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America Must Be Destroyed, Gwar
America Must Be Destroyed
Release type: Album
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Duration: 47:47  
Size, Mb: 54,80  


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Ham On The Bone Lyrics
Can you hear the whispering wind
Over the screams of your dying friends?
Did you know your life is mine?

Chorus: You know what I got
Ham on the bone
A little thing I just can't leave alone
Now I feel the purpose of my life defined
Ham on the bone is mine

Now you are called
To the desperate scene at the throbbing ball
And you'll do it all, now you've become my geni-thrall


Ham on Ham, Ham on the ham on the ham on [x5]

Now my hand grasp
my throbbing root and shan't unclasp
Go to the head of the class
as I madly stoke my flaccid shaft


Ham Ham Ham Ham - Ham on the Bone [x4]
02:05 160 2,37 0.10
Crack In The Egg Lyrics
The egg was spawned in our mutation pit
In the bowels of your Earth it was grown
Feeding on the blood of you loinspawn
And all the filthy load that was blown
Now the time is right for birth
And whatever it is shall stalk the Earth
What it looks like, I care not
I just hope it kills a lot

Crack in the egg
Crack in the egg
The time is right
Crack in my pipe

Parasitical scum, you die so easily
But you always have sickened me
Your will enslaved, you grovel for more
Soon your bowels will litter the floor
Cannibalistic depravity
Bereft of all humanity
A fitting feast of abject insanity
A dark curtain before last calamity

There is but one way to give the egg life
Murder the innocent souls
Their fluids project as their nipples are flayed
Their skulls are fashioned into bowels
You masses of humans are gagging in glee
Now you gape but soon you'll be here with me
If you're really lucky I'll vomit on thee
I'll shit in your stump and then bathe you in pee

Sunder your forms with my withering hacks
Mash up your face with my gauntleted smacks
Now bring me dead babies let their be no lack

I got a bunch of them here in my sack

I slaughtered your daughters, I mangled your sons
If we kill enough of them the Gor-Gor will come
The end of your race, we approach the hour
Gor-Gor will get a blood-red baby shower
We bathe him in death to celebrate life
I'll be the doctor and Beef the midwife
But it takes so long, how can I cut slack

Shoot that fucker up with some crack

Gor-Gor see him now inside the egg
Please come out, Gor-Gor of you I beg
Will he be a happy child? Maybe
Most likely he'll be a crack-baby
We infected his being with evil drugs
So he would grow up and be a thug
Destroy the planet, the world he will mug
The human race will die and we will just shrug
03:37 160 4,15 0.10
Gor-Gor Lyrics

Gor-Gor comes and sirens wail
Mournful drone of babbling fail
Thunderous gnashing firestorm
Flames illuminate his form
Gor-Gor comes and you must die
Swats F-16s from the sky
Admit you crave the gift he brings you
Fall worship tyrant king, you


Sow pestilent hate
It shall obliterate
The shadows of your long dead brothers
And all the mutilated others
Who died in waves, uniform
To appease your bloodied hulking form
Who broke through layers of moletn strata
To make the planet earth errata

Take the chuld in champing jaws
A pulping pile of frothing flaws
This horrid mass shall give us pause
At putrid rot fills gaping maws

Gor-Gor big!

Skulls are smashed and bones are bending
Joints are popping, our claws are rending
Groveling, sniveling, driveling horde
To worship scaly overlord

Apocalypse becomes creation
Gor-Gor shall erase the nation
Before you jump into his gizzard
Fall and worship tyrant lizard
Gor-Gor comes and you must die
He swats the stealth down from the sky
Admit you crave the gift he brings you
Fall and worship tyrant king you

04:21 160 4,99 0.10
Have You Seen Me? Lyrics
Mommies, I've been stealing your babies
I gag the brat and then maybe...
I'll suck out his brain

You know...
Dead kids, they're making me feel almost hard
Go get one from the school yard
He bled like a stuck pig

Have you seen me?
Have you seen me?
Have you seen me?
Have you seen me?

Have you seen me?

Suckle my bloated love knuckle
Just like Fatty Arbuckle
I'm gay and I'm proud

That right...
Faggot and a corpse full of maggots
I wanna blow cum not bag it
Goddamnit I'm horny!


It's just a dead child
An object I've defiled
Yes I know its wrong
You'd rather that it was your mom? [x2]

Your mom, my mom, our mom, anybody's mom

Have you seen me?
Have you seen me?
Have you motherfucking seen me?
Have you seen me?
Have you seen me?
Have you seen me?

Sated! Now that I masturbated
I'm in love but I'm hated
I don't follow the crowd
But I said you..
Your covered in vile spew
My filthy chunks are all over you
My filthy filthy filthy chunks
My filthy filthy filthy....
04:46 160 5,47 0.10
The Morality Squad Lyrics
We're the Morality Squad
Armed with the wrath of God
My name is Granbo
And here's my holy hot-rod
Freedom to all the people
Brave, true and strong
Freedom to all the people
Unless I think your wrong!

Rapist mentality!
Teen Suicide!
Necro-bestial anal butt sex!


