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Based On A True Story, Knock Knock Ginger
Based On A True Story
Release type: Album
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Duration: 21:16  
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Love Renee Lyrics
Oh where to begin? The pages are few, but the topic's so dense that I might start a new list of regrets the moment you get back to the car.

(One!) Your grammar weak. (Two!) Your spelling, a sham! (Three!) The homonyms shook with each "its", "there", and "then". Yet somehow they let you purchase a pen in any hue.

But all the misuses of the comma by your hand made the closing "Love Renee" seem like another order in the end.

In all upper case you wrote "LOVE! LOVE! LOVE!" thinking I would change my mind if the "L"s were bold enough.

Well, we took a train down the Carolin' coast. Now the third you recall is the third with the most heartache you always were the queen of the pr?cis.

And the ink you waste on that "LOVE! LOVE! LOVE!" (oh, oh, oh, oh!) could be spent on "why"s instead of those vague etceteras!
04:03 192 5,50 0.10
(The Tragic Love Affair Of) Kasey And Jaime Lyrics
You've got a way about you that keeps you outrunning pain, but I gotta say that I want you to stay.

Now I exclaim that I love you just to get you of the rain, but you've got a way about you that stays.

Oh Kasey, you told me a lie, you said all you would need is a starry sky, and I've made a veil of gauze and wire.

Oh Jaime, you gave me your heart, but I'm focused on the missing parts. So cry 'til your voice is hoarse like Mark's.

Though you have the suitable chest, I cannot help but to confess, that I always thought I'd wear that dress.

Oh how you cried, "I swore I'd never leave you uninspired." But fireworks can't climb forever higher. I swore I'd never leave you uninspired. But even when you're gone there's a consequence to sleeping through the dawn, as it leaves you uninspired.

Now I exclaim that I love you just to get you out of the rain, but you got a way about you that stays.
02:48 208 3,87 0.10
The Great Escape Lyrics
Someday you'll know why I thought life was worth leaving. So if I find a way to spend a holiday away from home, I'll let you know.

I'll pack the maps as you sort through photograph, but when culled, a shoe box worth of pictures of your birth to twenty four always looked so small.

You were just four years old (unaware a hard rain was fallin') when we closed our record store (iodine stained lips a-glowin'). Where you'd spent countless days, your blue eyes all ablaze, reflecting off the vinyl wall.

You said "If our great escape involves a hideaway in eastern Rome, I guess we'll go."

But oh, this could be the end of us, could be the end of us, you never know. This could be the end of us, could be the end of us, you never know.

But in the air tonight the soft scent of sin prevails. You'll be my pride and joy and yet the reason I failed. Cradle my head tonight and I'll be ever in your debt.

On the Autobahn, you fell back to sleep, oh. On your mother's lap you fell back to sleep, oh.
04:56 176 6,20 0.10
Upsala Lyrics
Still waiting for the rainy you swore would come (it's nearly five years late). Those vows I never should have made to the man who loves me though I never felt the same. But when he explained, "We'll restart the human race!" I told myself love was for the olden days - soon all will change.

But I guess nobody told me that the world could live through the night. And this morning I could have left you but I'm chained to higher ground, So maybe I'll stay so unkind that we'll both wish we had drowned in the ocean that has yet to arrive.

"No registries in '99!" to quote Valerie and the pamphlets she lives by. Umbrellas, then, of every size came flooding in. I almost saw the rising tide in the teary eyes that lined the chapel stairs. They all said "You put the Eve in New Year's while we prayed for Cain."
04:25 176 5,28 0.10
The Makeout Song Lyrics
I was expecting the worst when you turned on the lights. Blinded by an old pillowcase couldn't tell noon from night.

You closed your eyes and you sighed, "If there's room on your lips for a long goodbye and if your fingertips still run down my spine, then why can't I feel it at all?"

Pulled by the draft from the door I could smell your cologne. The rhythm in your footsteps meant you were walking alone.

Outside your room there's a beauty salon where the makeup was bought that you dabbled on. And all you could say was "I hope I survive! 'Cause I won't hesitate to die one more time for you!"
05:06 176 6,28 0.10