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Amid It's Hallowed Mirth, Novembers Doom
Amid It's Hallowed Mirth
Release type: Album
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Duration: 60:45  
Size, Mb: 139,25  


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Aurora's Garden Lyrics 07:28 320 17,08 0.10
Amour Of The Harp Lyrics
Hello sunshine
Please don't fade away
See our genius
Warp what we created

No, don't fade away

Stepping over
Shadows from your smile
Losing Myself
In these waves of light

No, don't fade away, No, don't fade away

See them washing
Hearts with teardrops
Bless these simple souls
Baby soldiers
Marching onward
Watch their hopeless eyes

No, don't fade away, No, don't fade away

Oh my, am I high
Is that a glow up in the sky
Oh my, am I high
Is that a glow up in the sky

Whitewashed liars
Stupid teachers
Blinded are these broken dreamers
Little rulers
Who will teach them time ... time

No, don't fade away, No, don't fade away
No, don't fade away

Oh my, am I high
Is that a glow up in the sky
Oh my, am I high
Is that a glow up in the sky
07:21 320 16,84 0.10
Tears Of The Beautiful Lyrics
Please walk from the shadows. I want to see your eyes. They shine
of lost souls and compassion for life. I don't understand why do
you cry? The tears of the beautiful dry like moisture on a winters
day. Such happiness in her face and radiance in a smile. Although
I cannot hear her voice she speaks with the tongue of an angel.
Two souls dance in Novembers air depending on each others trus.t
Silently turning in circles following the soft violins. Can I be
so bold, as to ask for a kiss? All I dream is her, I've known her
forever. Please take my hand now And I'll lead you to the light.
Yet still confusion erupts. How can beauty as such weep in sorrow?
Embrace me and I promise the pain will diminish.
04:45 320 10,89 0.10
My Agony, My Ecstasy Lyrics
Gorge in my darkness, for all to laugh at me. My undying love,
that you hold in chains. Bound by reality, controlling my every
thougt. Visions of your beauty, deep in my memory. Please try to
forgive me. The pain always returns. Yesterdays smile is tomorrows
tears. Oh God, What have I done? Our love together was strong. A
bond between two souls. Lost within my slumber. Tonight I sleep
alone. My mind no longer lusts, My heart no longer loves. Half my
life is gone from me. A mistake I must endure. Containing my
emotions, from time we spent alone. Surrender to my past, live
with a false sense of pride. Every time I close my eyes I yearn
the sweet scent of you Always remember the love we made and
cherish It's silent beauty The softness of your touch, the warm
glow of your skin Is in my every fantasy. Your velvet lips upon my
neck will release my torture inside.
05:03 320 11,56 0.10
Bestow My Desire Lyrics
My hands are bound, by the sound of a bell. A chime I cherish and
respect. A divine song, played upon my chest and echoing through
my soul. Not a voice, nor any angel can bring me to my knees
faster, then the softness of it's touch. Drowning my strength, as
it turns into my tears. Weakness prevails as I'm swallowed deep
into trance. Whispering tones, emerge from my bliss. They surround
my heart in gold. To only touch the physical side would lock me in
for eternity.
03:10 320 7,25 0.10
Chorus Of Jasmine Lyrics
Between my love, and my heart lies a weeping willow. Shading the
secret of our yearning. This perfect place is ours. But the
sunrise is mine. It will always remind me of our passion. Gaze
into It's beauty and lose yourself in my arms. For this is a night
of pure perfection and nothing can take that away. Now my Eden has
a queen and I will stop at nothing to give you my rhapsody. Please
accept my life and in exchange, give yourself to me. You will have
no fears. I will protect you until I die but without you, my death
is certain. You're my inspiration. You're my thoughts and dreams.
I need your love. I need your sunshine. You're the one.
07:13 320 16,51 0.10
Dance Of The Leaves Lyrics 02:47 320 6,38 0.10
Sadness Rains Lyrics
Mournful overcast, sorrowful state. Gray distant sky, pensive
turmoil. In heavy spirits, wretched, forlorn. Joyless and dismal,
stricken with grief. Lightning evades a world overhead. Angels in
tears, sadness rains. Pouring tear drops, from heavens above.
Essence of purity, on hell stricken land. Blind to the fact, no
shame in unleashed. Buried in agony, the storm prevails. One with
sadness, joined eternally. Wallow in misery, 'till death do us
04:44 320 10,86 0.10
A Dirge Of Sorrow Lyrics
Bury my face in rotten love once sweet. Engulfed in kisses of
utmost devotion. My conscience tells me to leave it all behind as
I wander into a world of heartache. To remember once, a life
shared by two. In the midnight air, the love was ours. To my
surprise, It's now only mine as my blind eyes sparkle in
twilight...Alone. Now I speak to your grave in a childish voice as
a burning passion entwines me. An elephant caught in the spiders
web, I'm at a loss without you. I rest my head upon your stone and
caress engravings of thought. All that's left is remembrance of
life. Is it to late to say good-bye?
05:01 320 11,51 0.10
Nothing Earthly Save The Thrill Lyrics
(Sorrow) Fearless is the heart of he who divides the Gods. For I
could never expose my heart to such madness. Can you hear it
calling? Can you hear the sound? The bell tolls once for every
hour in my life. Each chime tells a new tale. Tales of sorrow, and
pain. But when will it play the song of love? Drowning in this sea
of misery, I never lose hope. Can you see why I carry such a
mountain of pain? I never thought you could. I only hoped you
would (Promise) How did you find me? It does not matter now. The
only thing that exists is our fears. I can feel your pain
inflicted by the ones who care not and I promise to mend your
broken heart. (Hunting) An endless search to free my soul. This
night I shall not fail. No man can escape this madness. I will
find the last of the dogs. Imprisoned by their own black hearts.
There is no escape from my tenacious grip. (Punishment) Look at
me. Stare into the eyes of your Messiah. It is I who decides who
lives and who dies. On this night you shall witness my conquest.
How dare you violate what belongs to me? Now beg me for your life
and watch as I laugh at your tears. (Clouds) Wake up my love.
Please don't cry for us. The pain has ended and we now rest on our
cloud. Nothing can touch you here. You are safe from the dogs of
past. Our fear no longer haunts us. We only exist amoung the
05:51 320 13,43 0.10
Seasons Of Frost Lyrics 07:25 320 16,94 0.10