I got a couple of friends here
Trained by the CIA
Special agents here
To blow you the hell away!
GWAR, your the worst, I'll put an end to you
Your even grosser then 2 Live Crew

My grandsons a super hero
Just back from the war in Iraq

"My name is Corporal Punishment,
I want to scratch your back"

My nephew Tiny, a hundred tons a man

03:37 160 4,14 0.10
America Must Be Destroyed Lyrics 04:47 160 5,49 0.10
Gilded Lily Lyrics
Well I've been wearing a gilded lily
Cunningly carved in a manner frilly
To my design it was created
No deviation was tolerated
My gilded lily, he thinks he's funny
My gilded lily, he's worth cash money
My gilded lily, he made me a smarty
I wear my lily to all the right parties go

I was the envy of all the horde
I proclaimed myself overlord
My gilded lily gives me all this and more
I puke my guts all over the floor

I found the entertainment banal so,
Through trenches of flesh we carved a canal
Lead harlequin then drew his last
He held a bejeweled theatrical mask
The door heaved and then exploded
We split the bill and then drove home loaded
When we got there the paint was peeling
We rose an Jell-O cubes to the ceiling

I wear the lily
Gaily festooned in a manner silly
Draped in apparel
I bathe in the smell

I gild the lily
Adroitly crafted yet willy nilly
I wear the lily
When I part with Milli Vanilli

And soon the pleasure barges
Rolled with the sun, pleasantly bloated
We mingles as one amidst debris of
Debauchery, I looked for the lily and
just found me

And all the while gilded lily faded
Though it was the best I created
But gilded lily was still in place
It made a mockery of my face
And delivered us a surprise
The hulking mass of what we despised
We lurched away as we moved to snuff it
And we delivered a princely buffet
Soon the continent split all asunder
And the radios blared to the blunder
My gilded lily expanded while spinning
That's when I found out that we were winning
Fondly clutching our raging piss-ons
We piled up, peeled out, veered off
and then we were gone
03:37 160 4,14 0.10
Poor Ole Tom Lyrics
I'm scared to sleep, I'm scared to dream.
I'm scared to wake up in case I scream.
I'm scared to whisper one word.
That's all it needs.

I hear it breathe, I hear it sigh.
I hear it laughing when something dies.
I hear it calling,
But I'm too scared to move.

I'm so scared
I can't breathe.
I'm so scared
I can't breathe.
I'm so scared
I just can't breathe.

I'm scared to look, I'm scared to see.
I'm scared of mirrors in case it's me.
I'm scared of memories,
But now that's all I have.

So I can't leave and nothing comes.
So no one noticed that I've come undone.
I'd hide in shadows,
But the shadows talk to me.

I'm so scared
I can't breathe.
I'm so scared
I can't breathe.
I'm so scared
I just can't breathe.

I'm so scared
I can't breathe.
I'm so scared
I can't breathe.
I'm so scared
I just can't breathe.

05:07 160 5,86 0.10
Rock N Roll Never Felt So God Lyrics 04:17 160 4,92 0.10
Blimey Lyrics
At home we're bored
Just got off another shitty tour
Moat filled with flaming pus
Sleazy, he wont talk to us
Fondle fish in way illegal
Coffin filled with dirty needles

Chorus: Blimey! Blimey!
What do you de when you feel like that?
Blimey! Blimey!

Bio-Mutant Sexy made
Heave it down the balustrade
Give it fish, tell it to run
We indulge in naughty fun
Sexy's flanks are torn and rent
Slimey's on the rag again


That's right folks, here in the Hall Of Human Hatred
we've got some of your most inspired brethren, genocidal
maniacs who carved their way through the history books
straight into your hearts. We got Caligula, mad emperor of
Rome whose purges consumed thousands on his blazing altar
of syphilis. Or how about Giles Lavalle, medieval crusader
of Gods will whose search for the elixir of life led to the
ritual satanic killings of thousands of Parisian youth. Or
Julius, religious despot, whose slaughter of the intelligentsia
of Milan gave him the nickname of "The Warrior Pope" That's
right, some of the greatest mass murderers in you sad, yet
vibrant history, are here enshrined, impaled and pumped with
agonizing life...

Tummys tingle, tongues a-mingle
Forced extraction of corn-choked shingle
Bristling amoeba hole matching cunt for every bowl
Madly failing porno cow, get me on the road right now!

03:13 160 3,68 0.10
The Road Behind Lyrics
Well I'm traveling down the road
And I'm carrying that heavy load
I walk around in a stupor
Sleazy, I cant do the show
Hanging out backstage
I'm in a homocidal rage
I signed a million dollar contract
I puked on every page
Slaughtered half the crew
Caused they ate the deli-tray
Oh Baby hey
Said I'd do the show but I
Canceled anyway

Chorus: You were road kill baby
Till I scraped you in my arms
Just another wattle flapping
On the old turkey farm
So baby....

(Second Chorus by Beefcake)
2nd Chorus: And while the wheels keep rolling
And another signpost gone
All along the road behind
Oh can't you hear me calling
Like the sad whale song
I'm on the road behind

Well there you have it baby
I'm just a sensitive guy
Y'know I snuffed a million planets
But I still find time to cry
Because there's more to life
Then making other people die
Like a little bloody tear
Running out my dirty little eye
And some things baby
They don't make no sense
Does it really matter if it bugs
Your parents?


Now baby quit yer crying
Put those clown britches on

[2nd Chorus]

A sad whale song...
sad whale baby
05:30 160 6,30 0.10
Pussy Planet Lyrics 02:52 160 3,29 0.10