rocking
Everything I spit be popping
Anything Amiliyon want she copping
(Whoop Whoop) Ain't nothing change
And I play more ballers then them rucker games
Light gray studs, ring, watch, plus the chain
Will I ever be broke what's my name?
Have you ever seen a chick like this?
Ever heard one spit like this?
I dead 'em all put my word on that
All money is legal and I murder tracks


[Verse 3]
Cute as a button
Can't tell this bitch nothin'
Ghetto fab whole click bubbling
Diana Ross the boss of the rock
Shit you know me I got to floss at the spot
Wit a dime as nigga who be tossing knots
Every bitch hating cuz I'm scalding hot
It can't be because I got begets on
Cause niggas love this bitch even with seats on
I'm the A-m-i-l-liyon
Strictly be on that shit major coins be on
I got joints making competition wanna drop dead
I got joints making you bop your head
I got joints that will have your eyes blood shot red
Fuck the doe I want my props instead
Stay real with it
Might pack stell wit it
You can hate but you still gotta deal wit it

03:37 240 5,94 0.10
Easy Lyrics 03:25 192 4,44 0.10
Bakerman Lyrics 03:30 224 5,45 0.10
World Hold On Lyrics 03:18 224 5,17 0.10