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3LW, 3LW 3LW 2000, Album
A Girl Can Mack, 3LW A Girl Can Mack 2002, Album
Naughty Or Nice, 3LW Naughty Or Nice 2002, Album
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3LW, 3LW
Release type: Album
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Duration: 52:08  
Size, Mb: 71,67  


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No More (Baby I'ma Do Right)
Lyrics 04:30 192 6,16 0.10
Is You Feelin' Me
Lyrics 04:19 192 5,94 0.10
Playas Gon' Play
Lyrics 04:44 192 6,48 0.10
Gettin Too Heavy
Lyrics 04:33 192 6,26 0.10
I'm Gonna Make You Miss Me
Lyrics 04:41 192 6,41 0.10
Not This Time
Not this time, not this time
Not this time, not this time
Not this time, not this time
Not this time, not this time

You told me that my love was all
Good for you
But when I'm not around
There's always someone new
With all my trust
And every little kiss
I can't believe you played me out
Like this

All my friends told me
I was not your only
Guess my heart was wrong again

1 - How can I be with someone like you?
After all of the things that you put me through
How could you lie, lookin' straight in my eyes
Sorry baby, not this time

Not this time, not this time
Not this time, not this time

The other night when I was out
With my friends
When we were chillin' at the club
When you walked in
Said you were stayin' home
Keep comin' out alone
Tell me what the... is goin' on

Baby what goes around
Always comes back around
She'll be the one to bring you down

Repeat 1

Here I am, all alone
Wondering where it all went wrong
Guess my love was not enough
For you to stay

Can't believe you did me wrong
Shoulda known, so now I'm gone
All the things I did for you
All the things you put me through
Tellin' me you wanna stay with me
But all along you was playin' me
But all the games have gotta stop this time
It worked before, but not this time

With all my trust
And every little kiss
I can't believe you played me out

Repeat 1 to fade
03:22 192 4,63 0.10
More Than Friends (That's Right)
Lyrics 03:56 192 5,41 0.10
There's some things on my mind
I don't know that I should be thinkin'
Am I wastin' my time thinkin' 'bout
You and I, and these feelings
Cuz I see you and me holdin' hands
Doin' things, goin' further
But they say we're too young
And those things will come
I'm just curious

1 - When can I touch you?
When can I kiss you?
I'm curious
Nothin' more than a girl
Comin' straight from the heart
I'm just feelin' us

Thinkin' 'bout you and me
Thinkin' 'bout how it feels
I'm curious
I just wanna know what
True love is, though
I'm just feelin' us

On the phone in my bed

On my back, starin' at the ceiling
When I'm talkin' to you
What I feel, is it true?
I'm wondering
Well I tell it, and I
What I feel deep inside
It keeps burning
Does my man understand
Everything that I am
I'm just curious
I'm just curious

Repeat 1

If I could have things my way
We'd go pass time
Maybe we'd do the things
I'm thinkin' in my mind
And all the things I want to know, I'd know
The places we'd explore, I'd go
But now I see us both together
Learnin' more about each other

Repeat 1
Repeat 1

You know boy
We both know that we have a thing for each other
And it's natural for us to both wonder
What it would be like
But the time is not right
And I hope you're satisfied
Because I'm satisfied
Just bein' curious
I can't get you off my mind

Repeat 1 to fade
04:51 192 6,68 0.10
'Til I Say So
Lyrics 03:59 192 5,45 0.10
Crush On You
Yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah

1 - Boy, I got a crush on you
My dad would kill me if he only knew
Naughty things going through my mind
When I think of you
Boy I'm diggin' you
My dad would kill me if he only knew
Babygirl's been puttin' it down
When he ain't around

I bend some of the rules
When it comes to you
You make me wanna do
(All the things that he said not to)
I call you on the creep
Late at night when my pop's asleep
Gotta keep in on the low
Can't let my daddy know

Repeat 1

Is this some crazy dream?
Can't stop the way I feel
When I'm alone with you
The pressure is for real
I'm feelin' all these ways
I never felt before
Come here and close the door
A kiss is what I been waiting for

Repeat 1

Keelay is, the one gettin' the busiest
Far from the silliest
Tell me, are you feelin' this?
Not just for little kids
Little Women be strong enough
We rock long enough, for real
But the ones that been waitin' to drop
They say "yo, shorty rock
She be makin' it hot"
You know, A.G. know
Toy, she know
Little Women, 2000
You know how we go

I'll take my chances boy
When it comes to you
Just name the time and place
Do what I gotta do
My heart is sayin' yes
My mind is sayin' no
I'll risk it all for you
Daddy don't have to know

Repeat 1

Yeah, yeah
(I got a crush on you)
(I thought you knew)
Yeah, yeah

Repeat 1
Repeat 1

Yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah
04:01 192 5,54 0.10
He who stands by me
Through the stormy weather
Through good times and bad
Always there for me
Takes me to the water
And quenches my thirst
My sweet inspiration
I wanna say

1 - Your love is an ocean
Wide as the skies
A comfort to me
Time after time
Your precious love
Fills up my cup
Touches my soul

He who knows me better
Than no man on earth
Guides me to the mountain
Witness my rebirth
Makes me feel so worthy
To belong to him
I treasure my commitment
And it's because of...

Repeat 1

When I think of your love
A ray of hope shines through
And shatters the darkness I felt Erase all the doubt
And the fears that chains
And guides me to your Heavenly place Ooh

I know you'll always be there
Through thick and thin
I know I can depend on you
Through thick and thin
You comfort me with loving arms
Through thick and thin
Kiss my eyes
My eyes
Ooh, ooh ooh

Repeat 1

Sing it again, sing it again

Repeat 1 while:
You're a comfort, to me
I praise you, praise you constantly
I gave you my heart, gave you my soul
I want you to know that I love you
I give my praise to you
04:47 192 6,57 0.10
I Can't Take It (No More Remix)
Lyrics 04:29 192 6,14 0.10