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A Collection Of Songs Written And Recorded (1995 - 1997), Bright Eyes
A Collection Of Songs Written And Recorded (1995 - 1997)
Release type: Compilation
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The Invisible Garden Lyrics 02:23 192 3,29 0.10
Patient Hope In New Snow Lyrics
The heat comes in distant shifts to fill up my room
It spills out of these ancient vents to meet the new cold
And I lay in my twisted sheets and stare out at the snow
Still thinking of the next few months, my cold and lifeless eyes
I've never felt so separate
And then there's you, but that's so obvious
It's hopeless and I know this, that's why I can't dream
No desire or circumstance would keep this from me
One by one, to department stores
We walk through the aisles
In a forest of designer clothes, you touch me and smile
And for a moment I could want nothing
Your bright eyes burn through my exploding heart
And we stand as the shoppers pass us
And for once I can feel a touch complete
And I need to just be near you and fill these empty eyes
But you start turning as resistance pulls you from my cold and boring life
Let's make this easy and let time pass, as devotion dies
The list goes on and on
I have waited and I will be waiting for the pain to cure the fear
04:06 192 5,65 0.10
Saturday As Usual Lyrics
Virginia is almost sleeping
The night is getting older
There is static on the TV
And she's lying on the sofa
The cats crawl over her

Jenny is in the garage
She's got the car in neutral
She rolls it out so quietly
It's Saturday as usual
It always is

And me, I'm in my bedroom drawing in my notebook
Because my hand thinks I'm an artist
But my heart knows I'm a poet
It's just words, they mean so little to me
I can't seem to deal with total trust
There is something very wrong with me

Daddy's in the backyard
His hands are getting dirty
And mom is in the kitchen
And her cake says that I'm thirteen
Another year

My brother went to college to become a doctor
And if he studies hard enough
He'll end up just like father
Who hates his life

And me, I'm in the bathroom
Crying out my eyelids because it's hard to be a man
When you are scared like a little kid
The world has become a little too mean
And I can't see the point of patient love
When everyone just wants to get fucked
03:37 192 4,98 0.10
Falling Out Of Love At This Volume Lyrics
I've got a bad bad feeling
When I see all these kids in their roles
A coming rebound, an undermined ground
I pass by the home of broken souls

I've got a bad bad feeling
Come over here, do you wanna see?
A knuckle duster, a bottle in the face
No, the kids don't know their enemy

Emergency call coming in on the radio
Got nowhere to turn and nowhere to go
Emergency call coming in
Come on, they say
This place is on fire

