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A Story Of Jazz Club, Various Artists
A Story Of Jazz Club
Release type: Album
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Duration: 55:01  
Size, Mb: 73,74  


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Title / Artist     Duration Bitrate Size (Mb) Price Download
Day Is Done Lyrics 04:35 172 5,64 ˆ0.10
A Time For Spring Lyrics 03:55 213 5,97 ˆ0.10
Big Wheel Lyrics 05:47 181 7,47 ˆ0.10
Lazy Moon Lyrics 07:31 187 10,03 ˆ0.10
Into The Dark Lyrics 03:54 165 4,59 ˆ0.10
Just A Phrase Lyrics 04:48 164 5,61 ˆ0.10
Eleven Long Years
Mi tek off mi land down now in Jamaica
Callaloo, di box juice, and di sensimillia
Givin' thanks and praise to almighty jah jah
Glad fi reach now mi safe, mi have fi seen mi father
Di sun it a beat and mi a get well para
'Cos a many many tings a di Yoot man now I would like to know
Was he fat, was he slim, did he drink or did he smoke?
These are di type a di tings a weh a di Yoot man a want fi know

It's been eleven long years since mi seen mi father
Ay ay mi father
Thank God, bless God, mi a go see mi father

Now mi know mi reach know mi know mi safe
Now mi see mi father a come
'Cos a many many years since him gone
When him tek a tek a house and land
Fi go better himself, big up himself
For weh him did dream a weh did he plan
'Cos di ting I remember di most he was ambitious man
So him build up a house, build up a land, buy up a car and a minivan
Fi go settle himself and a wait fi di day when a Yoot man come along
So everything set, everything fly
Now mi know cool and go blow my mind
Because mi ready fi go see my father
And dat's di only thing upon my mind
03:47 198 5,34 ˆ0.10
Sunshine Lyrics
Sunshine when you’re with me I can fly
Sunshine when you’re with me I can fly

Every day I wonder why
Peace on earth’s so hard to find
Real peace begins inside
In our hearts and in our minds
Hearts and minds begin to see
That one and all means you and me
And what we know can set us free
Rearrange reality

Reality is what we know
We can change a river’s flow
Plant a seed, watch it grow
Build a shelter, build a home
Home is where my heart will stay
Even when I’m far away
Makes no difference what they say
As long as you will be my sunshine

Sunshine when you’re with me I can fly
Sunshine when you’re with me I can fly

When I’m feeling sad and low
And I’m not sure where to go
And all the good times that I’ve known
Have gone and left me all alone
All alone I’ll never be
Long as you are here with me
You’re in everything I see
And everything I’m doing
All I do I do for you
You’re my sun, you’re my moon
Every lazy afternoon
You’re my inspiration
Inspiration lights the way
Brings a sparkle to each day
Makes the dark clouds go away
Let us let the children play

Sunshine when you’re with me I can fly
Sunshine when you’re with me I can fly
Music is the reason why
People laugh people cry
Sing and dance and clap their hands
It’s how the whole world understands
Understands that we are one
Makes no difference what you’ve done
Or where you live under the sun

We are only human
Only human yes it’s true
Still the mystery is you
And the sky so clear and blue
Makes every day feel so brand new
Brand new day throughout the world
For all the little boys and girls
If everybody lends a hand
We can live together!

Sunshine when you’re with me I can fly
Sunshine when you’re with me I can fly
04:33 166 5,41 ˆ0.10
I'll Play The Blues For You Lyrics 07:37 205 11,12 ˆ0.10
End Of The World Party Lyrics 05:11 201 7,40 ˆ0.10
Follow The White Rabbit Lyrics 03:24 213 5,16 ˆ0.10