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Army Of Anyone, Army Of Anyone
Army Of Anyone
Release type: Album
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Duration: 46:24  
Size, Mb: 78,15  


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It Doesn't Seem To Matter Lyrics 03:52 256 7,01 ˆ0.10
Goodbye Lyrics
Make yourself comfortable
I'll make the drinks
We'll have a laugh or two
I'll make another drink
When's Steve coming home
I want more time to be alone with you
The drunker we get the more you forget
‘Bout the trouble Steve is to you

It'll be a brighter day when Steve's gone away
You can close your eyes when you sleep at night
You don't have to be afraid
It's hard enough to live day by day
When's Steve coming home?

When he hits you he says he loves you
Well I don't think he really loves you!
Wear that pretty dress to cover up that pretty mess
I'll take care of Steve
04:31 256 7,89 ˆ0.10
Generation Lyrics
They give what they give yaYou get what you getThey take what they're takingNo matter what you saidOr maybe it's just apathyOr maybe we don't question it[So helplessIn this messThe fault of all of us, yeahContagious complacent kiss goodbyeGeneration of fear and whatever]Life in the bull's eyeThey won't ignoreLife in the big lieWe won't absolveOr maybe it's just letargyOr maybe we should question it[Chorus](Solo)Generation of fear and whateverGeneration of fear and whatever
03:30 240 5,78 ˆ0.10
Better Place Lyrics 04:59 256 8,89 ˆ0.10
Non Stop Lyrics
A fresh coat of paint and I wash my hands
She's gone away in a Puerto Rican van
And you know that I can't have that
A child turns to whispers and deadbolt doors
In company of teenage boy and whores
A tongue draws poison as loved ones depart
She's a woman now and it's breaking my heart
Leeching off your parents
Swallow incoherence
Crushed a caring hand for a taste of fun
Soaking in libations
A newfound liberation
Telltale sign she's grown up and gone
A light heart denying
Pre-occupied with dying
Heart life defying
Is she falling or is she flying
Looks like little Nikki gone and lost her grip
In a puddle of snot and blood Nikki slipped
A mother hears the cry of her beaten child
It's the loss of life in the heart of the wild
Violence - we are violent
We want violence - we got violence
We are violent - we want violence
We got violence
03:59 256 6,96 ˆ0.10
Disappear Lyrics
Let's not go outsideTo much works in hereHeaven can't help usWatch the walls melt downJesus lost his crownHeaven won't help usDon't look, don't look at me nowI watch how the world works in hereI love how the world works in hereI try to disappearCan't you see what I'm saying?I try to disappearCan't you see what I'm sayingHearts melt with liesFeeling ostracizedThey won't just help usMorning makes us crySaying last goodbyesNo one can help usDon't look at me nowI watch how the world works in hereI love how the world works in hereI try to disappear[Can't you see what I'm saying?I try to disappear.. {3X}] Can't you see what I'm saying?
04:07 256 7,32 ˆ0.10
Stop, Look And Listen Lyrics
I used to think that we could drink from the bottle of pure and simple lifeNow I know that we can't go two or three days without a pointless fight[I truly think that we should repositionThe cold reality of what we're thinkin'Stop, look and listenMaybe that's the way that we'll know]In just a blink, we could shrink to something that might not make it backIn the end, I hope we mend, maybe we can finally make it right[Chorus]Maybe this time we can heal our woundsCause if we don't, we'll just make some moreWe've got a long way to go, It just takes a moment to kiss goodbyeIt just takes a moment to kiss goodbye{Stop, look and listenMaybe that's the way that we'll know} - {Repeat - Fade}
03:52 224 6,15 ˆ0.10
Ain't Enough Lyrics 03:44 240 6,32 ˆ0.10
Father Figure Lyrics
Cold is your heartWhen your heart has been brokenLove is what's lostWhen the lost lead the loathingPain's what you gotWhen your God got goingFear is your foodAnd your food's got you choking[Talk's a good game cause the rules are the sameI can't deny I will listenNow that you kill it's a much bigger pillThere's a larger world you're missingSay what you willWhere's your father figure?]Now spun is your headAnd your head is unfoldingCrushed is your soulAnd your soul is unloadingTorn are your thoughtsAnd your thoughts make life woefulBlood is the costAnd the cost is unwholesome[Chorus]
04:04 240 6,61 ˆ0.10
Leave It Lyrics
Last call, feeling tallI forget the last nightPlease come in down in sitThis is good for me no moreI'm starting to believe itThe hardest thing's to see itDown in me, honestlyThe hardest thing's to leave itThese temple walls will all fallWhile outside the world growsThey call as I withdrawNow they know I'm hollowI'm starting to believe itThe hardest thing's to see itDown in me, honestlyThe hardest thing's to leave itIt's OK to come downI'm starting to believe itThe hardest thing's to see itDown in me honestlyThe hardest thing's to leave itDown in me, honestlyDown in me, honestlyThe hardest thing's to leave it
04:28 224 6,85 ˆ0.10
This Wasn't Supposed To Happen Lyrics 05:24 224 8,37 ˆ0.10