Suburban mentality
Well, it's a painfull reality
Cause when the boys are in a clash
They do it to get kicks
They do it in the shape of lunatics
02:16 192 3,13 0.10
Exaltation On A Cool, Kitchen Floor Lyrics
I wanted to come visit you
Waiting in the springtime
When the leaves change
The ground outside is waiting for that
Newness that surrounds us
As we dance back through the screen door
In the sunlight of mid-April
But it's glow won't stop the smiles
That are spreading on our faces
As we fall down on the kitchen floor
And she is laughing about that she had heard earlier
And I can't help noticing that she is sitting closer to me
Than she ever has before
02:26 192 3,35 0.10
The Awful Sweetness Of Escaping Sweat Lyrics
We escape from the house
As the day disappears from the sky
Into night
We became what we wanted to be
Like a dream or a ghost
I collapse out of turn
Near a house
Lying still in the grass and felt the heat from the ground
Rising up to contract and expand like a breath
We escape from that place
Soaked with sweat and the poison we drank
Fill the bathtub with ice and hope this fever will break
Like a heart
But I do not recall all the words that were formed
On those wire lips as they greeted me
A promise was made without though as the temperature climbed
And I started to sink like the moon
Tends to do if you stare at it too long
Then you blink and it's gone
And we crawl to our sleep with the dawn
I awake in the light feeling hollow and selfishly warm
Close the blinds and retreat until what is burning is gone
And its light is away
Then we are back in the dark
Chasing nothing through backyards and trees
You ripped your shirt on a fence but it didn't get me
Yeah, it's fear
It makes you so low
And these creatures look crooked
Their shadows cut lines through my face
And the concrete is fire
Where my bare feet are placed
In a line next to yours
And I guess I'm not sure if it was fear that was born
As those awful eyes made their claim on us
I put my hands on the fence
Said your name
And I started to climb
And it must have been sweat but I drank it like wine
It was sweet and my mouth was dry
I heard you scream but I made no reply
I can still taste it now if I try
04:04 192 5,60 0.10
Puella Quam Amo Est Pulchra Lyrics
I had a beautiful, beautiful time
The drives and the talks were amazing
The kind of friend I though I'd never find
I had a beautiful, beautiful time
You have a beautiful, beautiful smile
The way it cuts and collapses on your lips
And when you touch me, I shake like a child
It's late, I'm afraid you might leave
Because sometimes it seems like you still don't believe me
And there's nothing I can do to concentrate
It's so distracting always thinking of you
So I expose and explain and I meant everything that I said
It's moments like this that repeat and replay in my head
When I'm laying in bed
It's a beautiful, beautiful time
As you laugh and roll onto your stomach
The carpet embraces your design
My heart pounds as I lay by your side
Because sometimes I find that I am unable
To hide all these feelings that flow
In this basement and in this dim light
You look so beautiful
I'm unsure and unclear with the words that I say
I'm happy when you are near and I wish that forever could stay
Just like today
You have beautiful, beautiful eyes
So bright and alive and enchanting
I want to be with you all of the time
It's hopeless but I have to try anyway
03:10 192 4,37 0.10
Driving Fast Through A Big City At Night Lyrics
02:10 192 3,00 0.10
How Many Lights Do You See Lyrics 03:31 192 4,85 0.10
I Watched You Taking Off Lyrics
Meaning is sometimes hard to spot
It begins with the flickering of cigarettes
In the darkness of a dorm room
Somewhere in the suffocated Midwest
And if this is real then I was mistaken
And if there is truth then why can't we find it?
Beauty comes to those who have been waiting
For something bigger than themselves
This is the sound of the hopeless kids
As they scream from the basements of the houses of their parents
And this is the sound of the hopeless ones
As they stare down at their books
And realize they have been lied to
But if this is real then I was mistaken
And the vision fades as quickly as it came
Consistency like that which I have craved
Is that people change so unexpectedly
And realization finds you in a drunken airport
Some planes depart and others never arrived
So with this in mind I don't plan on waiting
If it's time to leave and break these old ties
Without something else this vision is fading
But until it's gone the pain will make us try
But this is the hope I have been searching for
As the wings catch the sunlight of this cold Nebraska skyline
This is the dream I am dying in
I will wake to find tomorrow
Be content without perfection
But if this is real then I was mistaken
And if the vision is gone then I was not aware
03:56 192 5,42 0.10
A Celebration Upon Completion Lyrics
Ever since my cell phone, I never have a pen.
And I don't speak in English, I speak in predictive text.
Ever since we got our cable, I never have anything to do.

Ever since our drop off service, I never read a book.
There's always something else around, plus I owe the library nineteen bucks.

Tomorrow I'm gonna ride my bike from the Bronx to Dyker Heights.
Leave East Tremont when it's bright.
Won't get home 'til late at night.
Yeah, that's when I'll fix my bike.
That's when I'll fix my bike.

Everything is magic 'til you can't afford the cost.
'Til you ain't got eight-hundred bucks to pay the rent.
Until you don't have twenty bucks.
Everything is magic 'til you can't afford the cost.
'Til you ain't got eight-hundred bucks to pay the rent.
Until you don't have twenty bucks.

All the perks are priceless 'til you can't afford the costs,
'til you ain't got eight-hundred bucks to pay the rent
until you ain't got twenty bucks to have a couple beers
or ten dollars for every meal
or $2.50* to ride each way
while they're cutting service on the subway.

But the nineteenth floor went up today
Penthouse and a fire escape
I sat in grass two blocks away
I watched the boats and counted planes.
When so much shit crowds up your day
It's hard to enjoy anything.
Another floor went up today
and tomorrow they'll be taking my park away.

