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Baggariddim, UB40
Release type: Album
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Release date:


Duration: 47:51  
Size, Mb: 85,18  


Price for album: 1.04 (discount 20%)  

Title / Artist     Duration Bitrate Size (Mb) Price Download
The King Step Mk.1 Lyrics 03:31 272 6,47 0.10
The Buzz Feeling Lyrics 03:41 256 6,65 0.10
Lyric Officer Mk.2 Lyrics 03:16 256 5,80 0.10
Demonstrate Lyrics
Well Jerry at de mike come fe Demonstrate
Yes, Jerry at de mike me come fe Demonstrate
Me come fe show de crowd a people dat great is great
Right ya now Mr Jerry at go set tings straight
No MC test Jerry in a ATE
So listen dem ya styles I man originate
First of all me wan you know me na exaggerate
All pirate in de dance me would a evacuate
Is a whole leap a space I man accomodate
An a whole leap a gal I accumulate
Round de mile Jerry don`t need no associate
Me chat by meself me no combinate
Me study very hard because me want graduate
Up de MC ladder I man Essulate
To be a boss MC I`m a chief candidate
True me fascinate nor irritate and me originate
Round de classic Micro-centre dat is where me locate
Me no select no tune an Jerry don`t operate
Fe see me lift speaker - box you must fortunate
Cause asdedance down me gone home me gone go hibernate
Going home de other night me can`t remember de date
De early hours of de morning before people a wake
Bopsing down de road it was me worst mistake Police come draw down pon me an a investigate
Him say "Hey son where you coming from don`t you know that it`s late
I`ve heard about you niggers and the trouble you create"
I said "I`m coming from a party and me going home straight
Me just stop a de shop to buy some cigarette an chocolate"
When me explain de situation him stop interrogate
Turn around jump in a im panda car an say "See you mate"
Is a good ting me never cheeky or be obstinate
Or me could a end up visiting de damn magistrate
De house way me live in you know it must decorate
An de girl way me love ave to affectionate
Nem ya linda lyrics you must penetrate
So listen every word I man and quotate
True me talking very clear you no need fe translate
Cause when me riding pon de riddim me no mek no mistake
Gasst contagious disease I man vaccinate
An true me no wan catch a dose me no fornicate
De lyrics way me chat dem must varinte
Some time me chat itslow sometime me accelerate
Dem ya kinds style you must appreciate
Nuff gal come to me a congratulate
Dem say "Jerry your so good looking can I have you portrait"
I say "Yes of course my darling but you know you have to wait"
Well dais a something I man have to state
A trollop is a woman with a whole heap a weight
Don`t tell her to her face cause she will aggrovate
And if she sit down pon you you will suffocate
At de mile is nuff excitement I Jerry create
And you know that its not hard for me to exterminate
Any boy way come a dance an a duplicate
A style him get off a Saxon or a old yard tape
I say de lyrics way me chat dem must variate
An nuff people dem a say don`t me impertinate
Any gal way me like we must be intimate
But me only make love when me in private
03:55 256 6,86 0.10
Two In A One Mk.1 Lyrics 03:18 256 5,74 0.10
Hold Your Position Mk.3 Lyrics 03:56 256 7,02 0.10
Hip Hop Lyrical Robot Lyrics

Can you dig it, alright I can dig it
Cause I`m your hip hop lyrical robot and a red cool cat
Yes I`m your hip hop lyrical robot and a red cool cat

I want the girls to hear me rap
Cause this mc has got the nack
I`m your body-popping shell shocking
Girls hocking eye popping lick me all over like a lollipop
I`m your juicy fruit
Alright, alright, alright

I said hey white man, indian or black
I`m your number 1 mc and that`s a fact
I`m a goodloocking, girl hooking outstanding
Mile chatting lyrical shock attack
All mcs freeze there on the spot
One false move and you must get drop
I`m always devastating, fascinating
Videmaking, pinstaking, watch it man I`m hot


Its a struggle in life when your skin is black
The system is designed to hold you back
how s`ya do shle hands on the shoulder a pat
One love to my face then a stab in the back
Seven points in snooker when you put down the black
But I still thank God for the little I got


I don`t stop rapping to the musical beat
And I`m in the mood to turn you on
In the groove thats so complete
Wind you hips, shake your body
Or clap you hands even stamp your feet
Just like a bed thats just been spread
You know I`m neat, neat, neat
Just like a tap that`s running hot
Man can`t you feel the heat
Not just now but every minute every hour
Everyday and every week

I don`t give a hoot for loot and shoot
Or prostitutes in skin tight suits
Standing on the corner
They call their beat
I`m not a pimp drug pusher
Gambler or even theif
To the teachers I will preach
And to the teachers I will teach
Cause I`m a hip hop lyrical robot
That is why so unique
Well police and theives are playing
The game of hide and seek
When an imformer gives imformation
Then its called a leak
I jail your a number ruled by govenor
Screws keep you under, wanna see you blunder
When they say "Sit" just take a seat
And when they say "food" it`s time to eat
If a screw says "Nigger" I don`t answer
Yes sir, no sir three bags full sir
Sometimes inmates would even call me a growler
Me a growler, I`m no growler


Well I`m a hip hop lyrical robot
I don`t stop rapping to the musical beat

Well I`m a hip hop lyrical robot and a red cool cat
04:22 240 7,42 0.10
Style Mk.4 Lyrics 04:02 256 7,29 0.10
Fight Fe Come In Mk.2 Lyrics 03:25 272 6,31 0.10
V's Version Lyrics 03:25 256 5,91 0.10
Don't Break My Heart Lyrics 03:50 256 6,67 0.10
I Got You Babe Lyrics 03:09 256 5,65 0.10
Mi Spliff Lyrics

You can`t dep on mi spliff because mi spliff dep already
You can`t dep on mi spliff mi have the hash-ish leb and sensi

Yes people smoke the herb yeah all over the world some bway
name Peter and girl name pearl. (repeat)

All the weed ina the world belongs to you and me
It isn`t man made it is here naturally (repeat)


A man a fix him price so then a man a loose him life
A man loose him life because a man a fix him price
A man fix his price so then a man a loose him life
The police will say no it is pure pappy show well their the
Best ina the buisness


For centuries and centuries man has used the herb for leisure
For pleasure do not disturb. (repeat)

Various parts of the world it is called by many names such as
Pot, grass, sensimila, trush-en-peng, marijuana, hear me now

Rock me now lambsbread save me now green weed (repeat) green weed


So mek me bun up a draw you don't`t have to go far but when it
lick you you will baul out lord, (repeat)
Yes we bun it in a pipe yes we bun it in a pipe have two draw
a new meaning of life (repeat)


Now we well satisfied we both gone slant eyed its a wonderful
feeling and I tell you no lie (repeat)


Now we well satisfied we both gone slant eyed its a wonderful
feeling and I tell you no lie (repeat)
And we walk and a trot we a chat bout this and that if you have
a good draw nothing nah beat that (repeat)


Fade out on sensi
04:01 272 7,39 0.10