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A Distant Shore, Tracey Thorn
A Distant Shore
Release type: Album
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Duration: 22:50  
Size, Mb: 24,19  


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Small Town Girl Lyrics
This is all too much for such a small town girl
Though I've seen more than you think
This world, very little did I like
When I did it was not mine

I never have believed in mere coincidence
And your distinctions prove such a subtle difference
And subtlety was always lost on me

Evenings can go to your head
Some things are better left unsaid
Feelings can get left behind
So keep your love and I'll keep mine
Keep your love and I'll keep mine

Still trying to get over my small town ways
But still so much a part of me is my past disgrace
And you might say you don't care
But how can you when you weren't even there

And this is all too much for such a small town girl
I can only stand still at your world
And everything I see just brings confusion to me
Don't know where I am today
But I wish you wouldn't look that way

You go straight to my head
Some things are better left unsaid
Feelings can get left behind
So keep your, keep your love
Keep your love and I'll try to keep mine
03:53 128 3,59 ˆ0.10
Simply Couldn't Care Lyrics 02:46 128 2,56 ˆ0.10
Seascape Lyrics
Shadows on the sea wall
Watching clouds turning grey
Linger on the seashore
Till the sun went away

Watching tides
Tides that take me away
To a distant shore
And I don’t want to be saved

Breezes on the cliff top
Looking at the waves
You used to make me sad
But, but it’s not the same today
Thought I knew the sea and all its secrets too
But it’s different in November with you
02:36 128 2,39 ˆ0.10
Femme Fatale Lyrics 02:39 128 2,45 ˆ0.10
Dreamy Lyrics 02:54 192 4,00 ˆ0.10
Plain Sailing Lyrics
Meetings arranged, they say, never work out
I say we’ve proved them wrong without a doubt
I can’t remember now just what we said
I never could have guessed what lay ahead
As I ran towards you up the stairs
Did a voice in my ear cry “Beware”?

Even now I’m surprised you recall
Such a short time it took me to fall
Pretending that my heart still lay elsewhere
When in truth I had long ceased to care
For what I thought I’d never replace
‘Til in my heart you left him no space

You say, you wonder what was it I saw?
I say “Oh, I don’t recall anymore”
My first impressions have been left behind
Replaced now by feelings and more lost in kind
Sure that you know but you never can tell
When I think I understand you so well
Shakes me that you were a constant surprise
Or so you appear in my eyes

Tempting to think now it will all be plain sailing
Old enough now to know there’s no such thing.
01:59 160 2,28 ˆ0.10
New Opened Eyes Lyrics
How you supposed to tell when it's true
And when you're only fooling yourself
Saying over and over
That it's still enough
Finding only bitterness when once was loved

Ooh, what do you supposed to do?
When the truth explodes and knocks you down
Close your eyes and count to ten
When you wait once more
Reappears a perfect day that was once before

How can you carry on this way?
When each time you’re near you, turn your head away
Everything has now been said
And the fire is cold and dead
Leave behind the love you shed
New opened eyes must look ahead
02:55 192 4,03 ˆ0.10
Too Happy Lyrics 03:09 128 2,89 ˆ0.10