I wanna kiss you on that crane x1000

I wanna party like I'm death row pardoned
while the freight elevators watch
'cause we'll both live to fight another day.
04:15 192 5,83 0.10
Emily, Sing Something Sweet Lyrics
Emily, sing something sweet for me
I want to feel the warmth inside your heart

Emily, sing something sweet for me
I need to hear those words out of your mouth

Emily, sing something please
I want to taste the life behind your eyes

Emily, sing something
03:00 192 4,14 0.10
All Of The Truth Lyrics
It is not the past few days
That have made me feel this way
And it is not the tiny marks of doubt
That cover everything I see
It is just the way she looks at me
With a love so complete
That I have never seen
And from this grows a strong, undying guilt
The feeling of regret for things I never felt
But oh, I wanted to change
And become what she needs
I know what she needs
What I can never be
03:44 192 5,12 0.10
One Straw (Please) Lyrics
And if it's true
Baby, I'm the one in love with you
And I guess that I've been all my life
And I know, and I'll try
And I love you more than those other guys
Because you mean the world to me

You're exactly what I need
Baby, I'm waiting for you to stop shaking
And come closer to me
My love and affection, my love and devotion
Devotion, devotion, devotion

Cover the spread, won the bets
And now I'm the one who won your heart
And I hope that you'll always be mine
Because my love is for all time
And trust of a virtue, I'll never desert you
Or leave you behind
Forever and ever, yeah, we'll be together
Together, we'll be, we'll be

And if it's true
Baby, I'm the one in love with you
And I swear that I've been all my life
Cover the spread, won the bets
Baby, I'm the one that won your heart
And I know
And if it's true
And if it's true
And if it's true
And if it's true
02:48 192 3,86 0.10
Lila Lyrics
Close your eyes
The dark outside can't hurt you
And I'll never desert your bedside
So close them tight
The stars are so glad that they've found you
And on the blankets that surround you
They shine their light
They shine their light

So rest your head
And I'll be watching from the doorway
As you slip into a perfect, peaceful sleep

And morning will come
In all its simple glory
And you will find the light
And I will be there
Standing in your shadow
Knowing that you once
Were mine, all mine
My baby, my baby, my girl, my baby
02:51 192 3,91 0.10
A Few Minutes On Friday Lyrics
She kills, with foreign films, the emptiness of day to day
And I wait until the weekend comes
So I can clear this uselessness from my brain
I count the days until she arrives
Those precious minutes when she is mine
As we walk from my front door to her car
We are so close and alone
But that will disappear in a room
Filled with the warmth of other's company
There is too much company
I hide my wounded pride and stare off into the other cars
If I could just speak the words to tell her
Exactly how I feel
I count the ways that I might say it
But I know that none of them will work because
She won't feel the same
I've come this far
But I can't go through with it because the truth would hurt
too much
This hurts too much
She goes back to the west coast to drink in the sunshine
And I will stay here in these dead plains
And try to make a seed grow
And I would pray for rain
If I thought that that would help
04:07 192 5,67 0.10
Supriya Lyrics
Agony and withdraw disrupt my wellbeing
A voice flooded by the piercing and the sounds of distant lands
Silence is my heart
I carry out my cross
While the son suffers away
The clouds reveal the chariots of Venus
Restrictions of time and space retile
While her bright eyes burn through my exploding heart
And I can see I'm in heaven
With her flesh in my arms
Easy the undeniable
The misery of my lack of truth
With the truth of love
02:29 192 3,41 0.10
Solid Jackson Lyrics
She says she's read too many fashion magazine
She's forgotten what real love is like
And as the basement collects more kids off the street
They smoke themselves to death waiting for the band to begin
They have been tuning up there for an hour now
And I don't think I can stand another minute more
But just then the first chord strums
And the drums set in
And I know what I have been waiting around for
Because no one's going home until the morning comes
No one's going to sleep until the sun comes up
Did you hear those first two songs?
They were fucking tough
And the band is not going to stop until the cops show up
So hold your applause until the end
And wait for the sadness to set in
Because that's the only feeling that's worth it
He say he's done with the pop music scene
There's too many opinions and so few are worth a shit
He has got to learn to act a little more mean
Because the mean ones always end up with the record deals
And it is only when I'm angry that I feel complete
When we are screaming at each other is when I am most happy
I hang out with my friends and then I get depressed
And I drink myself to sleep with any strength that is left
And I quit going to church a year ago
And my teachers think that my faith is gone
But I can do without the Eucharist
Because I found God in a Solid Jackson song
04:30 192 6,20 0.10
Feb. 15Th Lyrics 04:05 192 5,62 0.10
The "Feel Good" Revolution Lyrics 03:30 192 4,83 0.10