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An Illiad Of Woes (Demo), Anathema
An Illiad Of Woes (Demo)
Release type: Bootleg
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Duration: 29:19  
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The Lord Of Mortal Pestilence Lyrics
When I spend too much time alone, I get afraid
Afraid that you’re gonna leave me breathing
Afraid of what they’d throw in the way
In the way of something simple like leaving

"Forgive me if you can," said the sad cashier
"For the dollars and cents our love has become
I didn’t sell you anything, my dear
You were a scarecrow looking for a bonfire to sleep on"

"Believe me if you can," said the pile of bones
"I think that this is all there is left to see.
Just waiting for my perscription to come
Because every second in hell dissolves more of me

And all of heaven’s 10,000 whores
Are on a partyline to his big toe
Singing, "Ooh, I just can’t do it anymore
So don’t bother asking
Now you know"

Don’t bother me with little things
Pennies, nickels, quarters, and dimes
They’ve all taken me as far as I’m gonna go
So don’t bother asking now you know
Believe me if you can
07:34 192 10,40 ˆ0.10
Memento Mori Lyrics
Lazarus wasn't grateful for his second wind
For a second chance
Watch his chances fade like the dawn and leave
I can barely tell you just how pale I get without you

I've been a mess since you've been gone

What were the first words that crowd heard him speak?
I bet he was cursing at the sky
I bet he wasn't turning no other cheek
And was there still hope and desire left in his heart for the last word in love?

Your beauty is just a slap in the face that's gonna bring me back to life
Back to another sky that's blue
It's gonna turn me into another great American zombie
So hungry for you
07:21 192 10,10 ˆ0.10
In The Name Of The Father Lyrics
Dream: In the world of my subconcious, a realm of the unknown
a vision is carved by the almighty hand.
The agony of a thousand souls suppressed by life itself
released unto the lord by his command.
My hands are covered with the blood, the blood of hiS salvation.
His spirit will live etarnally.

Take his life, by your command.
A sacrifice, by your command.

As I rise from my troubled sleep,
I pray the lord, my soul to keep
wondering if he has chosen me to do this work,
I speak no blasphemy
Do I confess? I am terrified I cannot run, there is no place to hide
I search for help, but there`s nobody there for my
dream is now a recurring

... Nightmare

Brother of the holy order, I seek your help
Understand my plight. help me fight this curse that bestows me
My son you must not fight, for this is no curse
but a mission you shall undertake
to free a soul from the grasp of

... Satan

So that night I did dream of mysteries untold
In the presence of the heavens was I
I could see for myself all the evils of the world
in all their morbid glory
Men took part in rites to praise the black messiah
the beast they call "The Evil One"
As voices in my head did tell me of my task
to release the soul of my only son.

Spirit voices: Take this life, by your command
A sacrifice, by your command
Fill the chalice, cleanse the soul
Save him now, in the chapel of salvation

Possession: Insanity dwells in the mind of a man who will
take the life of his only son
Screaming and pounding inside his head as voices
whisper... It must be done
09:04 192 12,47 ˆ0.10
Echoes Of Terror Lyrics
Existence, through a spirit`s will
A force, use the power of evil

Darkness, visualize
As light pierces through your yearning eyes
Rebirth, of a lost soul
Your body, a channel with which to grow old

Mephitic, smell of death
Rancid flesh, of the undead

Inner screams, useless tears
Shattered bones.
My prayer...
Oh Lord...

...Help me die.

Please, help me die

This inner gloom,
a subterrainean hell.
A morbid sleep,
in my stygian world.
My mind is locked,
at chains my thoughts.
I pray for death.
Euthanasize my soul.

Sanctify me!

Epitaph, to mankind
Engraved, on your mind

Stigmata, on the flesh.
Dead images, put to rest.
05:19 192 7,30 ˆ0.10