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Alexisonfire, Alexisonfire
Release type: Album
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Duration: 42:11  
Size, Mb: 58,10  


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Caliber Love Letter Lyrics 04:30 192 6,19 ˆ0.10
Counterparts And Number Them Lyrics
They lied to you, when they said you couldn't breathe underwater.
I lied too, when I said that I was hard,
because I'm softer than a thrift store sweater, twice as worn in.
I was cast away once,
but I will be found again.
This, I promise you.

So here it is, the end is near.
Never would've thought that I'd be something, you'd so easily discard.
Now I see it all so clear.
So it seems that when you turned away, you left a scar.
02:18 192 3,18 ˆ0.10
Adelleda Lyrics
I set the trap for the clever rat
Had him hooked when he smelled the food
Surprised myself with the catch
Lacing the bait with solid truth
Seems to work like a weak willed fool
It's something you can't refuse

Suspended in the air held up high by the tail
Easy to escape the cage but not the scent
Left on your trail

Showing teeth from cheek to cheek
Guarding your wants ignoring needs
Thief or riches heartless and cold
Waiting till 12 to crawl out of your hole
If only you knew I was standing with a net
Against the wall

[Chorus-add on]
Won't vanish in a couple of days
It'll probably take months
Which is something
You don't have many of
05:47 192 7,95 ˆ0.10
A Dagger Through The Heart Of St. Angeles Lyrics 04:13 192 5,78 ˆ0.10
Polaroids Of Polar Bears Lyrics 05:09 192 7,06 ˆ0.10
Waterwings (And Other Pool Side Fashion Faux Pas) Lyrics 02:41 192 3,70 ˆ0.10
Where No One Knows Lyrics 03:13 192 4,41 ˆ0.10
The Kennedy Curse Lyrics
Take this blood from my veins
And paint me a masterpiece of a parade...
A parade of the dead sun.

(Writing this letter to you)
This letter to you.
(I slice my wrists)
Kill their leader
(By way of paper scars and pictures frames)
And watch his family die
(Of all you left behind)
Family die.

Last man...
Last man standing is a joke.
In spite of the...

(When white)
Glorious head shots.
(Bleeds into red)
Head shots and 8 by 10s.
(When white)
In exchange for your conspiracy
(Bleeds into red)
(When white)
We'll give thanks.
(Bleeds into red)
Stop and you'll decide.
(When white)
Decide if you can.
(Bleeds into red)

Then the name won't exist.
Set him on death row.
Go on, let this happen.

[George's deep voice:]
(That... That's all, that you get. That's all you get. That's all, you get fuck...)
[Wade in background:]
In. In the. The ground. In the ground. In the ground. In the ground. The ground.

Put the dead Kennedy in the ground.
In the ground. In the ground.
The name does not live on.
Not live on!
03:38 192 5,01 ˆ0.10
Jubella Lyrics
You had such grace
[You had such grace]
In the end.
And I wish I could remember
[And I wish I could remember]
What colour
Your eyes were
[Your eyes were]
Every time, looked at you, my mind went blank

You had the best damn Sunday dress
[You claimed to be the one]
At the end
[Who would bring down the stars]
Of the world.
[But as of yet I've seen nothing]
Of the world

The walls of flames
That consumed you
And everything
That was good and
Not with a bang, but a whimper

The dead
[The dead]
[Flower you gave]

What would you do?
Arms spread welcoming
The impending nothing
Nothing nothing nothing

You had such grace
[You had such grace]
In the end.
I wish I could remember
[In the end]
What colour your eyes were
[In the end]

But everytime looked at you my mind
02:30 192 3,43 ˆ0.10
Little Girls Pointing And Laughing Lyrics
(We can't)
I still can
(Stop now)
Remember what you did.
Your eyes filled
(We've got)
(To slow down)
Bare foot in a public washroom.

Spill on me your nostalgia
And cataracts...
That fell
Behind self-concious eyes.

Warm water made
(Please just give me back my heart)
This hurt so good
(Well it's been too long)
Through ivory rain
(And I will burn no more)
And cutthroat soap box derby racers

(Oh God. Hurt so fucking good. i just want you to fucking wreck me. i want you to wreck me. i want you to ruin me.)

I want you to ruin me.
(Please just give me back my heart)
Ruin me.
(Well it's been too long)
I. Want. You. To... ruin me.
(And I will burn no more)
(Tired of all these lies)
I. Want you. To ruin me.
(And elsewhere eyes of yours)
Ruin me.
(So I will scream)
I want you to...
(And dream of what's to come)
Ruin me.
04:55 192 6,75 ˆ0.10
Pulmonary Archery Lyrics
Let's go!
It's never too late to be early
Or try and maintain
Some scrap of integrity and certainty
...I guess

(my fingers are blistered and bleeding
there’s no longer discomfort you brought me)
Won't apologize
And 1977...
Was a long time
Time ago
I don't care.

I don't care how things
Were and I won't
I won't apologize.
Fuck you.

And the alamo penetrated
And there is little hope
For the white man so
Hop on your rainbow
Ride it...

(my fingers are blistered and bleeding there’s no longer discomfort you brought me)
So hop on your rainbow
And ride into oblivion
For all I care
You could be early
Or late
What ever.
03:22 192 4,64 ˆ0.10