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7, Addison Park
Release type: Album
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Duration: 24:53  
Size, Mb: 35,70  


Price for album: 0.64 (discount 20%)  

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Welcome To The 7th Floor Lyrics 00:48 205 1,18 0.10
Apperception Lyrics
Well, I'd like to thank all the liars and fakes,
Who made this all possible.
So now tell me how many bullets it takes,
To get to the treatment center of a hospital.

One) You could hate me.
Two) You could love me.

On the count of three I could give you my reasons,
To die.

Here's my toast to your health,
I pray it's lacking when I see you in hell.
Give it up, you think you've got the world,
You've got another thing coming, girl.

I'm sure you'd like to watch me give,
A part in a scene like this:
Where it's one small step to the edge of this cliff,
And it's a smaller step for me to push you off of it.
03:22 237 5,72 0.10
Set The Stage, Hit The Lights... Lyrics
Strike the hour.
Two heartbeats drop the beat.
Pick up the rhythm.
Like she doesn't know he's using her.
She's a whispered secret,
Behind uninviting doors,
We'll live like we've live,
A thousand times before.

Raise the curtain,
For the final act,
While in this number we tap,
Our feet to the rhythm of our hearts,
And give it away now.

He's the greatest actor,
To ever take the stage.
His words mean nothing,
And you can see right through his costume anyway.
But she's to blinded by the spotlight in her eyes,
To give a damn,
I hate the way that they all say her name,
Like a whispered secret,
Behind uninviting doors,
He says, "We'll live like we've lived,
A thousand times before."

Stand up and applaud,
The show is over,
You can pick up your refunds at the door.
You've got your money,
But lost your souls,
That's what you get for believing the show.
03:36 200 5,14 0.10
While You Sleep Lyrics
I lie awake feeling poetic at times,
Writing pathetic lines,
While this rotting clock still chimes,
An hour or two I won't get back.
No...I won't relax,
And let you walk all over me.
So now I feel my heartbeat slow,
With sudden vertigo,
As my memory can only show,
You to who I really am.
The words behind the man...

...As the walls fall around me.
And the waves crash and drown me.
While you sleep.

I'll whisper words on the wind.
You're the air I breathe in.
While you dream about everything you left behind,
I'm still here waiting...for you.

So do you know about the photos in the drawer,
Of the moments they record,
Or the memories I still adore.
I wonder if I'll ever look back,
On this and laugh...

...As the walls fall around me.
And the waves crash and drown me.
While you sleep.

You say the night is beautiful.
That we're one in the same.
I'm not sure if it's the cold,
Or the way we touch,
That makes you shiver when you say my name.
03:08 210 4,68 0.10
Mr. Hollywood Lyrics
Give me your two faced lies,
I can see right through you.
The insecurities you try to hide,
Are bleeding through.

As you take a breath to save your life,
It's pointless now all you have inside,
Is the air it takes,
Enough to make believe,
That you're not worthless.

It's a shame,
I can't give a damn about,
A single word that comes out of your mouth.
You're a pain,
I can't get rid of.
So bury me and forget it.

It's a step in the right direction,
When you walk away.
You could never keep my attention,
When I'd hear you say,
"This is too much,
And you've lost your touch."
But now what have you got left?

I'd hate for you to think this is,
Oh so insincere.
Your infidelities bleeding into your tears.
Under the weight of the world you hold on your shoulders.
03:09 222 5,02 0.10
287 Edison Avenue Lyrics 02:59 184 3,91 0.10
This Time Last February Lyrics 02:56 180 3,78 0.10
Amor Vincit Omnia Lyrics 04:58 177 6,27 0.10