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acid jazz: the essential album (2 CD), Various Artists
Acid Jazz: The Essential Album (2 CD)
Release type: Album
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Duration: 142:10  
Size, Mb: 185,38  


Price for album: 2.40 (discount 20%)  

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Apparently Nothin Lyrics 04:02 176 4,72 0.10
Cantaloop (flip Fantasia)
Ladies and Gentlemen,
as you know we have something
special for you at
Birdland this evening.
A recording for
Blue Note Records

What's that? yeah
yeah yeah
funky funky, how
'bout a big hand now?
wait, wait a minute

Groovy groovy
jazzy funky pounce bounce dance as we
Dip in the melodic
sea, the rhythm keeps flowin, it drips to MC
Sweet sugar pop
sugar pop rocks it pops ya don't stop
'Til the sweet
beat drops
I show and prove
as a stick in move
Hear the poems
recited on top of the groove
Smooth, mind,
floating like a butterfly
Notes start to
float, subtle like a lullabye
Brace yourself as
the beat hits ya
Dip trip, flip

(ah, ah, ah,
what's that? biggity biggity bop)

Feel the beat
drop, jazz and hip hop
Drippin' in the
dome, and mix is on the lock
Funk and fusion, a
fly illusion
Keeps ya coastin'
on the river we cruisin'
Up down round and
round, round the found
But nevertheless
ya gots to get down
Finesse the freak
thru' the beat so unique
Ya move your feet,
the sweat from the heat

Back to the fact
I'm the mack and I know that
The way I kick the
rhymes, some would call me a poet
Funky flowin' goin'
on with the sweet sound
Caught in the
groove in Fantasia I'm found
Trip the tour upon
the rhymes they soar
To an infinite
height to the realm of the hardcore
Here we go
off I take ya
Dip trip
flip fantasia

Jump to the jam
boogy woogy jam slam
Bust the dialect
I'm the man in command
Come flow with the
sounds of the mighty mic masta
When I rhyme on
the mic I bring a sucka disasta
Beaucoup bucks and
I still rock Nike
With the razzle
dazzle star I might be
Scribble scrabble
on the microphone I babble
As I flip the
funky words, into a puzzle
Yes yes yes, on
and on as I flex
Get with the flow
words manifest
Feel the vibe from
here to Asia
Dip trip flip

I've found it. At last.
Put it on.
03:41 192 4,91 0.10
So Tired Of Waiting Lyrics 05:04 160 5,31 0.10
Space Cowboy Lyrics
Everything is good
And brown
On I'm here again
With a sunshine smile upon my face
My friends
Are close at hand
And all my inhibitions
Have disappeared without a trace
I'm glad
I found
Somebody who I can rely on.

This is the return
Of the space cowboy
Good vibe zone
At the speed of Cheeba
We'll go deeper
Maybe I'll have to get high
Just to get by.

Everything is good
And green
Say, I'm red again
And I don't suppose I'm coming down
I can see clearly now,
High in the sky
A man with psychedelic picture frames
Of happiness to shade
His eyes
He's glad
That the found
Somebody who
He can rely on.
03:38 192 4,95 0.10
Live In The Light Lyrics 05:59 192 8,20 0.10
Blacker (the Good Times) Lyrics 06:10 208 8,67 0.10
Be Thankful Lyrics 04:05 192 5,31 0.10
Never Stop Lyrics 04:43 208 6,50 0.10
Magic Wand Of Love
Lyrics 06:25 176 7,99 0.10
Rebirth Of Slick (cool Like Dat) Lyrics 04:24 208 6,16 0.10
Taurus Woman Lyrics 04:07 208 5,73 0.10
Sunship Lyrics 05:19 224 7,98 0.10
Something In My Eye Lyrics 03:23 192 4,59 0.10
Girl Overboard Lyrics 07:25 192 9,99 0.10
I Am The Black Gold Of The Sun Lyrics 05:24 192 6,99 0.10
Dream Come True Lyrics 05:34 208 8,06 0.10
Always There Lyrics 03:36 192 4,69 0.10
Rock (unplugged) Lyrics 04:35 144 4,40 0.10
Im The One Lyrics 03:51 176 4,69 0.10
For Your Precious Love Lyrics 05:37 160 6,00 0.10
Free Your Mind Lyrics 04:56 208 6,82 0.10
Money Lyrics 03:43 192 4,72 0.10
People Everyday Lyrics
See I was resting at the park minding my own
business as I kick up the treble tone
on my radio tape player box, right
just loud enough so folks could hear it's hype, see ?
Outta nowhere comes the woman I'm dating
investigation maybe she was demonstrating
But nevertheless I was pleased
My day was going great and my soul was at ease
until a group of brothers started bugging out
drinking the 40 oz, going the nigga route
Disrespecting my black queen
holding their crotches and being obscene
At first I ignored them cause see I know their type
They got drunk and got guns and they wanna fight
and they see a young couple having a time that's good
and their egos wanna test a brother's manhood
So they came to test Speech cause of my hair-do
and the loud bright colors that I wear [Boo !]
I was a target cause I'm a fashion misfit
and the outfit that I'm wearing brothers dissing it
Well I stay calm and pray the niggaz leave me be
but they're squeezing parts of my date's anatomy
Why, Lord, do brothers have to drill me ?
Cause if I start to hit this man they'll have to kill me

[CHORUS:] I am everyday people (2x)

I told the niggaz please let us pass, friend
I said please cause I don't like killing Africans
but he wouldn't stop and I ain't Ice Cube
but I had to take the brother out for being rude
and like I said before I was mad by then
It took three or four cops to pull me off of him
But that's the story y'all of a black man
acting like a nigga and get stomped by an African

04:59 160 5,30 0.10
Spinning Wheel Lyrics 05:20 208 7,89 0.10
Frederick Lies Still Lyrics 04:59 176 6,25 0.10
Lovesick Lyrics 04:25 192 5,65 0.10
Trust Me Lyrics 05:22 176 6,72 0.10
Time Of The Future Lyrics 03:45 208 5,45 0.10
Love Me To Death Lyrics 03:47 192 5,21 0.10
Mr. Jeckle Lyrics 04:04 192 5,53 0.10
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