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Lusitanian Metal, Moonspell Lusitanian Metal 2008, Album
Anno Satanae, Moonspell Anno Satanae 2007, Album
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Memorial (Limited Edition), Moonspell Memorial (Limited Edition) 2006, Album
Lusitanian Metal (2 CD) (DVD-rip), Moonspell Lusitanian Metal (2 CD) (DVD-rip) 2008, Concert
Extinct, Moonspell Extinct 2015, Album
2econd Skin EP , Moonspell 2econd Skin EP 1997, Album
Irreligious, Moonspell Irreligious 1996, Album
Sin Pecado, Moonspell Sin Pecado 1998, Album
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Anno Satanae, Moonspell
Anno Satanae
Release type: Album
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Release date:


Duration: 50:25  
Size, Mb: 81,68  


Price for album: 0.80 (discount 20%)  

Title / Artist     Duration Bitrate Size (Mb) Price Download
Halla Alle Halla Al Rabka Hall Lyrics 02:18 192 3,16 0.10
Tenebrarum Oratorium Lyrics 06:24 239 10,88 0.10
Interludium - Incantatum Oequinoctum Lyrics 01:33 178 1,98 0.10
Tenebrarum Oratorium Lyrics 06:15 238 10,63 0.10
Opus Diabolicum Lyrics
"Voa Serpente do orgulho,
M?e da terra, nossa M?e
Lei daqueles que clamam
P'lo Homo Natura, p'la flama,
Voa er?tico Pentagramma
E destr?i, e destr?i quem te ama."

"Masturbar-me-ia sobre a tua divindade,
Enrabar-te-ia se a tua fraca exist?ncia
Oferecesse um cu ? minha incontin?ncia;
Meu bra?o o cora??o te arrancar
Para com o meu fundo horror melhor te penetrar."
05:09 229 8,42 0.10
Chorai Lusitania Lyrics 01:50 186 2,44 0.10
Goat On Fire Lyrics
If you should lose me, oh yeah
If you should lose me, oh yeah

Oh yeah
But just try this

You know I love you
I'd do anything for you
Just don't mistreat me
And I'll be good to you

Cause if you should lose me, oh yeah
Then you'll lose a good thing

I'm giving you one more chance
For you to do right
If you'd only straighten up
We could have a good life

Cause if you should lose me, oh yeah
Then you'll lose a good thing

But just try this

This is my last chance
I'm not asking you anymore
If you won't do right
I'm gonna march right outta the door

And if you don't believe me
But just try this
Then you'll lose a good thing
But just try this

If you should lose me, oh yeah
If you should lose me, oh yeah
Then you'll lose a good thing
But just try this

If you should lose me, oh yeah
Then you'll lose a good thing
06:34 235 11,04 0.10
Ancient Winter Goddess Lyrics
Hey, you seen Jane?
No, man, OK, I'll catch the train.
Can you wait a long time?
No, we gotta catch a flight.
Well, that's roots, man
No, man, it's a fruit.
So give my stone, I'll save it for tonight.
06:09 232 10,16 0.10
Wolves From The Fog Lyrics
Wolves from the fog will join in a nocturnal operetta.
When the wind sounds bohemia and the trumpets loud bacanal.
Oh! Fausts and ninfs the joy of Nahima, Mistress of the Sabbat.
Soon we'll be embraced by our father - the one with horns.
Satan is rejoicing in pleasure destroying the shapes of flesh.
... and once again from the fog, with horns on head came the Wolf
carrying in is shoulder the sacrifice, a beauty to this Walpurgis Eve.
As, to the somber image of our God, the Wolf with Horns I walk!
07:03 224 11,27 0.10
Serpent Angel Lyrics
Father Satan send the Serpent
Poison me with your tongue
Envolve me in a darkness shell
Grant me all the powers of hell
Lucy Feris... bringer of light
Serpent God... Septentrion rise!

Unholy I felt, delirium of death
With blood I enchaint, I'm the Angel
Flesh! Grant me the powers oh!
Diabolical trinity
Enlight me spectre of Leviathan
Genesis of the true lord
In the mass of damnation
Gran-duc of hell Amon recite
thy incantation...
Occult I'm lord Immortal and
my majestic wings dare enlight all
Involeth... Daemoneth... Imoleth... Shehmah Forash...
Only I will oring Emeth

Rise my angels rise!
The creation of me Morbid God
(eerf ylf llahs I, dog eb llahs I)
By the hand of Tiamat, Lord of odd
Open wide the chapel of fall!
Overshadow me Master Belial!
Serpent Angel I am the one they adore!
They kneel before me I'm their Morbid God!
07:14 226 11,69 0.10