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Angel Down, Sebastian Bach
Angel Down
Release type: Album
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Duration: 54:30  
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Angel Down Lyrics
Waiting for
For the battle cry
I took you into hell
Step aside

Now I know
Lost souls looking dead
Without anything and nothing to say

Angel down
Angel down from the barrel of a gun

I dont feel the same today
This soothing makes me very afraid
Paint your eyes and bite your tongue

Fake lies I can't hear ya
Wrapped in lies, bathed in truth
If I could see I'd see nothing
03:48 220 5,98 0.10
You Don't Understand Lyrics 03:08 231 5,14 0.10
Back In The Saddle (Feat. Axl Rose) Lyrics 04:19 236 7,29 0.10
(Love Is) A Bitchslap (Feat. Axl Rose) Lyrics 03:08 226 5,07 0.10
Stuck Inside (Feat. Axl Rose) Lyrics 02:58 235 4,96 0.10
American Metalhead Lyrics
Brothers in one, ageless at heart
Shoulder to shoulder, we'll never die
Legions tonight, hell born and dark
Souls are alive as time marches on

Glorious might, sons of the Gods
Tyrants of loud, Our hearts? Red and black
We breathe in terror, and breathe out the light
Live to survive, we are one tonight

We live we die we kill we rise
American Metalhead

Burn through the night wolves are a pack
Forgotten sons and daughters alike
Lords of forever left stealin' from God
One live to live, we are taking it now
Evil bows tonight
Rise up!
04:02 235 6,78 0.10
Negative Light Lyrics
Nothin' lasts forever
Nobody rides for free
For twenty years I took a stand
You're not takin' no chance on me

Some slow to anger
Some quick to hate
When you've given all you got
And you just can't satiate

We all live in negative
Can we ride to the light?

Deal in desperation
Peddling in spite
If it's a war you're lookin' for
You won't look far tonight

I'm sick of restitution
Paying back in blood
All I ever wanted was a little action
And maybe just a little love

We all live in negative
Can we ride to the light?

Why you gotta make it harder than it has to be?
We could come together
And show the world we're free
Break free!

Negative light comes to me out of the shadows
Negative light gives me what I need
Negative light
The part of me I don't want you to see
Negative light gives me what I need
04:33 223 7,24 0.10
Live & Die Lyrics 03:53 225 6,26 0.10
By Your Side Lyrics
So long my dear departed
Where did you go?
I can't believe your gone and
The nights go on so slow

I'm missing you each morning
Days gone by
Again I feel the longing
To look you in the eye

You know I never let you go
You know I never hurt so bad
And if it takes a thousand years
I will be right there by your side

You know I never let you go
When I lost you I was blind
And every time I catch my tear
I will be right there by your side

I feel you when you're watching
From afar
To young to leave me standing
I wonder where you are

The precious time we spent
The fondest memories
I hold on to the promise
That you made to me


I stare into his eyes
And then I see your face
Undying love inside
A love you can't replace

You're looking down with pride
Let me show what I can't tell

So long my dear departed
Where did you go?
I can't believe you're gone and
My life goes on so slow

05:28 195 7,58 0.10
Our Love Is A Lie Lyrics
Five o'clock in the mornin'
Floatin' over my bed
Temptin' fate is a pleasure
Goin' straight to my head

Not one for the collegiate
Never one for respect
I take what I am given
I never needed what I never get

What id I told you a secret?
You promise you'll never tell?
I wanna get into you now baby
Get me outta this hell

Semi-good lookin' seducer
Slither in the street
I gotta suck out the venom
Desire's killin' me

So go ahead and shoot me
Cause I aint goin down
Aim and fire your best shot
And I aint hittin the ground

What if i told you a secret?
They ask and we'll just deny
I wanna hit you now, baby
Tonight our love is a lie

I can't control myself
My passion reigns
A victim of my lust
Delicious pain
03:21 239 5,71 0.10
Take You Down With Me Lyrics
Why is it no surprise
I'm succumbing to fear?
Unforeseen alibis
In my head I can hear

Devil on my shoulder
Taking control over
Action, reaction
I just can't set it free

Take you down
If I'm gonna die
Take You Down With Me
Take you down
and I know it ain't right
Take You Down With Me

I try to understand
War, suffering, and pain
Turning mankind against man
A generation is slain

Angel on my shoulder
Fighting for control over
My temptation to
Destroy all that I see

Take you down
If I'm gonna die
Take You Down With Me
and I know it ain't right
Take You Down With Me
If I'm crucified
Take You Down With Me

From the mountain on high
Take You Down With Me
From the starry sky
Take you down with me
04:37 226 7,48 0.10
Stabbin' Daggers Lyrics 03:41 243 6,40 0.10
You Bring Me Down Lyrics
I wait for you to sacrifice
Hopin again, again
You'll raise me up again to life
You will save me know
I am less than I have been
This is the falling
Become nothing, man again

You just break me down
There is nothing more in this life to take away
Until my dying day
You bring me down

I opened up another door
Looking for you there
No one can light the darkened room
Who will save me now?
After everything that you tried to put me through
All you ever do is bring me down
03:16 236 5,51 0.10
Falling Into You Lyrics
Here I am
Slippin' back in time
Starin' in your eyes
Like it's all the same

Look at you
You haven't changed at all
The devil's de ja vu
Has lead me down and back into this deadly fall

You take me
Break me
Build me up and then forsake me
Our love, is my world
Then you cut me down with one word
Strung out, it's true
Try to run but I'm falling into you

You're the devil's de ja vu

Bring it on
Bend my will again
Undress the story's end
And make this heart believe

There's a light
In the darkness of my mind
Hangin' by a thread
Like a spider spinnin' out a brand new web


Think about me
Our love is your salvation
Taste my mind
Give in to all temptation
Embrace complete destruction
Wait wait wait wait wait wait


You're the devil's de ja vu
04:21 204 6,35 0.10