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Be (Instrumental), Common
Be (Instrumental)
Release type: Album
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Duration: 42:17  
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Be (Intro) Lyrics 02:24 192 3,36 0.10
The Corner Lyrics 03:44 192 5,19 0.10
Go! Lyrics 03:44 192 5,18 0.10
Faithful Lyrics 03:31 192 4,89 0.10
Testify Lyrics
She walk into the court her knees buckle
Saying for a man to survive he need hustle
Seen and been through struggle her whole life
Made a transition from being his ho to his wife
Stifling, the night upend the ATF bust in
Her daddy was a hustla so she love them
Looked at the jury how can they judge him, she screamed

[Honey Cone sample]
Before you lock my love away, before you lock my love away
Before you lock my love away, before you lock my love away
Please let me testify

Fear in her chest her face in tears, had her mans back he was facing years
In her name though the place was his
They trying to take everything except the kids
But years she been through scuffles and fights
While he trying to hustle that white
Up all night wondering if hes alive
Seeing him tried she bubbled inside and screamed

[Honey Cone sample]
Before you lock my love away, before you lock my love away
Before you lock my love away, before you lock my love away
Please let me testify

The judge yelled for order court reporter makin her words shorter
His lawyer sat next to him, she could see how the trial was affecting him
It hurt for her eyes to connect with him, using her lies for protecting him
They arrested him for murder, and gun possession
As they read back her confession she screamed

[Honey Cone sample]
Before you lock my love away, before you lock my love away
Before you lock my love away, before you lock my love away
Please let me testify

The court awaited as the foreman got the verdict from the bailiff
Emotional outbursts tears and smeared makeup
He stated, he was guilty on all charges
She's shaking looking like she took it the hardest
A spin artist, she brought her face up laughing
That's when the prosecutor realized what happened
All that speaking her mind testifying and crying
When this bitch did the crime
the queenpin...

[Honey Cone sample]
Before you lock my love away, before you lock my love away
Before you lock my love away, before you lock my love away
Please let me testify

You accuse me of a, you accuse me of a, you accuse
Please let me testify, please let me testify
You accuse me of a, you accuse me of a, you accuse
Please let me testify, please let me testify
02:37 192 3,62 0.10
Love Is... Lyrics
How beautiful love can be
On the streets love is hard to see
It's a place I got to be
Loving you is loving me
How beautiful love can be
On the streets love is hard to see
Gotta reach that frequency
Loving you is loving me

[Verse 1]
Yeah, you know what love is
Even found it on the ground where the thugs live
My man had to dig deep to find his
Couldn't sleep 'cause on the real he had five kids
Live nig's, real niggaz express and taste it
At crap games, black dames and big faces
Cases in court, fam' showin' love and support
You and your baby's mom thought that love was a sport
As men we were taught to hold it in
That's why we don't know how 'til we're older men
If love is a place I'ma go again
At least now, now I know to go within
At time it can take ya for a spin
Heartbreak hotel then you're home again
I've seen love make a nigga soul pretend
Like a story that he don't want to end


[Verse 2]
It's all love where we come from
In the hood love we was told to run from
That same hood where the guns sung
We holla love, hopin' it would come one
Crack got so many lives undone
From lack of love many hide some run
I knew this girl with a son who dreamt of actin' in plays
Demonstration with her man had her trapped in a maze
Tryin' to find herself again, much of that she'd have gave
Love can free us, to it some of us react as a slave
Funny, we love 'em more when they're relaxed in a grave
Wonder if a thug is raw, is he actin' afraid?
Everybody loves sun, why do I attract shade?
Heard of the love of money, but compassion it pays
Talk about it with my youth so she'd understand
What it is to be loved by a man


[Verse 3]
Some say that I'm a dreamer 'cause I talk about it often
Seen the hardest nigga soften wit' his homie in a coffin
We walk and stand in, fall in it
With the right companion we all in it
Mary sang a song about it, having broad limits
In the game of life, it's the scrimage
Reminiscing on letters I wrote in my small days
A letter to the people, love always

04:12 192 5,79 0.10
Chi-City Lyrics
And you say Chi city
We don't stop naw we don't quit, yeah
[Repeat 4X]

I rap with the passion of Christ, nigga cross me
Took it outta space and niggaz thought they lost me
I'm back like a chiropract wit b-boy survival rap
It ain't '94 Joe we can't go back
The game need a makeover
My man retired, I'ma take over
Tell these halftime niggaz break's over
I'm raw, hustlas getcha bakin' soda
Too many rape the culture
Leave rappers with careers and they faith over
It's a war goin' on, you can't fake bein' a soldier
In the basement listenin' to tapes of Ultramagnetic to the fact the Messiah's black
I turn the TV down we could take it higher than that
I wonder if these wack niggaz realize they wack
And they the reason my people say they tired of rap
Inspired by black Muslims and Christians
Pushin' Cutlasses, dope, and other traditions
In the conditions of the city, the city, the city, the city, the city, the city, c'mon


