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All Faith Is Lost (Demo), Anathema
All Faith Is Lost (Demo)
Release type: Bootleg
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Duration: 25:38  
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Crestfallen Lyrics

I cry a tear of hope but it is lost in helplessness
The darkness eats away at the very embers of my soul
For the deepest love I had has dissolved before my eyes
My sorrow is bleak, I beg for deliverance

Lord, in your mercy, hear my prayer

All emotion is consumed by an inner silence
All grief is unassuaged by disconsulate tears
I want for nothing, I live for nothing
I am waiting to die but I am afraid of dying

Lord, in your mercy, hear my prayer

Crestfallen emotion
Wallowing in guilt
and drowning for evermore

Falling deeper into fear
My inner self is now
a sleeper of stone

Help me.
07:30 192 10,32 0.10
At One With The Earth Lyrics
The intense grasp death's strangle-hold has over me
confines me to my own personal agony
Set me free, let me go
Release the chilling grasp with which it clutches me

The earth issues it's extreme unction
as I realise my punishment for sin
Enguifed by death for all eternity
In my bones I no longer feel the cold
as the mire unbosoms it's secrets to me

Ubiquitous fetidness, death is everywhere
My God, unshackle me
My suffering grows with increase of my guilt
Destroy devotion. Be at one with the earth
I sink down into the clammy soil
At one with the earth.
05:28 192 7,50 0.10
All Faith Is Lost Lyrics
As the dawn emerges I cry in grief
Sorrows flow,
the sadness of another day tortures my heart

Life fades. Echoes, voices calling
Within my mind. Shadows. I cry

My senses deteriorated
I break down devoid of hope
All faith is lost. Why live?

I beg for mercy, I plead, tell me
Why? Why me?
Why must I be one of the chosen?

Forgive me for my inquisition
Please answer, I offer my condition
My eyes are closed, I call to the darkness
allowing the gloom to swallow me
I relax

Gripping my soul as I'm extracted from reality
The umbra chills me
I levitate, staring at my inanimate corpse
Drifting towards the eternal bliss
Beckoned by beings superior
Colossal roar of silence deafens me

I disburden myself
Where am I bound?

My trappist ways are forgotten
as peralsized souls cry out for me
Impassive, I atrive for the light
My true self finally manifests
I am found.
06:44 192 9,23 0.10
They Die Lyrics
You saw my face fall into a well-worn groove
A child starts playing a role and ends up type-cast in every movie
I took cold comfort in your touch, and now I'm laughing high and dry
Yeah, I felt everything I'm gonna feel
Cried all the real tears I'm gonna cry

I don't care what dreams you have
I don't care about your second thought
Now that you've cut yourself off
You're not even sure things are clear and bright

Well, did you let it take hold of your soul?
Was it like moonrise over your desert shore?
Tell me, is it more evil to lose your heart or to go on as before?

What could come around?
What could make a difference to me now?
What could come around?
Nothing could bring me down

I get warm to any touch, so why does yours get so cold?
At first you didn't mean very much
Now you rule my life

Watch your house of cards take a deep breath
Watch it breathe word for word
Fifty-two secrets the justice would never protect
Fifty-two secrets justice never heard

How thirsty is your soil?
Indifferent hearts never keep anything long
I spend my time looking around for something to bring me down
05:59 192 8,21 0.10