A black figure, in the middle of chaos and gun fire
So many raps about rims, I'm surprised niggaz ain't become tires
On the street you turn code and then go screech
I tell em fuck em, like I do the police
The beast is runnin' rampant
I'm in between sheets tryna have sex that's tantric
But the getto, tryna make a get up stand up anthem
You spit hot garbage son of Sanford
What you rappin' for to get fame or get rich
I slap a nigga like you
And tell him Rick James bitch
Witcha Hollywood stories on porches
We prolly heard stories about who became rich
And whatever light they hit, we wanna hit the same switch
You didn't know where to aim it, you still remain bitch
I'm forever puttin' words together
Some'll sever mothers from daughters and fathers from sons
The name Com has never been involved with Run
Unless it's DMC or runnin' these broads to bein' free
I'm hotta than the times, you hardly scary
Holdin' gats inside, you cat is Halle Berry
They ask me where hip hop is goin', it's Chicagoin'
Poetry's in motion like a picture now showin'
It's the city, the city y'all, the city, the city y'all

03:25 192 4,75 0.10
The Food Lyrics 03:30 192 4,83 0.10
Real People Lyrics
Yeah, yeah, you know how me and 'Ye do

[Verse 1]
Real People walk in the streets, the streets is talkin'
Often it's beef this city never does
People walk and talk in they sleep
Cold sweats and wet dreams
On how to get green our faith is all in a jeep
Black souls raw and they deep
Hypes tryna talk with no teeth
Shorties sayin' ball or retreat
A lesson we all speak at one point or another
Whatchu expect from one who smoke a joint with his mother
Anointed hustlers in a fatherless region
Through the pain wish they know that God was just teachin'
We want decent homes
So dreams we say out loud like speakerphones just to keep em on
It's like a colored song that keep keepin' on
I guess knowin' I'm weak is when I'm really bein' strong
Somehow through the dust I could see the dawn
Like the Bishop Magic Juan, that's why I write freedom songs
For the real people

[Verse 2]
I wonder is the spirits of Bob Marley and Haile Selassie
Watch me as the cops be tryna and pop and lock me
They cocky, plus they mentality is Nazi
The way they treat blacks I wanna snap like paparazzi
We're the children of a better God searchin' for better jobs
We could cop ghetto cars tryin' not to catch a charge
They say the dope game is sour
Now they doin' homework that's when they follow you for hours
Come to your crib and devour all that you work for
Must be more than paper these niggaz hurt for
Through the purple haze I circle days I rhyme that work for pays
Tryna reverse the slave's mind and insert the brave mentality
Heard that it's drama at home
Can a dude break free and still get honored at home
I was told by a chief it's the games nature
When you're glowin' some will love and some will hate ya
It's real people

[Verse 3]
Black men walking wit white girls on they arms
I be mad at em as if I know they moms
Told to go beyond the surface, a person's a person
When we lessen our women our condition seems to worsen
The weary cursin' the sky
Talkin' to themselves givin' the version of why help and hurt in they eye
I live across from it, some of it I do be in
I be showin' niggaz lives
Like UPN
It's real people

For you and yours
Good music
Rock on
We keep on
Uh.. Yeah
Yeah, yeah
The real...
02:48 192 3,89 0.10
They Say Lyrics
[Chorus: John Legend]
They say "What's happenin'?"
We say the facts and then, they lie...
We comin' back for them
They might say... but they don't know!
(They say, They say...)
They don't knowwwww

[Verse 1: Common]
They say a nigga lost his mind
But in the scheme of things I never lost a rhyme
The thin line between love and hatred
I'm the black pill in the Matrix, the saturated life
They say life is what you make it
So I wait quick on a spaceship so I can take it
As high as the stakes get when paper get low
I be tellin Derek, "Tell Kara get us a show"
Little Com, I make righteous bitches get low
The richest man ain't necessarily the nigga wit dough
They say "You ripped" "Wow..." Yea, that's what they say
My niggaz couldn't tell it was me, like Jamie in Ray
Paintin a day, wit focused crime, broads, and good wine
They say "Dope is sour so it's homework and hood crimes"
I stood mine, for forever and a day so goodbye
They never could say - tell 'em, J


[Verse 2: Kanye West]
Ahh... The sweet taste of victory
Go head and breathe it in like antihistamine
I know they sayin "Damn, 'Ye snapped wit this beat!"
Fuck you expect? I've got a history
Groupie love now, gotta be them wheels!
Haters back down, gotta be that steel!
I know they can't wait till ya outta ya deal!
Look how they did D'Angelo ask em how do it feel!
My best friends worry bout me
Cause they know when you famous
And you had made cash
The media aims at us and you be up so high
If you ever fall off, it feel like a plane crash
But God don't ever give me nothin I can't handle
So please don't ever give me records I can't sample
So I could vaca where it ain't no channels
But it's quite ok for a gangsta to wear sandals
They say because of the fame and stardom
I'm somewhere in between the church and insane asylum
I guess it's messin with my health then
And this verse so crazy when I finish
I'm just gon check myself in - again

[Kanye West] "Uh!" (hey!)

[Verse 3: Common]
They say "Dude think he righteous"
I write just to free minds, from Stoney to Rikers
Amongst the lifeless, in a world crazy as Mike is
On my paper, whether it's weed or Isis
They say "life is a game," so I play hard
Writin for my life cause I'm scared of a day job
They say "Sef kept the hood together"
I tell the young, "We can't play the hood forever"
Play my cards right, they say I went too left
They showed me strange love, like I was Mr. F
Played chess in this game of, pawns and knights
Now I claim "King" like Don, or Frank White
They say my life is comparable to Christ's
The way I sacrificed, and resurrected, twice
They say "The crochet pants and the sweater was wack"
Seen "The Corner", now they say "That nigga's back," uh...

03:59 192 5,50 0.10
It's Your World Lyrics 08:27 192 11,66 0.10